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Went to the Fortune Teller……

Yesterday we had another really cram packed day. It was the day of the  CREW Spring Fayre, and one of our members G is a Psychic reader. He also tells you your fortune via Tarot Cards, reading your Palm and he is also  a Reiki Master Healer. For the Spring Fayre, G was conducting Tarot Card readings for £10.

Tarot Cards I have never had my fortune told. I have always wanted to have my fortune told, so I booked a Tarot reading with G for 13.00pm. I was a little sceptical for many reasons, and not because I don’t believe in such things, but more because he doesn’t look like anything you imagine as being a Spiritual person. In fact reading his bio on the flyer afterwards, he has been on the radio and television and studied at the College of Psychic Studies in Kensington.

He admitted to me that he had ‘formed an opinion’ about me from meeting me in the exercise classes. He held in his hand a crystal. He asked me to shuffle the Tarot cards. They were rather too large for my hands. Then he dealt them out in groups of three, some down one side, some down the other and some in the middle.

Then he proceeded to tell me about my past, my present and finally my future. He described what type of person I am, that I have had an unhappy life in the past, that I am strong and a fighter, that there have been many things that I could have done but for one reason or another didn’t manage to do, that he could see me as a supervisor or a manager, and regarding the future, that I should do what my instincts tell me to do and follow it through as I will make a big success out of it.

tarot cards 2 I have missed opportunities because I put others first, (he did say I needed to ‘do my own thing, and go my own way’.)  He also hinted of another relationship in the future. He admitted that the persona he had imagined I was from the exercise classes was nothing like the persona that he now saw in the Tarot cards, and he was genuinely surprised at this. All he told me was exactly right. His advice to me is to forget the past, stop living in it, move on to a new bright future where I have to take those opportunities and do those things that I want to do, and carry out my ideas because I will be successful.

He also noted that I am generous, a family person, and that I love to help others. All in all, I was very impressed and actually I might ask him to read my palm as well at some later time.

K had to sample the barbeque of course and had a burger, she also had a go at hooking the shark where she won some sweets which she promptly gave away again to A for her children, then we had to leave in order to dash over to Leeds Railway station (I am seriously considering K and I set up a tent complete with sleeping bags on platform 12) where I booked my tickets for my forthcoming planned  trip up to Scotland for my eldest sons 40th birthday.

I will be up there just for the weekend unfortunately, as he returns to work on the Tuesday, and so he would not be available to take me to the station in Glasgow and it is a fair distance from where they live.  K will be in respite that week, and I will be catching the through train from Leeds to Glasgow (which ironically will have come from Penzance, talk about rubbing my nose into it!) Sad and  I will then return on the Monday.  I would have liked to have stayed until Wednesday, but there you go, beggars can’t be choosers.

TG  I dont know So another dashing all over Yorkshire day! Oh and my bag strap broke AGAIN! Will have to look for another one as this is the third time now, and I am getting really rather fed up with it. What is it with me and bags?


8 thoughts on “Went to the Fortune Teller……

  1. never thought of having my fortune told, always looked at the future has ‘what will happen, will happen’, ..guess personally am way to scared to find out if anything bad lays in waiting for the future. WELL DONE YOU for going !

  2. Excellent post. Thank you for sharing so fully your Tarot reading. I have also had such and have been amazed at abilities of people to use objects and ‘read’. My mother was a scary-good card reader. She had good advice at times. She did not do it as a profession. When mom and I talked with readers we learnt to appreciate how tuned in some people can be. They always stressed it was not predictive but always possibility. Wishes for safe travel and birthday celebrations.

  3. When I was in high school I (and some devious female peers) were trying out a Ouija board. I asked it how and when I would die. The responses were "fire" and "64." At the time I believed that this would be in a fiery automobile crash in 1964. Had you known my habits of the time, I’m certain you would have agreed with that interpretation. Having made it safely past that "64" I suppose we get to age, don’t we? I am 63.5 and surrounded by fire extinguishers in this apartment. There are other interpretations, like alcoholism (firewater?) killing me as it did both my father and grandfather in their mid 60’s but I last had a drink in 1974. I have avoided any sort of fortune tellers since that time, actually.Peace, Doc

  4. I’m not a believer at all I’m afraid, I believe we change our future at each, crossroad or decision, and that the future is not written in stone, so there fore cannot be foretold. Reading what he told you, it was fairly generic, TG, he could be talking about me, or almost any one, and unless he told you something of your past, that he just could not have known under any circumstances, I would save you money, and buy your self something nice. To wear on your holiday!

  5. He knew I had had a fairly unhappy past. and also that I tend to dwell too much in the past as well. I was suprised how close he was about me, and I do think some people seem to have some sort of gift. Thanks for all your comments. and he was certainly right about how I like to help others. That’s why I do my ‘how to’ posts to help others to use Windows Live and its applications.

  6. That was interesting….I didn’t know there was a College of Psychic Studies in Kensington. I’ve never been to a fortune teller personally. I think I find them a little bit spooky…but too much imagination not always good for you I guess! I do like your friend Penny’s comment! lol….now how old did you say you were TG?!! What he actually said to you would appear to have been very accurate which could be a little un-nerving! I tread with caution on these subjects but I also keep an open mind. Thank you for sharing the experience….btw….you sorted out a tent and s. bags for Platform 12 yet? lol!! ;))

  7. Sounds very interesting Technogran I to have never been to a tarot reading. Not because I am sceptical but have never had the oppotunity. I didn’t know there was a College of Psychic Studies, I used to work in Kensington many years ago. Enjoy the long weekend. take care.

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