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Day Trip to Scarborough

As is usual when embarking on these day trips, I was wide awake and up before the alarm went off, and K was not long after before she emerged either.  J had been instructed to be at our flat at 07.00am on the dot, but as usual at 07.15am there was no sign of him, so I had to call him on his mobile.  K and I had to set off down the cat steps for the bus and he came dashing down them just in time.  He was really puffed out!  When we arrived at Huddersfield station we had some time to wait for the train so we had a cup of tea and a toilet whilst waiting.

I made a complete fool of myself once on board the train, as I went down to coach C where I thought our reserved seats were, only to find some people sitting there. The guard was making his way towards us,  so I asked him about it. “Those are your return tickets!” he said, “your in coach B!”  Honestly I felt such a fool and had to apologize profusely to the poor people who must have been convinced I was going to insist on their giving up their seats!  Of course J wouldn’t stop laughing and no doubt will not let me forget that boob in a hurry!  “You go in like a bull in a china shop Mum!” he stated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

North Bay, Scarborough On arrival at Scarborough, we quickly made our way from the station up to the Castle. It was fairly cloudy still, but the sun kept trying to peep out, and at least it was warm.  Rain had not been forecast. The walk up to the castle gives you a great opportunity to take shots of the North Bay and the walled walk up to the Castle keep. Its quite a steep walk, but very enjoyable. On arrival at the castle, we paid our entrance fee, cheaper because K is an English Heritage member, and then we made our way around all of the WW 2 tents and exhibition which was spread out in the castle grounds.

 One camp was the German  camp and the other the British.  There really was a lot of very interesting things to see, and all of the people taking part in the display were only too happy to tell you all about their uniforms and  what their job would have been during the war, and it was all very informative.  A lady who was dressed as a field nurse showed  us all of the surgeons instruments that would have been used at the front.  We also watched a demonstration showing all of the different uniforms and equipment that each different soldier in both the German army and the British army would have worn and used. They even demonstrated their rifles and guns by shooting a round or two.  It was very loud and K was not amused!  She spent the entire time during  this demonstration with her hands over her ears!

Ready, aim, fire! The fly past by the Dakota bomber was not due to occur until the afternoon, so as it was about lunch time, we decided that we would walk back down the alternative route, taking in St Marys church where Anne Bronte is buried and have something to eat in town, then return back to the Castle for the Battle demonstration and the subsequent fly over of  the Dakota.  J had wanted to watch the Spitfires but they were due to be part of the flyover until the day after.  As we made our way back into town, we passed a newly married couple who wanted their photo taken with two of the soldiers in uniform, so we took a quick snap of the happy couple as well!

The British take the Radar equipment Lunch over, we slowly made our way back the same way and this time we paid a visit to St Marys church as they had a flower arrangement display that day. Following that, we retraced our steps up to the castle. We were just in time for the start of the enactment of Operation Biting  where the British took a very important Radar from the Germans.  It was very thrilling to watch as they took the Germans completely by surprise and although the Germans gathered and retaliated they did capture the radar equipment.  This re-enactment was then followed by the fly past of the Dakota, and we were all waiving like mad at the pilot every time he went over our heads.

He actually flew overhead three times before disappearing into the distance. I was stopped by one of the local newspaper reporters who wanted to ask me some questions about the display and what had I thought of it all, and I willingly answered all his questions. There were obviously quite a few pressmen there, you could tell by their very expensively equipped cameras, and as J had been asking about the lens’s that some of them had, I asked one of them just how much his lens had cost.  Can’t remember just how much he said but it was into the thousands. I felt quite insignificant snapping away with my little Samsung!

The Dakota bomber flies past Following the fly past, we made our way back into the town, this time taking the path which brings you out at the North end where the rides all are. We took a very nice promenade walk along the walkway to the lighthouse. By now I was in my t-shirt as it was quite warm, in fact I hadn’t worn my raincoat for quite some time. Thank goodness for K and her roomy backpack is all I can say!  She manages to stuff sweatshirts, raincoats, drinks, cameras, everything but the kitchen sink, and it certainly comes in handy on our day trips!

Of course before we made our way home, I had to have my obligatory Knickerbocker Glory from the ice cream parlour and K had her usual chocolate sundae.  Then we had a ride up on the cable ride to the top and by this time all the shops were shut.  We had plenty of time before our train was due to depart, so K and J had some tea in McDonalds  (I didn’t feel hungry, but K gave me some of her chips and a bite of her McChicken sandwich, J on the other hand gave me nothing, smile_omg) then we slowly made our way back to the station feeling a little bit footsore by now!   Hmm, we must have walked about six miles in total today I thought to myself as we sat down on the platform bench to wait for our trains arrival.  Whilst at the WW2 display, we had bought a bottle of blackberry wine to share on the journey home, and it really made an enjoyable end to a perfect day, in fact, K and I became quite giggly!

“We’ll certainly sleep well tonight!” I said to K as we piled into bed after landing home, and we did!  My head hadn’t hit the pillow before I was asleep.  A perfect day out.  Full album below.



2 thoughts on “Day Trip to Scarborough

  1. Lol…;) Have done the reserved seats boob many times! Don’t apologise either! Often the people sitting in them aren’t the ticket holders themselves! You had a busy day in Scarb’…. be interested to view your full album, I lived there for a while many years ago so maybe see if it’s changed in that time:))

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