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To be or not to be…..it’s not to be.

Just quickly getting back to everyone about K and her weeks trial at Full body and the Voice, she has not been chosen to join the two year course, so we are both very upset.

Reason given?  She doesn’t need the course as she is already proficient in all the content such as improvisation, etc.  She is a fantastic actress and they will contact us if there are any openings for a professional part.

I will leave you all to draw your own conclusions about the outcome, remember they do have their own full time acting company who are based there permanently.

TG Sad



10 thoughts on “To be or not to be…..it’s not to be.

  1. That’s very disappointing, I think there were a lot of people rooting for her. Let’s hope they weren’t just fobbing her off about the possibility of future work. I share your feelings.

  2. I’m sorry K didin’t get picked. I think she would have been so good for this course. I’m sorry she and you are upset, but maybe another door will open for her at least thats what I hope. You take care and have a good weekend. Hugs, Pat

  3. Not the kind of news I was hoping to read about….how very disappointing!! I am hoping, nay praying, that they will call K if a professional part becomes available.(((Hugs)))

  4. Thanks to all of your for your kind comments. She really needs to be base there every week as stints every now and then would be a nightmare to organise with Social Services for the transport . To illustrate this, I haven’t been able to contact our social worker to let them know to cancel the taxi’s for next week, so will have to inform the taxi firm myself just in case. I don’t want them turning up on Monday!

  5. I’m so sorry for you both, but everything in this life happens for a reason which may not be clear at the time. Maybe its time to start really saving for that trip to Cornwall, so you really have something to look forward to. Believe me, it will be worth it – Cornwall is a very beautiful place. God bless you both. X

  6. I am sorry but understand she has already covered this course… or so they say? Pity really as all the experience K can get, working and acting with others, must be good for her.Lat’s hope she does get called for a professional acting job soon. Could she go for interviews with other companies? Or is the transport the main problem?

  7. Not really Jane as acting company’s aimed specifically at special needs particapants are few and far between especially around this area. They also have a hard time trying to get any funds as they are not part of any college and therefore have to rely on other institutions to supply funds. This particular two year course has only been made available by a new fund from LloydsTSB.

  8. Hey TG, l’ll join the chorus, sorry K’s been disappointed. l hope something comes up for her that she LOVES!!

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