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It’s Funny Friday here!

Thought I would relate our happenings today as most of it has been quite hilarious but have  also concerned me having one of those days where everything I do seems to go wrong.   It began by being quite funny when I asked our resident shopper and chooser of meal menu K  (in other words the boss) what we would  be having for dinner.

Pork Loin steaks with Apple sauceOh that Pork Mum with the apple sauce” so I duly took them out (they being Loin steaks) to defrost before we returned from going to pick up my repeat prescription from the surgery in town.  Then it suddenly occurred to me that this was actually the second time this week that we were having Pork for dinner.  Hmm.   Coincidence?

As we left the flat I remarked about this to K.  “We seem to be having a lot of Pork this week K, is it because of the Swine flu?”  to which she replied “ Don’t know Mum,  Baaaa! “  I was nearly on the floor with laughing.  Then the day continued to slowly deteriorate as these days tend to do when you are unfortunate to  have one, in that everything began to go wrong.  I picked up my repeat prescription from the doctors and took it to the Pharmacy.   It was fairly busy as usual. “There’s a 15 minute wait!”  the assistant said.   I said we would wait.  About 5 minutes later she shouted my name out.  My prescription hadn’t been signed by the doctor!   So I had to quickly dash up to the Surgery to get it signed. (Good job it is right next door!)    That is the first time ever that this has ever  occurred to me.    K didn’t  budge whilst I dashed back into the surgery  by the way, remaining firmly fixed to one of the chairs provided in the Pharmacy.

ATM cash machine Next we were just about to make our way to the bus station when K remembered we needed some money from the cash point machine as we are going on one of the Crew walks along the canal tomorrow and of course we will need some ready cash for all that food we will no doubt consume after our healthy calorie losing walk.  (Note here dear readers what a brilliant memory K has whenever the outcome entails either spending, drinking copious amounts of wine or eating.)  There were two people using the cash machines as we arrived and we only had 5 minutes before the bus was due to depart!  Just as it came round to being  my turn, the blasted cash machine ran out, so I had to wait until the other person had finished!   Hmm.   Again that doesn’t often happen to me!  This day was turning out to be ‘One of those days when you wish you had stayed in bed days’ that we all seem to get now and again.

Arrived home and later I began cooking the dinner.   At the same time I stupidly began trying to compose my other blog which entailed some messing around with one or two of my panoramic pictures stored online.   I had completely forgotten that since getting older (well since turning 50 actually, no, I tell a lie, more like after 40 or was it 30?) I have completely lost that wonderful ability that most females seem to  possess of being able to multitask!   Suddenly I smelled burning and dashed into the kitchen to find the carrots nicely blackening and sticking to the none stick pan!    Oh well, luckily  I did manage to salvage most of them.   Hopefully there won’t be any more mishaps as K wants me to make some Chocolate Heaven sundaes for tea, that is as long as those chocolate raisins haven’t disappeared into the wide blue yonder since I last checked the cupboard!

Chocolate Heaven Sundaes


If your wondering what these are they are our version of the giant Sundae that someone treat K to on our walk to Wainhouse Tower.  Difference being that as we have no proper sundae glasses in our possession, they will be smaller versions in plastic champagne glasses.  And here’s a picture of the finished Sundaes before being devoured. (Don’t ask how many calories, I am trying not to count!)


TG   I dont know   P.S.   I bet K is thinking that if we eat lots of Pork we’ll  develop some sort of immunity to the Swine flu!


15 thoughts on “It’s Funny Friday here!

  1. Mmm, I’m coming to yours for tea! Tell K I’ll have hers lol!I had one of those afternoons, and I’m just off to go and blog about it…

  2. Ruth you are joking! She’ll give you mine! LOL We had to eat these fairly quickly because the cream etc was beginning to run down the sides. (well that was our excuse and we’re sticking to it!) Another walk tomorrow, just hope the venu for the meal doesn’t do any fancy sundae’s she thinks I can russle up anything and a brilliant cook I am not!

  3. Nice Blog Gran I have had days like that it could have been worse I once asked for £100 out the m/c and got only £90 eeeek now that did upset me lolSteve x

  4. Never fear….this is the season of disasters! It will pass…once we’ve all had nervous breakdowns and are co-existing in padded cells! ;))

  5. Oh I know we all get them from time to time, but how many of you once you realise it is going to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS is tempted to leg it back to bed? Trouble was by the time I realised I was down in town! Too late.

  6. I think we all have days like that once in a while. The Sundae’s look great got more? Take care and enjoy the canal. Hugs, Pat

  7. I have wondered what happened to my multi tasking abilities …….. they went away when I reached 50 …….. I thought it was just me!! I generally know when it’s going to be one of those days, it’ll start immediately I wake up (probably an hour too early!) I’m with K, eat pork – don’t get the S flu!

  8. Can’t remember Mand quite when I lost mine (same time as me memory by the looks of things!) Remember when we used to be able to jiggle a toddler on one hip, prepare the dinner with the other hand whilst answering someone on the telephone? And never put a foot wrong in the process? Women are able to multi-task because they HAVE to! Suppose now the kids are grown up etc its not a feature we need any more so our systems just discard it.. (like an old glove…..sob!)

  9. Seems that way and yes I do remember, though it seems a lifetime ago ……… er actually I guess it was a lifetime ago! Now where’s those old gloves?

  10. I would say that men begin to be able to multitask better as they age, but I’m afraid it’s really early senility or the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. And when I find that I am having one of those days I do something harmless to divert my attention – I hide under a quilt on the couch. Some might think I’m napping, but I can tell you almost instantaneously when a 20 pound cat jumps onto the quilt.Peace, Doc

  11. LOL. You are funny Cynical! Hmm, so its a sort of gender reversal is it? We can multitask during child bearing age (because nature dictates we have to) and men can multitask once their minds are not focused on other distractions! LOL

  12. l think l lost the multi tasking thingy about 5 years ago – and l never had any babies on my hip!What’s this about pork preventing the flu?!

  13. Tracey, just my take on the fact that K (who has solely appointed herself as chief menu chooser and therefore chooses what food we buy in) has been choosing a lot of Pork this last week, I think she must have heard on the news about Swine flu (and seen the many pictures of pigs being shown) which has now caused her to be concentrating on this particular meat subconsciously. LOL

  14. I really enjoyed reading this particular entry. I do plan on coming back and checking on you a little more frequently. Thanks for sending me the invitation so I would know you were here.BP

  15. What a cheerful description of one of those days. Always a surprise when the magic money machine actually runs out of real life cash. The Sundaes look well worth every zing of caloric energy.

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