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The best laid plans…….


pouring down!Well the plan was to go down to exercise class, exercise like there’s no tomorrow, then whizz off to out nearest Matalan for some new clothes, and additionally  conduct a search around town for a new bag for me.  This plan has now been thoroughly scuppered by the downpour ensuing outside our window.

Sloggies Quickly glancing at the weather forecast for our area it looks hopeful for this afternoon, so K is grasping onto the hope that this proves correct and we can then participate in her next favourite thing to eating, namely spending money.  In true fashion she insists that the whole expedition is to buy me some new Sloggies and other bits and bats, when of course we all know who will end up with new jeans, new top, new jogging suit ….. 

Now if the weather forecast for later today is correct, we will be moseying off to our nearest Matalan, and I shall return here with the full list for your perusal of our entire purchases. I want all my dear readers to note how many items are actually for me (which is according to K the reason for our shopping trip) and how many are for her.

Hmm, never thought I would thank the rain for saving me money! Open-mouthed


4 thoughts on “The best laid plans…….

  1. Hi there TGran, I got a brother who does the same to my mum has K.. at least you have a general idea before the spend, on motive intended, ..Hope it was a nice trip out anyway and you did get to buy for yourself .

  2. Hope you enjoy your shopping trip don’t forget to treat yourself, enjoy. Take care hope the rain stops looks to be a nice weekend all round here’s hoping. xx

  3. Retail therapy! Always good for the soul! Rain should never put you off such an enjoyable activity TG…there is always a way round the small and minor problem of not buying more than your fair share for yourself! lol 😉 K obviously has the rit idea when she suggests YOU are the reason for the shopping trip! A sure way for her to ensure she all she wants and more! lol ;))

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