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Another enjoyable walk along the canal….

A Canal boat makes its way out of the lock We have just returned from another very enjoyable walk along the canal side with our friends from CREW. We all met up at the car park in town at 10.30am where firstly studied the provided Menu for our intended meal at the end of the walk, and made our choices for our lunch. That done, we all set off at a brisk pace by joining the canal towpath at the nearby bridge. It was an absolutely breathtaking day weather wise, blue skies, nice warm breeze, perfect conditions for an enjoyable hike along the canal in fact.

You will recall that K, J and I had already done this route some few weeks back when it was a lovely day where we went all the way along the towpath to Elland.  This time, the Crew group were not intending to go that far as we would need to return to where  everyone’s cars were parked  and also return back to town where our lunch was booked.  Its a very enjoyable walk as there are some stunning views to the right as you walk along the canal where the woods cover the side of the hill. The plan was to walk up to opposite Park Wood and then turn around and make the return journey back to town.  As usual K attached herself to the nearest person that would allow her to hook up and have a natter with, whilst I spent the walk taking pictures and/or conversing with whoever happened to be walking nearest to me at the time. I love this part of the canal, with the river Calder on the left of you and the fishing lake and stunning wooded hillside on the right.


We soon arrived at the turning point where the walk leader held a hasty discussion about whether or not we took a ‘detour’ route back or just simply returned the same route that we had just walked.  Most opted to go back along the towpath which we did, although we did decide to make a slight detour through the wooded area between the canal and the river. K had to stop and lean on me at one point when she got a stone in her shoe. As usual as we neared town on our return she suddenly ditched her latest escort and speeded past everyone in order to make a bee line for the pub where we were to have our lunch.

The old ship inn This was the The Old Ship Inn where we have enjoyed having a lunch following one of our walks before. Most of us had chosen to have the same meal, a delicious Chicken and Bacon Salad which we all really enjoyed. K was treated to a Chocolate Heaven dessert again by R  so I took some pictures of her devouring it at the table.  The meal was washed down with two glasses of White Zinfandel (me) and  a glass of White Zinfandel followed by half a shandy (K) When we had finished our meal,  R offered to run us home which elicited a sigh of relief from K as I had been toying with the idea of walking home, and she eagerly  accepted his kind offer. The meals in the Old Ship Inn are absolutely delicious and well worth partaking in, I thoroughly recommend paying it a visit if you ever happen to  find yourself moseying around our little town.  All in all, a wonderful and very enjoyable walk in beautiful weather, ending in a equally enjoyable meal.


TG  plate  beer

15 thoughts on “Another enjoyable walk along the canal….

  1. The Old Ship inn looks like the very place I would like to visit sounds and looks great. I always enjoy a good trip down the canal glad you all enjoyed your day.

  2. Photos are lovely, love the way you have put them all in your blog, So nice to go out and enjoy places when the sun is shining especially with friends.Take care

  3. I love your day out story and photos, T.G. They make me homesick for Bath, where I walked my dog along the canal every day.

  4. Thanks for the virtual tour. If I were there, I believe I would have liked a ride in the barge (boat? thing that floats with flowers on top?) followed by a "chocolate heaven." I promise I would behave unless someone tried to take the ice cream away from me.Peace, Doc

  5. Thank you for your kind comments. Doc, that ‘barge’ is a ‘narrowboat’ and is someones home! (Probably the guy at the tiller in front. Lot’s of folks live on the canal in these ‘narrowboats’ and as a matter of fact, we have a boat building yard in our little town where you can have one built. Inside you have sleeping quarters, kitchen area with cooker, fridge etc, dining area, and they actually live on them. In places on the canal, you then ‘berth’ your narrowboat and ‘hook up’ to electricity etc which is provided at the side of the canal at certain points. We also have a ‘canal basin’ where some are permanently birthed in town. I don’t know how much it costs for a permanent birth on the canal, or how much ‘rent or rates’ you have to pay. Of course you could just move your ‘home’ up and down the canals if you wanted to. We do have firms who run tours in narrowboats along the canal, in fact we are all going on one in September so watch out for that!

  6. Thanks Mandxx, I like to think so! We have now become a really popular destination to visit for folks who come to the UK and I try in my own small way to contribute to that. We have so much to see for folks what with our abundance of castles,Abbeys, etc, and lovely coastline. Take a peek here for what Yorkshire has to offer for any visitor. http://www.yorkshire.com/

  7. I missed this one yesterday, due to usual Saturday obsession! Glad to have the update at top of homepage so I could creep in for a read! As usual, you make the whole day sound refreshing, relaxing and lovely, TG. I’m impressed with your pictures, again. It’s also very lovely to have somewhere to trust to go and eat. We have a lovely pub in our village which serves the most delicious food. They do a Carvery, restaurant meals and have now opened a Chinese takeaway-style option for those that like Chinese food. Also, curries! Must check this out sometime…Beautiful page again, TG. THank you for writing it up:-)

  8. A lovely day out and I believe looking at your pictures that I have eaten at the Old Ship Inn and had a delicious meal.. The countryside is wonderful nearby, thank for showing us these photographs..Regards..FATMAN X

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