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Contents of a camera….

Not that I think for one minute that any of my readers might conceivably think I exaggerate slightly when giving a few of the reasons why I’m slightly round the bend, but just as extra proof that is has been outside influences to blame for the rather sad state of mymind, I thought that you might all like to see for yourselves the current content of my beloved daughters camera.

I bought her this camera for her birthday a few years ago because she had been taking part in a photography course down at the Adult Education Centre, and apart from the occasional cutting off of a subjects head (usually me) she does seem to have got the hang of it. That is apart from the odd photographs that she chooses to take. Thank goodness for digital cameras with their ability to fit lots of photographs on a memory card which can be so easily deleted if they are poor quality.  

She is currently scouring the Internet (oh yes, as soon as she realized that you can search for almost anything online she ‘twigged’ it and uses it constantly to search for, in no particular order, short hairstyles (to print out to show the hairdresser) shark t-shirts with price, pictures of sharks, Music CD’s that she wants me to buy her, etc, etc.  When she finds them online (she’s a Google fan, sorry Bing) she then takes a photograph of the screen with her camera, so it tends to be full of screen shots of sharks, t-shirts, short hairstyles, Music CD titles with their price. (don’t ask! I still haven’t quite figured out her motive for this, unless its to show someone at Day Care or keep wafting in front of my face as a reminder of what she wants for her birthday)

She also likes to take pictures of herself in various hats, caps and disguises such as a horrible ‘wolf’ mask complete with matching hairy hands that she insisted I buy her one Halloween, this to scare the ‘trick or treaters’ away.  (see accompanying photo) All this has reminded me of one very embarrassing incident that occurred back in the old days when all of our cameras took film that had to be developed down at your local shop.  I can’t remember how old her and her brother were at that particular time,  at a guess I’ll say J was seven and she was 10.  I had taken a film in to be developed at our favourite shop. When I went to collect it, I thought that the assistants were looking at me strangely.

Exiting the shop I decided to look at them all as you tend to do,  and to my horror there were two photographs showing both of my children ‘mooning’ to the camera. They had taken each other bending down with bare bottom exposed for all to see!  I was horrified!  Furtively looking around in case the shop assistants had called the police to cart me off to jail accused of being some sort of child molester, I hurried home to confront my two offspring about it.  Of course all they could do was laugh! No wonder the girl assistants in the film processing shop had been looking at me so strangely!

So all I can say is thank goodness for digital camera’s, memory cards and that wonderful word ‘Delete’

TG  Worried


12 thoughts on “Contents of a camera….

  1. You bad. You made me screech with laughter when I had a mouthful. You ba’girl! I love you, TG! Yes, yes, yes. Delete is the most precious word on the computery dictionary;-)

  2. Do you know that its one of my better traits Jen? I have ALWAYS enjoyed being able to make other people laugh. I was the clown at school and at work, and if I can make someone laugh then I am happy. My eldest is a bit of a comic as well. K is but unintentionally if you know what I mean. J has no sense of humour at all. LOL (or should I say if he has one, its not the same as mine!)

  3. A wonderful story TG, Kids just do the most embarrassing things, don’t they!!! YUP thank god for digital Cameras, although to late to save me from mine!

  4. This evening I reminded K of the ‘mooning’ incident and do you all know what she said? "Well how else can you ever see what your bottom looks like?" So there you go!

  5. I used to drive a baseball team of teenagers to their various games in a bus, they would be doing all sorts of silly things way at the back where I couldn’t see what they were doing, but I would hear about it all later, haha.

  6. Maybe she (or you) would like a really simple, free screen capture utility. Just type aviary.com before the http://….. url and the screen you are about to capture appears along with a set of tools to modify and do markups on it. you can put arrows up people’s noses and lotsa other fun stuff. You can also delete.Peace, Doc

  7. Hey Cynical! That sounds like it would just be up our street! (I won’t let K know about it though or she would be grabbing screens left, right and centre!) Actually I already use either the snipping tool (in Vista and Windows 7) or SnagIt, I just don’t let her know of its existence. Besides which, she captures them on her camera to show to everyone else that she comes in contact with for hints as to what to buy her for her birthday…..

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