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Another fun packed day start to the day!

Its been another fun packed start to the day here at the Technogran household,  kicking off as it did with the dawn chorus waking me from my slumber at 05.30am, so I took advantage of the situation, stripped my bed, washed the bedding and then noting the clear blue skies and gentle breeze  outside I saved my tumble drier from eating into my electricity bill and hung  them out on the line to dry.  Hmm, so far, so good.  K eventually emerged from her hidey-hole in the box room,  where she asked me what time I had been in the shower (for her diary in which  every little incident gets recorded and which goes some way to explaining  why I always have to buy her a huge page to a day one.)

Eventually showered and dressed, she stood in her bedroom (the aforementioned box room that has to suffice as her bedroom) talking to the door.  The door declined to reply hence the main reason why she was talking to it, no arguments.  I had breakfast (K doesn’t eat breakfast, she insists that she is not a breakfast person, but soon compensates for missing out breakfast by spending the rest of the day after 10.00am constantly eating) 

“Who are you talking to?” I enquired as I manoeuvred myself down the stairs with the bedding in the basket ready for hanging outside.

“The door of course!” came the reply as if I had asked a stupid question.  Eventually she left for day care, and I busied myself with making my bed and other exciting jobs around the flat.  Some time later I went outside to check on the washing.  Hmm, that’s strange I thought, why is there some yellow ‘sticker tape’ pasted to the next door downstairs flat?  Because we have never ever seen hair nor head of anyone who currently resides in there,  I knew I was fairly safe to wander over and take a closer look in order to read what was on the sticker tape.

Door with stickers Plastered across the sticker in large letters it said DANGER. GAS SERVICE OVERDUE. Cripes ! Now owing to the proximity of this flat (next door to us) this is guaranteed to cause this blog author a sleepless night as she tosses and turns waiting for the impending gas explosion to occur!  Whose brilliant idea is this to plaster these warning stickers all over the door in order to bring to the attention of the current resident that their boiler needs servicing?  Wouldn’t a simple note in large red letters pushed through the letterbox have sufficed? 

And here is the dilemma.  We have never seen anyone enter or exit that flat since some curtains and blinds appeared after the flat became vacant. What if there is actually no-one there?  Will the Gas servicemen leave them there to haunt me forever so that I can’t get to sleep in case we are suddenly catapulted though the roof?  Or will they eventually break in with a hammer and chisel (or whatever they have to hand at the time.)

Besides which, as this resident has never to my knowledge set foot outside since moving in, not even for a breath of fresh air, they are hardly likely to notice any of this stuck on their door are they? So to sum up my day so far, its been a day of doors, beginning with daughters earnest conversation with her door, followed by next doors sticker taped DANGER door. And its only dinner time!  Hmm, I’d better keep my beady eyes peeled for any more door activity for the rest of the day!

TG  (close the door on your way out please.  Winking )



11 thoughts on “Another fun packed day start to the day!

  1. Any number on the sticker? If so, maybe you ought to give ’em a ring and find out what their game is? If nobody’s in the flat, is it owned by some housing authority? Someone needs to come and actually DO something. I’d venture to nose my way into that kind of situation. I’d want to be sure I was safe.

  2. Jen the housing authority is required by law to service all the boilers once a year. This is probably not the first time that they have tried to service it. They do send you a letter stating the day that they will arrive and instucting you that you must let them in to do the servicing. There is someone living there but maybe they are on holiday.

  3. Just don’t go outside for a smoke TG …….. LOL a bit worrying that, ….. is there a real problem with the gas supply/boiler or is just they can’t get in! Not servicing a boiler for a couple or 5 years doesn’t really warrant danger stickers, it’s just over zealous HSE regs!! GGggrrrr!

  4. Last I heard, any of the utility companies can get into a property without permission. Bit scary, that, but if they really need the job done, why don’t they just use the powers they say they’ve got?Even bigger Grrr!

  5. Yes that’s what I thought Jen! Plus the Housing Association always keep spare keys to all the properties (in case someone dies for example and there was no family member with a key) so I am invisaging that this will be the next step if this is one of many attempts to service the boiler. I always make sure that I am in the day that they state they will arrive to carry out the service.

  6. Well K and I were still in our beds this morning and not outside on the grass looking up at a roofless flat so everything is tickety boo here. Thanks!

  7. Addemdum to this post, the aformentioned DANGER stickers have now been removed. Who by? You decide! (you may all confer at this point)

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