Now I look almost human again!

Yesterday K and I paid a long overdue trip to the hairdressers, in my particular case  because I won’t be able to hide my ghastly straight hair from view under a hat for much longer, now that it is beginning to look as if the weather is at last getting warmer, and K because she wanted hers styling and simply refuses point blank to miss out.  Her philosophy is this.  If Mum is having hers done then so am I! (regardless of whether or not hers is in need of cutting, styling or anything else.)

Its me in a morning

I was actually beginning to resemble the picture that I have seen so often on the internet of a cat who has just been washed, especially first thing in the morning.  Besides, I can’t do my own hair myself when it is straight, I am not able to style it with my hairdryer and brush to make it look fairly decent,  whereas once it is permed I can at least make it look presentable, and I am unfortunately not in a financial position where I can afford to visit the hairdressers every week.

So on our way there K took a picture of me for a before and after just for fun.  Following our visit to the the hairdressers we then caught the bus to Bradford to get K a new backpack because one of her old ones (she currently has two) has a very small, tiny, miniscule, you need a magnifying glass to see it, tear in the leather base, which as far as K is concerned is all the excuse she requires to need a completely new bag.  Hmm!  Now let me see.  I seem to recall someone residing in this flat stating just after Christmas that the big plan was to save up to go down to Cornwall before Mum here leaves this mortal coil for good!   What on earth has happened to that idea?

Before the Hairdressers  My smaller pic

Recent must haves have included 80’s Pop hits, a grey jogging suit, High School Musical 3 (on blue ray), bottle of rose wine and chocolates for Valentines Day, (any excuse for a diet busting munch and booze up!)  High School Musical 3 CD, and of course the new backpack.  The High School Musical 3 CD she bought today from Tesco’s during our main shop, thereby pushing up the total spend at the auto checkout to a staggering £53. 96p!  Once I  had picked myself up from the floor and fully recovered from the shock, I began to think about this quandary.


Would I place a bet on my ever treading on those fantastic looking Cornish beaches?  Or taking snaps and pictures of the ruins at Tintagel whilst wandering around it exploring?  Would I ever gaze out from one of those quaint little fishing villages I have seen pictures of?  Every year without fail,  I try to get enough money scraped together for this  ‘trip of a lifetime’ (well for me anyway!) down to Cornwall.  I have been attempting this for a long number of years.  I haven’t managed it so far and, despite the fact that K always insists at the beginning of every year that we are going to do the journey this time but then every week has to have something new,  I don’t think I ever will.  LOL

TG Day dreaming