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What a difference a year makes…

Remember last year when I was patiently waiting for to take a picture of my favourite blossom tree outside the flat and before it came into blossom I was rudely interrupted from carrying out my picture taking task by a pesky heart attack?  Well that occurred last year on the Spring Bank holiday.  When I came out of hospital the blossom was just about beginning to flower but of course I was not in any fit state for a week or so to go out with my camera so the outcome was I didn’t get my photograph of my favourite in blossom at all, because by the time I felt up to it, the blossom had gone.

My Favourite blossom is out!

This year, what a difference!  We are still in April and my favourite tree is now in full bloom!  It is always the last blossom to flower compared to the light pink and white blossom, but it is a full month earlier than last year!  I am hoping that this is an indication that we are now going to get a much better summer weather wise than last year.  So here is my favourite blossom and no, I can’t explain why I prefer this one to the others. I love to see all the Spring blossom, but this colour being a deep pink is just so rich and attractive. I look forward to seeing it in full bloom every year.

TG  Open-mouthed

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5 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes…

  1. This is a beautiful tree! l love the intense colors too, but l do love all the blossoming trees! l’m so glad you were able to get out and capture it.The green willow (?) in behind really highlights it. l can not believe how high your grass is OMG.

  2. Hmm. I have a sense of deja-vue. If this tree is a flowering plum, I had one in the front yard while I still owned the house. I was repeatedly told it was dead or dying, so of course I had to prove people wrong. I brought it back quite nicely over a period of about six years. When I sold the house, however, one of the first things that the new owner "improved" was cutting down my tree to open up the view. That’s when I was sure I didn’t live there any longer.Peace, Doc

  3. It’s beautiful and such a lovely deep shade too…..amongst all the darkness in life that seems to dominate at the moment in so many areas it is like a breath of fresh air and a sign of new hope for better times to come.

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