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I can read her like a book!

Funny isn’t it how we come to know our children so well that we can read them like a book? I suppose that most Mum’s can say that about all of their offspring or even their husbands/partners, but its especially true when you have a child with special needs. I am pretty sure that my daughter is fancying someone who attends her Day Care Centre on a Tuesday. The clues are all there.

Yesterday she went dressed in fetching red sleeveless top with navy blue pedal pushers, hair all washed and neatly combed then covered in a FLOCK peaked cap worn backwards (as she tends to do) This was then accented by a ton of perfume liberally sprayed in every corner and area of her body visible to man.

Today she is back in the usual boring tatty t-shirt that she has owned since 19 nought blob, with an equally tatty pair of jeans, hair is just left messy and untidy,  and judging by the lack of lingering and overpowering smell around the flat, no perfume was applied at all. A dead giveaway? Probably a complete stranger would have cottoned on by now!

Have you got a boyfriend on a Tuesday?” I asked innocently as she did her usual pirouette in front of me for my perusal and approval.

No! Have I heck!” she replied indignantly, “I’ve more sense!” 

TG Dont tell anyone


8 thoughts on “I can read her like a book!

  1. Thumbs up to her. If she wants to keep a secret, she’ll do so. Made me laugh, that did;-) You’ll find out the truth eventually, TG.

  2. Then you are on the slippery slope Jen. Warn your radio listeners won’t you? That from now on, your broadcasts might be peppered with random nonsense…….

  3. Your daughter can be so charming at times, T.G. Let her have her little secret. Hope the two of you are well; have a great weekend, Pen.

  4. Oh don’t worry Penny! I am always teasing her and she is quite used to it. thanks for the well wishes, we are both in top form now (following on from my recent IBS flare up or whatever it was!) I will be doing another post on the subject of K and her suitors soon.

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