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Were Back…..here’s the end result!

The storm clouds blew over, the blue sky appeared, the sun began to shine so off went the two troubadours to do some shopping. We visited Matalan as stated for my pack of Sloggies, then I enjoyed being whisked into town in J’s open topped new car where I laughed to myself at how ironic it was that two hours ago we had been gazing out of our flat window at the rain bucketing down, and now here we were riding with the roof down in the glorious sun! (mind you I was relegated to the back seat as usual by K, and when J lowered the roof it hit me on the head!)

Three M & S t-shirts She dropped us off outside Marks and Sparks as she was sure they had a sale on. It turned out that they didn’t but I managed to get three t-shirts for £5 each. So, so far we had only made purchases for me! Wow!  Is K slipping up? We paid a visit to the local Tesco’s for something for tomorrows dinner, as needs must come first dear readers and you all know by know what K’s priority is! On exiting Tesco’s we then made our way through the indoor market in search of a bag.

Nothing caught my eye as  all the larger ones did not have long enough straps to enable being worn across , so we continued on up to BonMarche. I noticed a sudden quickness in K’s walking pace. Hmm, what could be afoot? As soon as we entered the shop she made a bee line for the jogging tops and trousers, and when she couldn’t find what she wanted, marched off to ask an assistant for help. She does things like this completely without my assistance. The assistant found her a top and then we found some matching bottoms so whilst she tried those on in the changing rooms, I found her a white top to go with the jogging suit. 

K's purchases, navy blue jogging suit and white t-shirt. She now has another jogging suit to add to her collection. That’s one of each colour. Black, Navy Blue and Fawn. I think that we can all conclude  that K likes these jogging suits! As it was only a short walk up to Harveys from the BonMarche shop, we decided that we would take a quick look in there at the bags just to see if they had any suitable.

Hmm. Well, Harveys is not exactly a cheap shop, and yes, I did see one that was suitable, trouble was the price! £69.00d for a bag!  I mean, I know I am very particular  when it comes to bags, but there is no way would I consider paying that sort of money for a bag!  It was nice though, and of course K stated the usual as she always does when I see something that I would  like but consider it too expensive, “Oh, go on, buy it Mum! My treat! Its your Christmas/birthday/bank holiday Monday/ present!  Go on!  treat yourself!”

It wouldn’t take long for us two to be penniless if I was to take any notice of my daughter!

So that’s it! Some Sloggies for moi plus three Marks and Sparks t-shirts, and another jogging suit for K with a new t-shirt. As for the bag, well, there’s always tomorrow if the sun shines and British Home Stores!

TG Open-mouthed


3 thoughts on “Were Back…..here’s the end result!

  1. Lol TGran, hope for your sake they don’t bring out another colour in those jogging suits.. you be off for another shopping trip, hahaha at least you got to buy something for yourself, …always gives you that ‘feel good’ feeling when you do eh, it does me anyway, the once in a blue moon i do buy for ‘just me’..That bag is a shocking price, blimey, and to think people out there do pay that much for a bag, they must be madTake care

  2. Everything went to plan then?….lol….K’s plan! Nice of her to relegate you to the back seat of the open topped car….hope you didn’t have too much of a headache after being wacked on the head when the roof came down! All part and party of a good shopping trip I guess! ;))

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