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Spendthrift Friday!

Yes everyone, before you all jump to the conclusion that I have finally flipped completely, I am fully aware that today is Sunday and this post is all about Friday, rendering it two days late, but we were away for the entire day yesterday and I couldn’t post about our successful search for a bag and a small trolley suitcase for my upcoming trip up to Scotland, so although it is now two days later here is my tale.

Friday turned out to be another repeat of Thursday weather wise, raining in the morning and then brightening up later. We waited for it to stop raining and the clouds to diminish before we made our way down the cat steps to catch the bus to Huddersfield. We began our search for a ‘crossover’ bag of a decent size in Peters, and then proceeded onto TKMaxx for a look around there. I did find one in TKMAxx that seemed suitable for my rather strange  demanding tastes, but it was as expensive as the previous one in Harveys that I refused to buy for that very reason the day before!

Small trolley suitcase So we continued our search by moving on to British Home Stores but they had nothing at all suitable. They did have a small trolley suitcase though and they were in the sale, so I bought the smallest size. We looked at the ‘bag lady’ in the closed market. Nothing. By this time I was beginning to sag at the seams.  Following a quick dinner in Burger King, we were planning to catch a bus to H and get the expensive one from Harveys (on K’s insistence, I was actually all for giving up and going back home.)

As we were walking up the street, we had to pass Peters again. Something made me decide to enter once more and have another look around. I saw a large black bag with crossover strap on a sale display so we moseyed over to take a closer look. Hmm, this is nice I thought, but why didn’t I notice this bag when we were in the shop previously?  Price? £41.30! Cripes!

My new Jane Shilton bag. Should I insure it?It’s a Jane Shilton bag” the assistant stated as she wrapped up my guilty purchase. That was the explanation given to me when I admitted that I had never spent that sort of money on a bag before. (In fact, my usual bags cost about a £10 at the most!) and of course I  am no handbag designer expert, so I didn’t have a clue who Jane Shilton was. Hmm, I thought to myself, paying that sort of money for a bag, knowing how careful I am would probably result in my not using it at all for fear of some ‘Jane Shilton exclusive’ bag collector was suddenly going to pounce and make off with it!

Armed with my new bag and my new trolley suitcase, we made our way up to Sainsbury’s for K to grab some food (as usual) and finally we made our way to the bus station for the bus home.

I shan’t be able to sleep tonight” I informed my youngest son who visited us that evening. “My conscience won’t let me after spending all that money on a bag!” 

We had an early night following my spending spree in preparation for our day out in Scarborough on Saturday for a World War 2 day at Scarborough Castle, and funnily enough I seem to have lost my conscience because as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep!  Blog about our day out later.


3 thoughts on “Spendthrift Friday!

  1. It’s a very chic bag and you should enjoy splurging on yourself once in a while. It’s good for you! I made one of my covertly delayed impulse purchases just today. Some genealogy software and an accompanying book that was about $3.00 USD less than yours. And I’m not sorry, so there! We must enjoy what we may while we may. I don’t think anyone has found a way to take it with them. Neither of us hurt anyone with our purchases, so be happy. Well, perhaps you were partially responsible for the death of a cow, but we won’t even consider that.Peace, Doc

  2. Very flash bag…..take it out and show it off to the world in general and don’t give the cost a 2nd thought! Indulgence occasionally is very good for you….and don’t you think you deserve it sometimes?!!

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