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What a day we had!


Seacroft Hospital. Leeds
Seacroft Hospital. Leeds

I meant to post this yesterday evening after getting back, but I was so tired and fed up that I just couldn’t muster up the effort to do so, so here is my account of yesterday, a day late.

Because we had to go over to Leeds for K’s dental appointment, we attended the earlier Exercise session which began at 10.30am. Luckily as it turned out, the instructor for this class isn’t as demanding as our usual one, and we emerged about 11.30am with still some energy to spare, well K did, I was already beginning to flag at the thoughts of the journey we needed to make later.

We had our dinner in Tesco’s, I had steak pie (and had to leave all the pastry by wheedling out of it all the beef) and K had Chicken Tikka  Masala with rice. We did have a few bits and bobs to buy (well K has to make sure she is stocked up on food even if it means we have to carry it with us all around Yorkshire)  and following that we walked down to the bus stop to catch the X6 limited stop to Leeds.

Now as is usual whenever I am embarking on a journey to somewhere I have never been before, I had previously been on the West Yorkshire Metro site, inputted our journey and then printed out the subsequent route planner containing buses to catch, routes to walk, connections to make etc. We were (according to the planned journey) supposed to be catching the 13.03pm X6 which would then deposit us at stand G1 in the Leeds bus station at 1405pm  where we had to then just mosey over to the next bay and catch the 56 bus to the Seacroft Hospital at stand G2.  Easy peasy!

Funnily enough the actual X6 we caught was the previous one which was obviously running late. We boarded it at 12.55am, and actually landed in the Leeds bus station more or less the stated time but not at stand G1. There wasn’t a stand G1, or G2, or any G’s to be seen.  All the bus stand numbers were now completely different and we only had 10 minutes in which to find this 56 bus. I quickly grabbed K’s hand and we rushed down to the bus stations Information Centre where a  young man gave me instructions regarding whereabouts the 56 bus departed from.

You need to go out of the bus station from the bottom door, then cross the road to the Playhouse, and the 56 bus stand is right outside.” I quickly thanked him, and off we went. Hmm. Trouble was the ‘road’ was a very busy dual carriageway, and we had to use the ‘green man’ crossings to get across to the other side. Eventually and after seeing one bus go hurtling past (I do hope they are frequent I thought) we made it to the correct bus stand where a man and lady were also waiting for the same bus to take them to the same hospital.

Why does this building remind me of a ships funnel? Taken from Leeds Train station

Eventually on arrival at the hospital and after getting directions from the hospital porter K saw her dentist at last.  We were only in there about 20 minutes. She has two wisdom teeth which he is a little bit concerned about, one hasn’t come through yet, but the other is so far back in her mouth that he couldn’t  even see it clearly with his mirror, but he could tell that K wasn’t cleaning it properly. He stated that she would have to take care to try and clean it thoroughly so that it wouldn’t decay, and the other one also gave him concern because he thinks that her back tooth might be getting in the way of it fully emerging.  He discussed taking them both out and will therefore have an X ray done of K’s mouth in September when we are due to return. Thankfully he thinks they will by then be reinstated in their usual place in the Leeds Dental Teaching hospital in the city centre.

We had an uneventful journey back, made our way from the bus station to the train station, I bought a Senior Railcard so that I can go up to Scotland without K if need be, then we went into McDonalds for our tea and finally caught the train home. By the time I placed the key in the lock of our flat it was about 18.10pm, and I was just about ready to collapse. Hopefully we shouldn’t have to make that trek again and luckily the threatened rain had held off all day which was a blessing. I dunno, I think that I must be getting too old for all this traipsing about malarkey!

TG  Sleepy


2 thoughts on “What a day we had!

  1. That was an awful lot of trekking about for little return, T.G. At least it did not rain. Fingers crossed K’s wisdom teeth come through okay.

  2. Easy peasy!?!? I would have been lost forever at the first station. There is an old Kingston Trio song from the late 1950’s or early ’60’s about The Man Who Never Returned after getting on Boston’s MTA. That would be me. I have even managed to get lost driving to a grocery store 2.5 miles away. *sigh* Peace, Doc

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