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The Trouble with me is…………

Meebo icon I will keep signing up to things!  I have just joined Meebo!  What’s Meebo?  Well it supposedly amalgamates  all of your messenger accounts into one place. (I think!)   What’s wrong with that I hear you ask.  Surely that is more convenient for any avid messenger user to be able to access ALL of their Messenger accounts in one place?  Well therein lies the main problem because I hardly ever use Messenger!  My grandchildren use it avidly of course, thereby affording you all some explanation as to why it is installed on my computer in the first place, and which over time has led me to arrive at the conclusion that the use of Messenger tends to be rather age related in my humble opinion.  (cue all those readers over the age of 50 who are huge messenger fans hastily berating  me for making this generalized statement regarding Messenger.)

They delight in sending me funny graphics doing silly things.  No words, just graphics, skeletons pulling faces, cats walking across the screen, etc.  I try vainly to keep them ‘on track’ by hastily messaging them back using only words, but all I get in return is more graphics striding across the screen!   When they do occasionally relent and use words, its in a completely different language to the one that I tend to use, peppered with strange words such as LOL or  KK which I don’t understand. Then I have to send a message asking them to translate the meaning of these strange words for me.    I also hate the way that when I am busy doing something (usually signing up for some other website, or trying vainly to recall a username or password) I am inevitably interrupted by a message from someone, which then causes me to completely lose track of what I was about to do whilst I message them back with a reply. Then I  usually end up retaliating by setting my status to ‘offline’ which really negates the necessity of having Messenger installed in the first place.

I really must stop joining this and that online!  For a start, I have a lousy memory. Every time I join up to this application or that website, I have to provide another ‘username’ and another password, which you can guarantee that when I eventually get around to making use of that service or site, I will have forgotten either one or the other.   I do write them down if I remember to do so, usually on some scrap of paper that I may have to hand, but then whilst tidying up some time later you can bet your bottom dollar that I will throw said scrap of paper away without realizing its significance.  This has resulted over a period of time in my being a member of practically every site and service available on the Internet but unable to make any use of them!  I have absolutely tons of e-mails saved from different sites which contain the URL needed to reset my password/username, in fact I could start a collection.

I’m exactly the same with e-mail addresses.  I had one before I even owned a computer, but since then I have somehow accumulated six!  Six!  Who on earth (or online) needs six different e-mail addresses?  I could understand it if I was actually some huge multinational business, but  I am just a Granny for heavens sake!  I’ve only owned a computer for about five years!  Hmm.  Maybe its an illness of some sort. (says she clutching at strawsCompulsive Signing Up to Websites disorder.  Or maybe its all to do with my inclination to be very curious (rather like a cat) and my need to ‘try everything out’ in case I am missing some new site or application that you can’t live without.  Well , whatever the reason, I shall in all probability be pestered every minute from now on with messages that I have no intention of replying to, so it will  no doubt go the way of so many others that I have signed up to in the past, and end up being completely ignored.  That is until I suddenly come across it again and decide that It’s a ‘must have’ application or website, only to find out to my horror that I have been here before as I  hastily type in one of my many e-mail addresses in a vain attempt to find the one I used initially,  or type in my Username only to be greeted with the inevitable message, ‘Sorry, that name is already in use, please choose another’

TG  I dont know


11 thoughts on “The Trouble with me is…………

  1. That’s why I really like sites that provide alternate login, either using OpenID or Facebook Connect. They let me needing to remember less passwords. For example, just yesterday a colleague lost her Yahoo Mail password with no way to retrieve it.Actually there’s Windows Live ID too, but somehow the adoption seems to be lower than Facebook Connect.As insurance, I kept my various passwords in a file. There’s a lot of desktop application that provide such password saving function. They usually had a single password to read the file, for security.

  2. First of all: http://www.lingo2word.com/lists/emoticon_listA.htmlExcellent text-speak translator!Next, assuming you have it, stick the Notelets gadget on your sidebar, then, type in unmissable large letters: "WRITE IT DOWN!!!" That may help you to remember to copy and paste your username and password for each site. It’ll be a mammoth task if you have THAT many, TG (psst: I’m glad ‘m not the only one!) Visit each site when you have a moment to be bored, (this is essential!) and copy, paste your usernames and passwords to a new document on your desktop. Notepad will do for the doc. Keep it on your desktop and back it up every so often. When you change a password for anything, look it up on your saved Notepad document and change it there as well. Just to keep you up-to-date:-)What a nightmare this all is, aye:-(

  3. Thanks for the tips Jen! As Seika so rightly points out, some OS’s such as Linux for example have a sort of Wallet where all your passwords are stored and you just use one master password to allow all programs to use them. I DO write most of my usernames and passwords down if I remember to in a notebook handily kept near at hand.

  4. Isn’t there something similar in Windows? I’ll have to look it up as I’ve forgotten what its called. CardSpace, or something, and you fill one of them out per website with as many, or few, details as required. Have to look into that one, TG.Are you all right?

  5. Yikes! Know it well. We’re also getting drownded;-) Oh well, since you’ve written three books, (er, blogs)…I’d better be off and write one meself;-)

  6. There is a simple answer, TG use the same user name and password for all, (only talking social networking sites not secure sites) if necessary add a number!I do have messenger, still use it quite a bit not quite so much now though, when I sign in I always have it sign in off line, then I can see who’s online and talk if I want, but not get interrupted.

  7. Just to add to the whole technolgy challenge, I’ve now taken to saving my ID’s and passwords on my mobile phone …. so that when I’m travelling I can still access accounts … of course that only works if the phone doesn’t get stolen or lost!! The upside of this is that I have the whole new pleasure of creating a new connection and don’t remember that I’ve been there before!!! I love being a gaga granny!! LLSM (Long Live Senior Moments!!)

  8. TG, there is such application for Windows.I used PINs < http://www.mirekw.com/winfreeware/pins.html >. The author hasn’t update the application since 2003, but it works in Vista and Windows 7. It can also run from flash disk (only need registry for language preference). I’m sure there’s more up-to-date solutions available too.Jen: CardSpace doesn’t work in all sites. The site has to be programmed to accept CardSpace for login. And even so, they often need user to sign in and then associate the Card to an ID.

  9. Thanks to you all for these suggestions, Seika I might take a look at that pins. So Tricia, you like to live on the edge do you with all passwords etc on your mobile! Cripes! I wouldn’t dare take mine out of the flat if I did that! I write mine down in a notebook placed strategically at the side of my computer desk just for that purpose. (In fact you might all be interested to know that strangely I have done more writing since buying a computer then at any time previously, consisting mostly of user names and passwords with the odd other stuff I feel I need to remember.)

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