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A Walk near Wainhouse Tower.


Just hope he finds a good home! Today we went on one of our walks with CREW to the Wainhouse tower in Halifax.  We didn’t actually go to the tower but instead walked through the tangled woods that run alongside the valley below the tower itself. Although rain had been forecast, we ended up being very lucky with the weather as the sun shone all through the walk. The members of CREW are holding a ‘Good as New’ sale soon and they had requested some articles to sell such as books, CD’s, DVD’s etc, and R had asked us to bring them with us when we met him. We also decided to include the Teddy Bear that we bought ages ago when we were buying my new bag from British Home Stores.  He has been sat rather forlornly on the top of the fan blower in my bedroom since then, so hopefully he will now find a good home,  but we did feel a bit foolish as we waited to be picked up and everyone was staring at K stood there holding him.  Maybe now he will get to use his passport!

Once R arrived and packed Teddy and the rest of the stuff in his boot, we set off to Halifax where we met up with the other members taking part on the walk. After a short discussion about the intended route we all set off over the football area in Peoples Park and made our way to the start of the walk.  After arriving and taking our time to admire the views across the valley looking out to Sowerby Bridge, we then began to descend into a wood of tangled trees and giant rocks which are often used by rock climbers to practice on. We also noted a small cave in the rocks above. The trees were very tangly and reminded K and myself of the spooky looking trees in the film ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

View across the Valley

The walk through the woods didn’t take all that long and we then made our way back along the top path where some rock climbers were already practicing their climbing skills.  On arrival at the road again, we then proceeded to walk along the road towards Wainhouse tower itself.  D took us to see a house which he says is one of the smallest public houses around these parts, then we continued walking back to where the cars were all parked.

A spoonful of Sundae helps a walk go down. We then travelled to the Watermill public house at the bottom of Salterhebble hill for our dinner. I had Shepherds Pie and K had Chicken Tikka Masalla with rice. This delicious meal was washed down with some Gallo rose wine. There was a very nice surprise waiting for K when she had finished her meal.  R had treat her to a Chocolate Sundae and she really enjoyed it. It had allsorts of different things in such as chocolate raisins and marshmallows. She treated me to a few spoonfuls!

Then we climbed into R’s car for the journey home.  Again I really enjoyed the walk and we were lucky with the weather which was kind to us as well.  I took some pictures along the way and will be putting them all up on Windows Live and also flickr. These walks are very beneficial to both K and myself and I look forward to taking part in many more in the future.

TG   More pictures here.



7 thoughts on “A Walk near Wainhouse Tower.

  1. What a lovely walk you had. So glad the weather stayed good. K looks like she is really enjoying that sundee. Hve a great weekend. Hugs, pat

  2. lovely walk those are the kind of walks I enjoy very much. Glad the weather stayed fine for you all.Hugs xx Sheila What a terrific day and that lovely pub dinner sounds smashing.

  3. My grateful thanks to all of you for your comments. Our next outing planned is to Skipton Castle weather (and purse!) permitting. I might be doing a post about our new bus station which we have just used for the first time! (and is now christened by most towners as the ‘big dipper’

  4. Lol…the teddy bear looks to be nearly as big as K! Tangled trees and giant rocks….sounds like a lovely place to visit….K was very generous to allow you a few spoonfuls of that choc sundae! I bet she ate the flake tho! I would’ve done…lol….a great day out I reckon….fresh air and exercise in beautiful surroundings followed by good food! Umm….that’s my sort of day out!! ;)) xx

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