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A Walk in the Spring Sunshine…

This morning K and I partook of a delightful walk with our friends at Crew along the canal at Hebden Bridge. As it is a fair way to Hebden from here, one of the members of Crew kindly picked us up near home and took us to where the rest of the members were meeting up. We were late arriving as we had waited in town for another member who did not turn up and so by the time that we arrived, the car park was full where everyone else had parked and so we had to find another place to park near the railway station.

It’s a times like this that I am so glad that I don’t have a car, and although grateful for the lift, I would have actually preferred to go by train as some other members did, because by the time that we arrived I felt quite nauseous.  I am a very poor traveller via the roads.


All the rest of the members had already set off along the route that we intended to take, and we never actually caught up to them.  K did the usual, walking ‘hooked up’ to two of the members chattering away 50 to the dozen, and as she finds it nigh impossible to walk and talk at the same time, she was trailing behind all the way.  I was armed with my camera and took some pictures along the route which I will load up to Windows Live after this post.

It really was a fantastic Spring day, nippy if you were stationary but quite warm if you were walking. There were quite a few narrowboats moored alongside the canal and also a few ducks and geese along the route.  I like to walk fairly briskly and K’s escorts (or should I say props?) urged me to step out as she would be safe with them and they would look after her.  At one point though I completely lost sight of them behind and the others in front at a particularly quiet stretch of the canal and so I waited until they came back into view.


We covered roughly four miles altogether including the return journey, and we completed the walk with the obligatory meal in one of the lovely little pubs to be found in the middle of Hebden Bridge.  K had Beef Lasagne and chips, and I had chicken, chips and side salad, washed down with two glasses of sweet white wine. We had intended to return home via the train, but were offered a return lift back in the car, so we changed our minds and chose that  method instead.

K spent the entire return journey getting R the driver to play all her favourite music on his car player, which meant we had to endure her singing to them all the way home!  We thanked our car sharers and waved them off.  All in all, a very enjoyable day out for K and myself although in the process  we probably ended up losing some pounds during the lovely walk and then putting it all back on again afterwards!



4 thoughts on “A Walk in the Spring Sunshine…

  1. Now that just sounds like my kind of day Techno, I just love country type walks, and I’m hoping to get out and about abit more this year before Tango gets too old, [that’s my excuse, really it’s me with whom time is catching up] but as he’s a fit 11 year old collie he will have years ahead of him yet please God. I just can’t wait till spring, We had a little soupcon for about two weeks, but it has turned chillier and abit more grey, they forecast rain this week-end, please, please, let us have a good spring/summer and /autumn this year, I felt cheated after last year’s pathetic effort, but mustn’t upset Mother Nature and be grateful we don’t have the extremes that other countries have. People are already in shorts and tee shirts down my way, but I’m not that hardy., to-day it was back to scarves and gloves.Loved you photos.ff to have some food now, catch you later.Take care.

  2. Many years ago when family used to live in Halifax, we used to have a market stall at Hebden Bridge. Lovely place. Is there still a market there I wonder.

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