A day out tomorrow…….but where?

Tomorrow, K and I are off on one of our Adventures.  We haven’t been on an Adventure for quite some time and this one that we are embarking on tomorrow is particularly exciting for me personally.  So just for a bit of fun I have decided that  I am not going to tell you where we are going and how we intend to get there, you are going to have to guess both the destination AND the mode of transport by a few clues given in this post and also some judicious searching using bing-logo

Here are the clues.

1.  Railway tours?  (U.K)

2.  A ‘flyer’ but its not a plane.  

3.  We journey with a Duchess who spouts a great deal of hot air! (6233)

4. This seaside town is one of the few in the UK to still have donkey rides on the beach.

5.  This town contains a  very ‘round, plump’ Museum of Geology.  

Donkey Rides on the Beach

Right!  Enough clues as it should be fairly easy to figure out both where we are going tomorrow and how we are getting there. Unfortunately there will be no prizes I’m afraid as K and I tend to be  always skint owing to all these adventures we are always embarking  on, and although we did discuss sending the first five correct answers a bag of Randoms each, unfortunately we have since succumbed to temptation and eaten them all, so that idea has had to be abandoned.  Sorry!

TG     Answers via the usual channels i.e Comments.


Yesterday was one of those days……….

Yesterday I had one of those days.  You know the sort I mean,  we all get them from time to time.  A day where you end up wishing you had stayed in bed and not bothered to get up out of it.

It began well enough, with lot’s of promise.  K and I were due to visit the hairdressers at 11.45am.  One of us for her grey roots covering (me) and the other for a wash, cut and blow dry. (K)  The first downer began when the postman called. In amongst all the other post was a letter addressed to me from a Far Grange Park and Golf Club regarding my recent enquiry about Holiday Home ownership at their Park at Skipsea, North Yorkshire.  Nothing odd in that you might think apart from one small detail.  I have never ever contacted them about holiday home ownership! 

My Dream holiday home Oh yes folks, it has been a dream of mine for years to own a holiday home, since we used to take the kids when they were younger to one of the many Haven Holiday camps dotted about the UK.  I fell in love with them, and always vowed that if ever I came into any money I would buy one so that we could go away every year for weeks on end with the children.  However that is all it has ever been, a dream.  Why would this Granny, skimping all the time as she does on a state pension, enquire about owning  a holiday home?  And in Skipsea of all places?  (No offence to any residents of Skipsea who happen to be reading this post, its probably a lovely place, and certainly the enclosed brochure of the Park and amenities made the entire place look very tempting, but IF this Gran was ever in the position of having enough money to buy a holiday home, it would definitely be sited somewhere in Cornwall!)

Yet there it was, my name, my full address complete with invite to go and visit the Park to choose which holiday home I would like to purchase!  Now when strange occurrences happen to me like this, I tend to think its almost like someone is ‘rubbing salt into the wound’ and I immediately went off into one of my ‘if only I could win the lottery’ daydreams as I paid a visit to the Park site and took a peek at some of the lodges and Mobile Homes available. ‘sigh’

Dragging myself rather reluctantly from my daydream we set off to the hairdressers. I was attended to first, and whilst I was sat waiting for tne colour to take, K came over and showed me a pic of a hairstyle on her camera that she had taken up there with her.

Where's my daughter gone?Yes that’s nice” I said approving of the short but neat style in the viewfinder. Then our hairdresser began attending to her. I was sat over the other side of the salon. I saw K say something to her, then she began to shave K’s hair. She had shown the hairdresser a completely different hairstyle to the one that she showed me, and the upshot of this is that she ended up with all her hair shave off…… No big deal I hear you all say.  She is 29 years old . She has a perfect right to choose how to have her own hair.  Hmmm.

I always dreamt of having a girl.  My daughter in my mind would resemble Shirley Temple with gorgeous long locks cascading down her back.  She would be feminine, pink, love wearing dresses and fluffy things. ‘sigh’  The only time that K has ever worn a dress was when she was a bridesmaid for my Nephew 20 odd years ago!  And she hated it!  I have never EVER been able to persuade her to grow her hair long. This I don’t mind as I tend to always have mine fairly short as well, but all shaved!  She looks like a boy.  I already have two boys.  But I was upset with her because of the ‘sneaky’ way that she did it, showing me a perfectly presentable hairstyle that was more like she usually has it done, and then showing our hairdresser an entirely different picture of her preferred ‘shave it all off’ look. ‘Sigh’

We exited the hairdressers, and the downward spiral continued . We waited 55 minutes for a bus to Halifax.  FIFTY FIVE MINUTES!  This wait was made infinitely  worse by having to endure lot’s of gawky stares from motorists and their passengers as they slowed down at the roadwork traffic lights just next to the bus stop.  Why do people in cars always grin like demented idiots at you as you stand there waiting for a bus?  They’ll get their comeuppance when all the oil runs out and they realise they’ve lost the use of their legs!  Humph! Not only that, but one minute I was roasted prompting me to take my raincoat off, then the next minute a breeze seemed to spring up, prompting me to put my raincoat back on again! I must have gone through  that manoeuvre several times during the course of our 55 minutes wait. So much so that I began to get on my own nerves…’sigh’

At this point and by the time we boarded the bus, I was really fed up.  Arriving in Halifax, we hurried to Argos, picked up a new catalogue, and then intending to go to K’s favourite eating establishment, made our way up to McDonald’s but it was cram jam packed with people queuing for a meal, so we had to then return all the way back down to Burger King.  (Actually I am beginning to prefer Burger King, their chips are always crisp on the outside, but soft on the inside, whereas MickyD’s chips can often break your teeth.)  Following that we went on to Marks and Sparks where I bought five t-shirts for my newly acquired third son  daughter to add to her already considerable t-shirt wardrobe. Then we made our way to the bus station, but despite making a valiant dash towards our stand once I realised that one was due to depart, we still managed to see it pull out and disappear.  What is it with us two and buses?  ‘Sigh’

Random's. Guaranteed to give you a lift

“Right!” I exclaimed to K. “That does it!  I’m off to the shop to buy some Random’s!” Nothing better in my opinion if the day in question is determined to lay you low, throw everything it can at you, trip you up and knock you back down than stuffing your face with calorie laden Random’s!  So my dear readers, I didn’t last long in my resolve to stay clear of them did I?


Confused? You will be!

Conversations with K, or how to become dippier by the day.


It's Me! Here for your delight are a sample of conversations with my lovely daughter this week All included in this blog to demonstrate why I have arrived at the current mental state of being slightly Gaga, round the bend, or two cans  short of a six pack.

Tuesday 21.10pm.

K enters the room where I am trying to watch the latest escapades on Big Brother.

Mum, after we have been to the hairdressers on Saturday, can we go to Halifax?”

Me. “Why?” innocent and perfectly reasonable question considering that normally after a two hour stunt spent in the hairdressers without any food  K is usually anxious to high tail it to the nearest McDonalds for a fill up.

I'm confused, and dippy,and gaga!Cos the new Argos catalogue is out.”

Me sounding rather reluctant. “We’ll see.”

Or  we could go on Friday!” K ventures as an alternative suggestion.

Why what day is it out?”

On Saturday.”  

Yesterday 15.05pm.

K enters room where I am busy at the keyboard (that makes a change!)

Mum, will you spell me ‘hostectomy’  ?????? (She means hysterectomy, all because she hates being a woman, and plans to ask our doctor if she can have everything removed, either next time we are in the surgery, or alternatively once I have kicked the bucket, whichever comes sooner.) and also oterus?” (uterus)  Hmm, she must be putting all this down in her daily diary I thought to myself.

As  I wrote the spellings down on the scrap of paper that she presented to me, I couldn’t help thinking its a  good job that I didn’t set up that Space for her to use on Windows Live!  And here I must add that K thinks I am some sort of walking Encyclopaedia with knowledge about everything under the sun including an added spelling ability to rival any dictionary, unlike my two son’s who would rather die first before asking me or consulting me about anything at all.

This Morning 08.15am.


tarantula Me sat at the computer keyboard . (can you see a pattern emerging here readers?)

K arrives at my side and promptly thrusts her camera in front of my face which shows in its display a rather large spider crawling up a wall.

What sort of spider is this Mum?”  (add to my necessary repertoire being a naturalist as well as everything else)

Me horrified and ready to launch myself out of my computer chair and grab the nearest broom, cloth, etc to kill said dangerous looking spider with, “ whereabouts is it? Is it in your bedroom?”

No, its not in my bedroom!  Its  a spider from ‘Jungle to Jungle’! You are silly Mum!”    Why do spiders have three eyes?”  ?????

I don’t know! ” I answer, trying to recover my normal heart rate from the previous shock of thinking my daughter had a resident Tarantula in her bedroom. “I think they have far more than three eyes!  All the better to see you in triplicate I suppose!” (If you don’t know the answer to one of K’s numerous enquiries then make a blind stab at it is my philosophy.)

And that’s it folks for now. Well, until the next enquiry……


As a Sweet Addendum

Note that the packets have different Random's on the front Following on from yesterdays post, where I confessed that K and I had a penchant for Rountree’s Randoms, and also admitted that previously we were addicted to some squidgy snails which had inside their shells some gorgeous soft jelly, I thought that owing to the enormous interest from fellow confectionary lovers everywhere, it is necessary to include some more details (purely intended you understand for those of you who might be reading this blog and unfortunately reside in a country where said confectionary can not be purchased or sampled.)

In order to carry out a fair demonstration  and prove irrevocably that each Rountree’s Random packet actually does contain a Random choice of sweets inside (well apart from the Ice Cream Cones which for some reason seem to be found in every packet and are therefore NOT random at all) we have had to purchase two packets to compare the contents within. 

See their Shells? Full of soft jelly!So that you can also see ‘in the flesh so to speak’ the aforementioned Squidgy snails with the lovely soft shells filled with jelly which previously were first in line in our sweets to be devoured list, we have also had to purchase a bag of those as well, purely so that you can all see what they look like.

Once all screenshots of said sweets have been taken for demonstration purposes, said sweets will then be shared equally amongst this blog editor and her assistant. Said editor feels that she can partake of the aforementioned confectionary, as she and her assistant have been vigorously exercising this morning for a whole hour, burning up numerous calories in the process, and can therefore afford to risk ingesting a few calories in the name of providing more information for this blogs interested readers.

For those who might be interested in which random’s were  randomly found in the two packets purchased for demonstration purposes, they were as follows:

9 Ice cream cones.  1 bow tie, 1 Pint glass of beer, 1 monkeys crown, 1 trophy, 2 button, 1 bus, 2 Alarm clocks, 3 Paw prints, 2 Hot Air balloons, 1 Rubber duck, 1 jug, 1 mushroom, 1 chess pawn and 1 that I couldn’t make out what it was supposed to be. (Must have been a random mould.)  For all those of you who couldn’t give a monkeys toss (wasn’t one of those inside I can assure you) about what the packets of Rountree’s Random’s contained  then move along to another Space where you might find the subject matter more interesting.

For more details of exiting Random stuff that other Rountree’s Random eaters get up to watch this video! (and realise that this Gran is not alone. There are more of us living here in the U.K,  many more…..) You may also be interested in the Rountree’s Random’s website itself which aptly demonstrates  to all who visit it the types of persons who tend to be devouring this confectionary. Take a look  HERE.

Random’s Egg Throwing Championship


TG         P.S.  Will K be wanting the Rountree’s Random t-shirt?  Watch this Space to find out!

My Favourite sweets are …..


Rountree’s Randoms!

Rountree's Randoms At the moment we can’t get enough of them! And the adverts really sum up me in  a nutshell………I tend to talk a load of gibberish as well, and I don’t need to be eating Randoms as the time either.

Trouble is around this neck of the woods as usual, its finding them!  Tesco’s don’t stock them, our local estate shop doesn’t have them, the only shop that currently have them for sale is the newsagents in town. It then makes it terribly tempting to buy quite a few packets at a time but……….that guarantees that this Granny will then scoff them all at once and I am trying to lose some weight…….K and I have spent many a frustrated hour recently trying to track them down.  We even went hunting for them in York when we spent the day there, as we fancied some for the train journey home.

So if you are reading my blogs and see strange words appearing randomly in amongst the story that don’t seem to make any sense, you’ll know what this Granny is currently devouring as she sits at the keyboard…..

Makes a change I suppose from the squidgy jelly snails we were crazy about previously…..


P.S. We like the ice cream cones the best!


A walk around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Today we have been on a walk with a difference.  A  walk around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park  Now funnily enough I had recently seen some photographs online which had been taken at the Sculpture park and thought ‘I’d love to go there!’ but I hadn’t realised just how close it is to where we live, and so I was very pleased that this week it had been chosen as our venue for our Saturday walk   As always we went there with some of the other members of C.R.E.W , and K and I were picked up this morning by R and G at 09.45am because it takes roughly three quarters of an hour to drive there.

Where's that blasted Mini-bus? When we arrived at the Park, we were the first ones there so we waited for the other members who were also going on the walk  to arrive. There were only seven of us taking part on this walk, as some of the other members were on holiday and others thought it was too far to get to.

Once we were all assembled, we waited for the Mini Bus to arrive, as we planned to begin our walk at the far side of the Park which you could see in the distance. No Mini bus arrived, but instead a Land Rover pulled up, and one of the Park staff alighted and told us all that the Mini bus had broken down and  so we would all have to climb into the Land Rover instead . This was no mean feat, especially for K who had to be given a hefty ‘push up’ from behind in order to climb up into the back.

The Outclosure, no entrance! Eventually we arrived at the other end of the Park, and after entering the Longside Gallery to view the sculptures and paintings on show inside we then began our walk.  The weather was being very kind to us as showers of rain had been forecast, but in order to  foil this prediction I had cunningly brought along my brolly! (Guaranteed to keep the smallest spots of rain at bay) Our walk took us through a small wood called the Round Wood which houses the Outclosure, a strange stone built structure which has no entrance to it, therefore inhibiting you from being able to see what’s inside it. Of course this prompted a couple of the men to begin jumping up and down trying vainly to see what was inside.

No! Not another spiral staircase! We continued on and next we arrived at the Basket,  a rather strange sort of small tower complete with spiral staircase inside (K’s favourite climb!) The whole tower  is constructed entirely of metal and mesh. We all climbed up the spiral staircase (luckily for K, only 15 steps high) and peeked through the mesh at the fantastic views before making our way down again to continue the walk There were actually two walls inside made of mesh, one inside the other with a small area between them both, and of course this prompted K and I to make our way in-between them both with the result that K (complete with her usual backpack) nearly became stuck at one point!

Along this part of the route are numerous old fallen trees which are surrounded by stone walls. These are referred to on the map that we all had a copy of as the Hanging Trees but why I haven’t  a clue because you certainly couldn’t hang anything from them in their current prone and fungus covered state!  We were now slowly descending via a path through the woods, made fairly muddy by  yesterdays downpour, and this also included some steps to negotiate.  Eventually this descent brought us to the Dam Head bridge which crosses the end of the Lower Lake and the Dam. 

View across Lower Lake from Dam Head Bridge.

The intention here was to now make our way back to the main Centre for our lunch via the Lower Park route but this was inaccessible, and so we had to make the ascent through the Henry Moor in the Country Park, and this steady climb was quite tiring necessitating frequent stops and rests on the way up. We had passed lots of ducks during this part of the walk, both in the water and out of it, and I remarked that I had never seen as many ducks gathered together in my entire life.  Eventually we reached the Main Centre exhausted (and hungry!) where we all sat down to our meal. K and I had the chef’s special, Meat and Potato Pie with potatoes and green vegetables (me) whilst K just had the Pie with roast potatoes (no green vegetables because this contained peas which she insists she can’t eat.)

Hmm, a stone fruit? The other members of the group then decided to go back home, but we decided to stay with R and G and have a look around the Formal Gardens and the other Galleries there. Lot’s of the sculptures can also be found in the grounds of the gardens. When we had finished our walk around the Garden Galleries, we then made our way back to the restaurant and enjoyed a refreshing drink and an ice cream sat outside on the small terrace area of the restaurant admiring the stunning views over the countryside.

Eventually it was time to make our way back to the car for the drive home. This walk was a very different one to the usual Saturday walks which tend to be made in our local area. Because it took place in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which afforded a beautiful walk through not only some stunning countryside but also littered with very interesting exhibits and sculptures, I rate today as one of my most enjoyable walks that we have made, and I plan to return there again, next time perhaps with J in tow. Now where is that Metro route planner? More pictures of the day in my SkyDrive and at the bottom of my Space.


Another fun packed day start to the day!

Its been another fun packed start to the day here at the Technogran household,  kicking off as it did with the dawn chorus waking me from my slumber at 05.30am, so I took advantage of the situation, stripped my bed, washed the bedding and then noting the clear blue skies and gentle breeze  outside I saved my tumble drier from eating into my electricity bill and hung  them out on the line to dry.  Hmm, so far, so good.  K eventually emerged from her hidey-hole in the box room,  where she asked me what time I had been in the shower (for her diary in which  every little incident gets recorded and which goes some way to explaining  why I always have to buy her a huge page to a day one.)

Eventually showered and dressed, she stood in her bedroom (the aforementioned box room that has to suffice as her bedroom) talking to the door.  The door declined to reply hence the main reason why she was talking to it, no arguments.  I had breakfast (K doesn’t eat breakfast, she insists that she is not a breakfast person, but soon compensates for missing out breakfast by spending the rest of the day after 10.00am constantly eating) 

“Who are you talking to?” I enquired as I manoeuvred myself down the stairs with the bedding in the basket ready for hanging outside.

“The door of course!” came the reply as if I had asked a stupid question.  Eventually she left for day care, and I busied myself with making my bed and other exciting jobs around the flat.  Some time later I went outside to check on the washing.  Hmm, that’s strange I thought, why is there some yellow ‘sticker tape’ pasted to the next door downstairs flat?  Because we have never ever seen hair nor head of anyone who currently resides in there,  I knew I was fairly safe to wander over and take a closer look in order to read what was on the sticker tape.

Door with stickers Plastered across the sticker in large letters it said DANGER. GAS SERVICE OVERDUE. Cripes ! Now owing to the proximity of this flat (next door to us) this is guaranteed to cause this blog author a sleepless night as she tosses and turns waiting for the impending gas explosion to occur!  Whose brilliant idea is this to plaster these warning stickers all over the door in order to bring to the attention of the current resident that their boiler needs servicing?  Wouldn’t a simple note in large red letters pushed through the letterbox have sufficed? 

And here is the dilemma.  We have never seen anyone enter or exit that flat since some curtains and blinds appeared after the flat became vacant. What if there is actually no-one there?  Will the Gas servicemen leave them there to haunt me forever so that I can’t get to sleep in case we are suddenly catapulted though the roof?  Or will they eventually break in with a hammer and chisel (or whatever they have to hand at the time.)

Besides which, as this resident has never to my knowledge set foot outside since moving in, not even for a breath of fresh air, they are hardly likely to notice any of this stuck on their door are they? So to sum up my day so far, its been a day of doors, beginning with daughters earnest conversation with her door, followed by next doors sticker taped DANGER door. And its only dinner time!  Hmm, I’d better keep my beady eyes peeled for any more door activity for the rest of the day!

TG  (close the door on your way out please.  Winking )


Contents of a camera….

Not that I think for one minute that any of my readers might conceivably think I exaggerate slightly when giving a few of the reasons why I’m slightly round the bend, but just as extra proof that is has been outside influences to blame for the rather sad state of mymind, I thought that you might all like to see for yourselves the current content of my beloved daughters camera.

I bought her this camera for her birthday a few years ago because she had been taking part in a photography course down at the Adult Education Centre, and apart from the occasional cutting off of a subjects head (usually me) she does seem to have got the hang of it. That is apart from the odd photographs that she chooses to take. Thank goodness for digital cameras with their ability to fit lots of photographs on a memory card which can be so easily deleted if they are poor quality.  

She is currently scouring the Internet (oh yes, as soon as she realized that you can search for almost anything online she ‘twigged’ it and uses it constantly to search for, in no particular order, short hairstyles (to print out to show the hairdresser) shark t-shirts with price, pictures of sharks, Music CD’s that she wants me to buy her, etc, etc.  When she finds them online (she’s a Google fan, sorry Bing) she then takes a photograph of the screen with her camera, so it tends to be full of screen shots of sharks, t-shirts, short hairstyles, Music CD titles with their price. (don’t ask! I still haven’t quite figured out her motive for this, unless its to show someone at Day Care or keep wafting in front of my face as a reminder of what she wants for her birthday)

She also likes to take pictures of herself in various hats, caps and disguises such as a horrible ‘wolf’ mask complete with matching hairy hands that she insisted I buy her one Halloween, this to scare the ‘trick or treaters’ away.  (see accompanying photo) All this has reminded me of one very embarrassing incident that occurred back in the old days when all of our cameras took film that had to be developed down at your local shop.  I can’t remember how old her and her brother were at that particular time,  at a guess I’ll say J was seven and she was 10.  I had taken a film in to be developed at our favourite shop. When I went to collect it, I thought that the assistants were looking at me strangely.

Exiting the shop I decided to look at them all as you tend to do,  and to my horror there were two photographs showing both of my children ‘mooning’ to the camera. They had taken each other bending down with bare bottom exposed for all to see!  I was horrified!  Furtively looking around in case the shop assistants had called the police to cart me off to jail accused of being some sort of child molester, I hurried home to confront my two offspring about it.  Of course all they could do was laugh! No wonder the girl assistants in the film processing shop had been looking at me so strangely!

So all I can say is thank goodness for digital camera’s, memory cards and that wonderful word ‘Delete’

TG  Worried

The trouble with me.

Or one explanation why I’m slightly Gaga.


Boglin Here are some facts about my daughter who is Down’s Syndrome and who occupies this rather small flat with me. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, but actually living with her 24/7 is a slightly different story to the persona that she paints to the outside world on short acquaintance, and so does go someway to explaining to my two readers why I appear to be slightly ‘round the bend’ or if you prefer, ‘three cans short of a six pack.’ Maybe I might be afforded some sympathy from you both as you read out these ten facts about my lovely daughter that otherwise were you to ‘bump into her’ in the street you would have no inkling of.

  1. She loves Sharks. She is fascinated by them and has been so since watching the film Jaws as a youngster. Therefore she has me scouring the internet looking for Jaws t-shirts. She already owns several thousand (slight exaggeration) I think she likes to wear them to frighten small children away who always seem fascinated by her and therefore tend to hang around her like bees to a honey pot.
  2. She is equally fascinated by Spiders (no t-shirts though) and despite being terrified of them, has watched Arachnophobia several thousand times. (another slight exaggeration but not by much)
  3. Favourite film ‘The Goonies’ made by Richard Donner and starring one of her favourite actors Sean Asten. She has watched this several thousand times. (No exaggeration) She knows off by heart every word spoken by every actor in it from the opening sequence to the end.
  4. She lives only for food.  She thinks that she will keel over and die if she misses out one single meal.  So every day consists of questions such as “What are we having for dinner?” then as we are sat eating our dinner, “What are we having for tea?” The day is then brought to  a close by the inevitable “What are we having tomorrow?” as we sit down to tea.
  5. Because of the latter, she has taken  complete charge of writing down the shopping list which contains all the food that she requires for at least the next few days. There is never anything down on the list for me. I am obviously expected to starve to death.
  6. She is a typical Downs in that 99% of the time she moves at a snails pace but… there are two occasions when she moves so fast that blink and you would miss it. a) When the postman arrives she is down the steps in a flash, and b) When a shopkeeper is giving you any change. Its miraculously in her pocket before you can say “Thank you!”
  7. She spends 99% of her time (when not watching the Goonies and/or Arachnophobia) sat muttering to herself on the toilet. Its her ‘debating’ throne, where she irons out any problems that may have bugged her during the day, or yesterday, or the day before or even last week.
  8. She talks to herself all the time. Now this wouldn’t be so bad in itself, I occasionally have been known to do this especially when ‘getting something off my chest’ but with K its all day, every day . I have asked her to whisper but unfortunately this ability seems to have slipped her by.  She simply can’t do it, and all you can hear is a sort of ‘sphst, mmhste, mbfits , mahehset’ going on in the background.  I could put my ear plugs in I suppose and try vainly to regain some sort of sanity.
  9. As a young girl growing up, she point blank refused to have dolls. She had a pram (which she once threatened to bring down on top of her younger brothers head when he had been teasing her for days)  but she hated dolls. She wanted only Boglins. If you haven’t a clue or can’t remember what they were , they were horrid looking rubbery faces which you could put your hand inside and manipulate them into looking even more grotesque.  She loved them and ended up owning every one of them.  
  10. She refuses point blank to grow her hair long and insists on having it as short as possible at all times with the result that everyone we meet thinks she’s a male. (much to my annoyance as she is my only daughter after all, and before I had any children, I used to dream of having  a Shirley Temple look alike with gorgeous long ringlets down her back.) As soon as I have departed this mortal coil, she will no doubt book an appointment and have it all shaved off.

So, does my strangeness and seemingly odd ramblings now make some sense? Can you begin to understand  why I am considered to be slightly Gaga?  There are other contributing factors to be taken into consideration of course, my darling daughter is just a small  portion of the whole that has turned me into the gibbering wreck that I have now become. Bless her.

TG  Silly

The Trouble with me is……………

Thinking I can’t seem to make my mind up about anything these days! I have become so indecisive that its beginning to really get me down. Quite when all this began I haven’t a clue to be honest. Was I like this before the menopause or has it reared its ugly head since then? Is it part of my depression or am I slowly going gaga? Trouble is I have such a lousy memory that I can’t pinpoint how long I have had this ‘shall I, shan’t I’ syndrome present in my usual repertoire of things that annoy me about myself.

An example of this is my blog. I have as many blogs floating around on the internet as most people have had hot dinners. Two are on Windows Live, one for my Geeky/Technical stuff and the other supposedly as a sort of online dairy. But I also do a duplicate post of that one to my long time blog on LiveJournal.  So that makes  three so far.  Recently  I have been trying to make up my mind whether or not to actually move to either Blogger or WordPress and close down some of my other blogs, but…..I would then need to find some way to gather readers, I have quite a following for both of my blogs on Windows Live, and to be honest, although it is there primarily to sift out the spammers, I hate the hurdles you have to jump in order to make a comment on Blogger!

You can’t win can you? Make it very easy for everyone to comment on your blog and risk tons of spam a la Windows Live Spaces, or verify everyone with ‘Capcha’ to keep the spammers out.  Decisions decisions! I know this, I can’t keep up with all these blogs! Something’s gotta give but what to do?  And why oh why can I never seem to come to a final decision about anything these days?

Even if I do make a choice I am then forever wracked with ‘did I make the right choice or not?’ and then inevitably end up changing my mind! What’s the answer before I drive myself completely insane?

Will I, won’t I? Shall I, shan’t I? Left or right? Black or White? Hot or cold? Or am I just old? You decide! Confused

TG Eye-rolling