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Recycling…..I’m up to here with it already!


Our new improved recycling service Yes, I know! Your all fed up of reading about my recycling woes but I promise that this is my last rant about it, okay?  On the ball Technogran had all her receptacles out as instructed at 07.00am yesterday morning and waltzed back into the flat feeling smug and cocky. No sign of anyone else, ha! First again! Noticed later that morning that the close neighbours hadn’t put the same out as me. No green bag, just the slop bucket (caddy) white sack (plastic bottles) and the black box (glass jars, wine bottles etc)

Swift check of Week A’s collection instructions.   Oops!  Got it wrong!  So rushed down the stairs, outside in the pouring rain with the correct black box and brought the incorrect green bag (now soaking wet) back inside. Hmm.

Now the instructions state quite clearly that we householders MUST have the containers waiting to be collected by 07.00am on our designated day of collection.  So of course I obeyed and most of the neighbours weren’t all that far behind this week I have to admit. The day wore on. The rain came down. The black box slowly filled with rainwater. The green bag did the same. The sack has a velcro closure so that was at least immune.  K arrived home.  We decided because of the inclement weather we wouldn’t be going down to exercise class.  We ate our tea.  I asked her if the containers had been emptied yet. (She can see them from her bedroom window.) ‘No Mum, they’re still there!’

Guess what time they finally showed up to empty the containers?  19.00pm!  12 hours late!  I brought everything back in and it was all wet through! I had to put the black box and the slop bucket (caddy) in the shower and give it a good dose of cleaner and bleach then leave it overnight. (For those of you who at this point can’t understand anyone  in their right mind putting a black box and brown caddy into a shower, you must realise that we have no bath in this flat in which to place such receptacles in order to give them a thorough clean, so the shower cubicle has to suffice.)

Brown slop bucket I had to do this anyway because the food caddy absolutely stank. The plastic bags that we are issued with to use in these food caddy’s in order to put all your waste food into are biodegradable which largely explains why both caddy’s state in big letters on their sides, NO PLASTIC BAGS. Its a special kind of material but…….as your left over food and raw uncooked food ages a few days, it begins to ferment. These special biodegradable bags do NOT contain the aroma despite fastening them really tightly at the top.  And so the food caddy smelled absolutely awful!  It really should be stored outside either next to the wheelie bin or on top of it, but of course after my black box went for a walk and never returned, I am very reluctant to place it outside in case that does a disappearing act as well. Of course the answer is to put our flat number on it in large white numbers and hope that it will then deter any would be caddy thief.  I shall have to find a solution because I know this, I can’t keep it inside the flat during the warm summer months in the heat!  K and I will never survive the smell! We will be found both overcome by fumes!

And if the collectors continue to not appear until 19.00pm during the hot summer months, then the whole estate will no doubt be overcome!  We will all have to go out wearing gas masks! Its a good job that the lid locks (it says to keep dogs and animals out, but I doubt they would touch it with a six foot barge pole as it really smells rancid, and K and I don’t have all that much left over food compared to other households.  Well let’s face it, I am the only one in this household who ever leaves anything!)  Yes, I know what you are all now thinking, well don’t put it out until the afternoon.  Ahh!  But remember Technogran’s law?   As soon as I leave it until later  in the day, they’ll arrive at 07.00am and I’ll be back to my old habit of  flying down the stairs with containers clutched in both hands and shouting out ‘Hey, wait for me!’

TG   Angry  I promise that’s my very last moan about recycling…..


4 thoughts on “Recycling…..I’m up to here with it already!

  1. ah HAH!!! I found your spaces space at last!!! Hi…recycling is the pits (we do it on this side of the Water too) and it can be a pain. Plus we don’t even get paid for it. Grrr.Used to be you’d collect bottles and papers and such and people would give you money for those. Now they just hadn you a special bin and you put the stuff in there instead of the regular garbage and they don’t give you a ha’penny!!!Wonderful people we must be….

  2. I used to recycle aluminum cans for the cash to partially support my hobbies. I could keep them bagged and in the garage when I still had a house. I blogged about getting a load to the recycler about a year and a half ago. My small car was so stuffed full of cans that I had trouble shifting and one particularly evil bag kept falling on my head. I got $60 for them rather than paying to have them taken away, though. I’m with Cassie on this one. Those were the good old days.Peace, Doc

  3. Thank goodness you found me Cassie! LOL its all these blasted updates I am beginning to get really muddled up with what to enable what to disable. I dunno! Its becoming so time consuming keeping up with this ‘social networking malarky’ you have no time for anything else! LOL ( shan’t have time for recycling now that we have all our new activities to watch and keep up with!)

  4. Starting to realise our mere paper and plastic recycling maybe a blessing after all! Will refrain from further complaints that we don’t recycle enuf after reading that!Re your comment below keeping up with the social n-wking…i am happy! i am no longer the only one who cannot leave my space alone wi out getting withdrawels! But when you do have time for anything else it’s lonely and sad on spaces cos it means no-ones around or responding! lol ;))

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