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Did it get collected or not? My Recycling woes continued.

Sorry I have been so long in blogging about our first recycling collection taking place on Monday. Did I get the wrong day?  Did I put out the wrong containers?  Did my containers get emptied or not?  You must be all gagging to know the outcome. No?  Oh well I will tell it to you anyway!

Our new improved recycling service

On Monday morning I duly put out all relevant containers that the instructions told me to for week B, the larger brown ‘slop bucket’, the white sack containing washed out plastic bottles, the green paper and cardboard bag and the wheelie bin which I parked at the end of our path (where it had been left when they delivered them previously.)  I did all this at approximately 06.30am that morning as the instructions stated that the collections began at 07.00am and I didn’t want to be caught out as I have been in the past.  Dashing downstairs with a black box and green bag as I hear the sound of tinkling bottles in the distance is one thing, dashing down the path armed with a white sack, medium sized slop bucket, green bag and pulling along a Wheelie bin is quite another!

I then (after seeing K off to day care) busied myself with the usual mundane tasks that we women do everyday, dusting, washing, hoovering, blah blah blah, all the time keeping my eye and ears peeled for the sounds of someone arriving to collect said refuse.  By the time it came to about 11.00am I began to panic.  I was the only person in the near vicinity who had put their new containers outside!  Had I got it completely wrong?  Had Technogran done the usual and made herself the laughing stock of the neighbourhood?  Would it be in large letters on the front page of our weekly news tome, Technogran tussles with Recycling! Gets it all wrong?  I went outside to the end of the path to check if anyone else had put their containers out, and only one neighbour was putting his out and he was just copying me I think. Gulp!

Large Wheelie bin I decided to give the council a ring to check the date of my collection. I was beginning to feel a right fool.  A young man answered the phone. “Oh I’m sorry” he replied to my question about had I got the wrong day, “I don’t usually work in this department, I have been drafted in just to help, I’ll get someone who will know the answer to ring you back.’ Hmm.  I thought, that didn’t help much!  Then I arrived at a  decision.  If they hadn’t arrived by 12.00pm I would go out and fetch the whole lot back inside.  (well except the Wheelie bin which wouldn’t fit inside the flat of course, that would have to be wheeled back into its place beside the old dustbin.)

Just as I had decided on this course of action, I heard the sound of a wagon, lots of masculine shouts going on, so I peered out of K’s bedroom window and Yes! They were here!  I quickly dashed down just as they were taking my next door neighbours black bags and putting them all in my Wheelie bin (remember I was the only one for miles around who had bothered to put their Wheelie bin at the end of the path) in order to  take it to the back of the wagon to be emptied.  P next door but one was also out, obviously having been taken completely by surprise by the whole affair.

Brown slop bucket When the guy returned with my Wheelie bin from the wagon, I asked him where I should leave it in future as this had not been stated on the instructions, was it at the end of our path or not?  “No, you should wheel it to the end there at the roadside kerb so that we can then just tip it into the wagon” he replied. ‘What!” I exclaimed.  “Oh well, good job I have applied to be exempt then as I am 65 and that is too far for me.”  I replied.  He looked at me in disbelief and shouted loudly to one of his compatriots who was busy carrying some black bags from one of the flats further down. “Oye Sid!  She’s 65! Would you believe it?”  No reply from Sid by the way, who had a face like thunder as of course none of them expected to be still humping black bags full of rubbish about.   However, they didn’t take the other containers and after enquiring when they would be collected we were told that the relevant team  were ‘on their way’ so I left them there and pulled the Wheelie bin back into its place.

K arrived back home at 15.00pm. We set off at 16.45pm to exercise class. The other containers were still there at the end of the path unemptied. Mind you, on our way we noted that other people had put theirs out to be collected as well.  Would this other gang of collectors ever arrive?  Well when we returned at 18.00pm they had been because all the containers had by then been emptied.  So the outcome of this boring tale is that for once in my life I was actually on the ball! In step with reality!  The only one around my nearest neighbourhood to have my recycling containers there ready and waiting instead of my usual dashing out last minute or having to chase them down the path in my slippers shouting out ”Hang on!”

I ended up being rather pleased with myself at the end of the day. Hmm, maybe this recycling isn’t such a bad idea after all!  Mind you, I am still forgetting to put the used tea bags into the slop bucket!

TG  Open-mouthed


4 thoughts on “Did it get collected or not? My Recycling woes continued.

  1. Oh, it is a good idea, at least up to the point that you start to try to calculate whether you are better serving Mother Earth by wasting water washing out dirty bottles or just pitching them. But then, you could save the last dishwater to use as a rinse, I suppose. But that might lead to the pollution of the indoor air or allow bacteria to grow unchecked. Maybe it would be better to keep the used tea bags in the dirty bottle until all possible effects can be determined. Yes. I think so. And then they don’t like where you left the Wheelie bin. My collection people used to care very little whether they even hit the back of the truck with the garbage or where the empty containers were thrown when they left. Until the day I put two bags of unused cement mix in one container and covered it with very light looking, "fluffy" garbage. Following that, they were somewhat unsure of what might come next and were much better behaved.Peace, Doc

  2. Bins for this, bags for that, tubs for the other. We have 3 wheelie bins, black for general waste, blue for paper and card (half the size of the black bin, needs to be twice the size with all the junk mail) and green for garden waste. This is to be made into compost but we are not allowed to put our tea bags or veggie peelings into it. Oh no! But we can buy the compost back from the council. If I wanted to do that I’d compost it myself!Oh, and I put my bins out after my elderly neighbour because he always knows which bins are due to go out (black bin weekly, blue bin fortnightly and green bin monthly except in the summer months when it’s fornightly, but not the same fornightly as the blue bin. Got it? No, neither have I…)

  3. Congratulations Technogran! You are a true eco-warrior! You are now way ahead of us too in terms of recycling t-leaves…we just about manage paper and plastic….certain varieties only…and more recently they’ve allowed glass…tho we’re not used to it so it usually ends up in normal waste…. BUT we are all very good about getting our bins out on the rit day! Very rewarding sight seeing long lines of wheelie bins waiting to be emptied! All works very well till Bank Holidays when they change the dates…..

  4. yes you have to be practically Einstein to understand it all. We are still forgetting though and throwing things into our kitchen bin that should go into the ‘slop caddy’ I suppose its also harder for me because I have also to keep my eye on K and learn her to ‘sort’ it all.

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