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Just for Tracey.

This is just a post for fun and to illustrate to Tracey how you don’t have to spend a penny to be able to show your pictures at their best by using Live Photo Gallery and Live Writer.

All I have done with the pictures in Live Gallery is pump up the brightness a little bit and the contrast.

Now I am going to put them into here. So let’s put the first one in shall we?


  It looks very nice but I think we can make it look even more attractive in Writer. First of all Tracey I am going to ‘put a border around it for you in Writer. How? Just look on the right hand side of the Writer screen, click on your picture, then make sure that the PICTURE tab is chosen, see that BORDERS?  Where it says ‘DROP SHADOW? Well just click on that to see a drop down Menu where you can now choose INSTANT PHOTO. Click on that Tracey. Now see how you picture will have a white border around it just like a Polaroid picture. It helps it to stand out on the page. But Tracey I want you to also try the other things out from that drop down Menu as well. You won’t spoil anything because you can always put it back to the one you like best. Try them all. Be adventurous!


Now this one is actually part of Writer now but….. you can’t write on it like you can on the plug in Polaroid!  So let’s try that one shall we?  See that Add a plug-in at the bottom of the Menu list?  Just click on it Tracey. You will instantly be transported up to the Writer Gallery where just third plug-in down from the top you should see the Polaroid plug-in.  Click on download Tracey and don’t worry when it warns you during the installation, its quite safe, I use it all the time.

Once its downloaded, it will now appear in the Menu list inside Writer. Now you can try this plug in out as well. To use it Tracey  in your blog, just click on the Polaroid Picture plug-in.

It will then take you to all of your picture files in a window so just choose the picture that you want to use with Polaroid picture. I am going to choose one of your other pictures this time to show it off.

Now you will see a different type of surround around the photo Tracey but you are not done yet!  Click on the picture and an entirely different Menu will appear with different choices in it. The top choice is all about size, you can choose a different size for your Polaroid. I’ll leave mine at small. Under that it says CAPTION. So try writing something in that area below. I am going to type in ‘Spring Blossom’ in mine. Hmm, nothings happened. Well I have to tick ‘show caption’ to enable it. Now you should see your words that you typed in show underneath the picture. I am also going to change the font to one of my favourites. 

Yes that looks okay but what does ‘Tilt’ mean? Well try it out. Just slide the slider either to the left or to the right and just see what happens! You will see that you picture gets ‘tilted’ to the left or right depending on your choice. And what about the other choice underneath? The one that is called ‘Style’ what does that do? Well, try it Tracey! It places some ‘corners’ on your picture so that it looks as if it is actually fastened in a photo album. I will add some red ones to mine. Like it? But you can do so much more Tracey to your pictures in Writer! Let’s try some more things out.

Put a picture into Writer.

Pink Blossom  Now let’s try some of the other things out. Click on the picture to bring the picture menu up, then under borders, click on the small black arrow and choose the bottom choice ‘Solid 3 pixels. Now your picture is surrounded by a black surround which is three pixels wide. You can choose the other one above it if you prefer just a thinner border. I am going to make my picture larger so I will click on ADVANCED in the picture menu, then where it says WIDTH and HEIGHT I am going to change the number in the WIDTH box from 240 to 350. I don’t need to alter the HEIGHT because that will automatically change because I have it set to ‘LOCK RATIO’ so that will automatically adjust. Whilst I have this advanced choice open I am also going to change the text of the picture so that when anyone reading my blog clicks on the picture they will see the text. I will put Pink Blossom in the box under OTHER and alternate text..

Let’s see what CONTRAST does.  Ahh that looks better! I pumped up the brightness by 5 and the contrast by 10!  Let’s try something else. See that ACTIONS?  Well we can TILT the picture here as well, so let’s try that shall we?  Again, we have tilted the picture and the words (if you are using word wrap) will move out the way.

Now I am going to load up the last of your pictures Tracey and try out our last things on it.

I have set it firstly to the right hand side of my text. Hmm, let’s try some of the effects shall we?

I’ve made it 400 width this time, and now I am going to click on the very last tab available. So click on your picture to bring up the picture menu, then click on the effects tab. Let’s try them all out! Click on the green cross and then choose Black and White. Your picture will instantly change to black and white inside your blog area! This is what I love about Writer you instantly see just what your post is going to look like! Hmm,that’s nice but I will try something else, how about sharpen? Wow! that looks affective! No how this EFFECT work is this. If you don’t like any effect that you have applied, you just remove it by choosing it and then clicking on the red minus sign. Clever eh? So now I have applied Sharpen and Adjust temperature, but removed Black and White by clicking on it and then clicking on the red minus sign to remove it.

Tracey try different things out with you pictures in Writer, you can’t spoil anything and if you make a mess of it, just don’t bother publishing it and just delete the Draft. Its that simple!

Hope that this post has been some help to show you just how versatile and clever Writer is. Its more than a WYSIWYG writing tool, it has now become a  brilliant photo manipulation tool as well! And don’t forget to give the Photo Album feature a try as well!

TG  Open-mouthed


6 thoughts on “Just for Tracey.

  1. Glad you like it Tracey. The beauty of Writer which many seem to miss is this! You can mess around, try different things inside it, move,delete, put pictures in, take them out, do anything you want and if you mess it up, then just don’t publish it! Delete the draft and start again! So you are never ever going to make a bad post ever again! ( or you shouldn’t do! LOL) Spelling as well, there is absolutely no excuse when using Writer for any spelling mistakes as just like any good word processor it checks your spelling for you OR you can set it to check it just before you publish your post. You can search online all you want you won’t find a blogging editor like Writer it is unique and best of all, its FREE! Yippee! (TG honorary member of the Live Writer fan club ;))

  2. By now we all know that I’m not happy unless I have something to grumble about. Once again, TG, you have written a greatly reassuring tutorial. I don’t believe there is anything, however, that will improve the pictures I accidentally take of my feet while trying to use my cell phone. I do that a lot. I think it is a result of being left-handed and my belief that one should talk on a telephone, not take pictures with it. I’m willing to admit that, for some of us at least, there is little hope of being dragged into the 21st century.Peace, Doc

  3. Ok! I’m convinced too! I will d-load it in a few days when I get my monthly allowance back and see what wonders I can perform with it….stand by TG help desk! ;))

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