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The Trouble with me is……………

Thinking I can’t seem to make my mind up about anything these days! I have become so indecisive that its beginning to really get me down. Quite when all this began I haven’t a clue to be honest. Was I like this before the menopause or has it reared its ugly head since then? Is it part of my depression or am I slowly going gaga? Trouble is I have such a lousy memory that I can’t pinpoint how long I have had this ‘shall I, shan’t I’ syndrome present in my usual repertoire of things that annoy me about myself.

An example of this is my blog. I have as many blogs floating around on the internet as most people have had hot dinners. Two are on Windows Live, one for my Geeky/Technical stuff and the other supposedly as a sort of online dairy. But I also do a duplicate post of that one to my long time blog on LiveJournal.  So that makes  three so far.  Recently  I have been trying to make up my mind whether or not to actually move to either Blogger or WordPress and close down some of my other blogs, but…..I would then need to find some way to gather readers, I have quite a following for both of my blogs on Windows Live, and to be honest, although it is there primarily to sift out the spammers, I hate the hurdles you have to jump in order to make a comment on Blogger!

You can’t win can you? Make it very easy for everyone to comment on your blog and risk tons of spam a la Windows Live Spaces, or verify everyone with ‘Capcha’ to keep the spammers out.  Decisions decisions! I know this, I can’t keep up with all these blogs! Something’s gotta give but what to do?  And why oh why can I never seem to come to a final decision about anything these days?

Even if I do make a choice I am then forever wracked with ‘did I make the right choice or not?’ and then inevitably end up changing my mind! What’s the answer before I drive myself completely insane?

Will I, won’t I? Shall I, shan’t I? Left or right? Black or White? Hot or cold? Or am I just old? You decide! Confused

TG Eye-rolling

6 thoughts on “The Trouble with me is……………

  1. Things are supposed to get easier when we get older TG…….. I’m not so sure they do!! All I can say is I hope you don’t decide to leave Spaces for good, (and no I don’t think you’re going gaga …. yet anyway!)

  2. Do I know this feeling!!! And to add to this, I started a Facebook thingy just before I came to England, and completely fogot about it when I got back …. until after I’s set up another!!! As if all that isn’t bad enough, there’s then the whole mess of remembering passwords and pin numbers ……. But I agree with Mandxx, TG don’t leave Spaces …. it does seem the easiest to work with.

  3. I keep intending to post about it all on my other more serious blog. I love Spaces as you all know who know me, but it will hinge on just what occurs in Wave 4. Blogger is okay BUT! You know how we all complain on here about spammers and their comments, well on blogger you have to fill in a CAPCHA to comment on your own blog! I kid you not! And of course what tends to happen is that it just puts folk off making any comments because they have so many hurdles to jump through.

  4. I tried to get ReCAPTCHA for Spaces but I have this sneaking suspicion that it won’t stop Spam. Details privately if you want them! I won’t go public with what I’m aware of. In the meantime, you have to just decide which service you feel the most comfy with and stick with that. I hope it’s Spaces, or I’ll miss you much. Didn’t realise you suffered depression, TG. How awful for you, but I can possibly understand why. All you need, if you want readers, are the stats on each service, which admittedly isn’t great on Spaces. It’s really a case of who comments the most, where. But again, you just need to settle where you feel most comfortable.

  5. I have enough problems with Spaces, I would not attempt several othersites aswell. Good luck what everyou decide

  6. I’m sorry that you are having problems with Spaces Rosemary, mine is fine. What sort of problems are you having?

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