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Our walk along the Canal.


On Saturday we went for one of our walks with Crew.  We were again offered  a lift by R to where the walk was to begin in Mirfield and we all met up in the car park.  Everyone then had to decide what they were going to order for our lunch in the pub after the walk, I ordered Roast Turkey and Yorkshire pudding (which of course I wouldn’t be able to eat, wheat, gluten etc) and K ordered Beef Lasagne and chips.  D then rang the public house and put the whole order in so that it would then  be cooked ready for us when we all piled into the pub at the end of the walk.

The beginning of the walk

That accomplished we all set off.  It was a beautiful day weather wise, not too warm (you soon get warmed up walking!) and everyone was in very good spirits.  K hooked up with R’s wife rather than walk with me (she is no fool, she hates my speed of walking and would rather stroll at a more leisurely pace hand in hand with anyone who will take the time to listen to her, as usually from the beginning of the walk to the end she usually never stops talking, which really explains why her pace is always so slow as she hasn’t seemed to conquer the ability to walk AND talk at the same time! ) smile_teeth

Luckily for her the others don’t seem to mind her clinging on to them for the duration of the walk, if they did she would have to walk with me and stay silent whilst keeping up or alternatively  I would have to slow to a snails pace as usual.  The other members  have told me to walk ahead and not worry about her staying with them as she tells them her life history, and although I don’t really like doing this R has said ‘Look these walks are to help you relax, give you a break, so we don’t mind taking her off your hands whilst you walk on ahead.’

Of course there is also the photograph taking that I love to do along the way as well, and as K (and her current listener) are usually some way behind me, it does give me the chance to take pictures of her coming towards me in the distance.  Strangely enough as we reached the end of the walk (and therefore began nearing  the public house where we were to consume our meal) K suddenly decided to abandon her ever patient escort and sprang into quite a swift speed of walking (all thoughts of talking or any loyalty to her patient listener now obviously forgotten  as she had a different goal in mind!)  where she actually passed me at one point!  And I took a picture to prove it!

It’s funny how peaceful it all seems when you walk along a canal or waterway.  We are going to take a canal boat ride later in the year, and we saw the basin where we will all be meeting up to climb aboard the narrowboat, but that won’t be until September.  By the time we reached the pub we were all ready for our meal.  A table had been reserved for us, and the meal was absolutely delicious and one of the best that we have had so far, and we were all agreed about that.  The waitresses were attentative and the meal itself really good.  The wine that K and I had went down well too, so much so that we ended up having quite a few glasses of it and exited the pub feeling quite tipsy!  It was in a small bottle (about two glasses full) and was a White Zinfandel Californian wine by Stowells. (Although funnily enough it wasn’t white but rosy, well unless I was more tipsy than I thought!)  We enjoyed it so much that we are trying to get our hands on some but neither Tesco’s nor Sainsbury’s in town sell it.

We all returned to the car park and were soon back home where both of us went for an afternoon sleep! beer Hmm.  I am beginning to think that these walks might not be quite so healthy for us after all!

TG  smile_omg 


6 thoughts on “Our walk along the Canal.

  1. hi TG! On reading this two things came to my mind (which shocked it inexspressably as it is used to being alone). 1. Why would you wish to race through such a beautiful spot for walking. I think I would embrace a leisured pace with lots of time for just pausing to look at the trees and the water and the sun and so forth.And the second thing was that you might find this review interesting: http://www.ciao.co.uk/Stowells_White_Zinfandel__Review_5486558 tuns out it IS a rose so you weren’t THAT tipsy 🙂

  2. Thanks for that heads up Cassie about Stowells ‘White’ Xinfandel turns out my neice loves it as well. It was puzzling to me as I had asked the bartender for a ‘sweet white wine’ and he produced that. (Hmm, I thought to myself being at the time completely sober as we had only just entered the pub) I must be going colour blind in my old age as that looks more like ‘rose’ to me! and thanks about the typo! looks like Live Writer is slipping up! Missed a spelling mistake! Oops!

  3. It should depends on the partner for me. When talking with someone, I usually picked up pace with the conversation. If the person also can walk fast enough, we’d soon left the others behind us :DBut it’s such a beautiful place… and great community you have there.

  4. Hmmm!!! A tipsy TG!! Lovely stretch of canal…very picturesque. Just as well you wined and dined at the end of walk or you may all have laid out in the sun by the canal and had a siesta! Of course it’s healthy…all that fresh air ;))

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