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My Favourite sweets are …..


Rountree’s Randoms!

Rountree's Randoms At the moment we can’t get enough of them! And the adverts really sum up me in  a nutshell………I tend to talk a load of gibberish as well, and I don’t need to be eating Randoms as the time either.

Trouble is around this neck of the woods as usual, its finding them!  Tesco’s don’t stock them, our local estate shop doesn’t have them, the only shop that currently have them for sale is the newsagents in town. It then makes it terribly tempting to buy quite a few packets at a time but……….that guarantees that this Granny will then scoff them all at once and I am trying to lose some weight…….K and I have spent many a frustrated hour recently trying to track them down.  We even went hunting for them in York when we spent the day there, as we fancied some for the train journey home.

So if you are reading my blogs and see strange words appearing randomly in amongst the story that don’t seem to make any sense, you’ll know what this Granny is currently devouring as she sits at the keyboard…..

Makes a change I suppose from the squidgy jelly snails we were crazy about previously…..


P.S. We like the ice cream cones the best!



29 thoughts on “My Favourite sweets are …..

  1. Not abig sweet lover of any description – would rather a packet of crisps, (Kettle – sea salt and cracked pepper!) but my all time fave, choc bar is Daime Bar (used to called DIME bar?? probably Nestles took it over and that’s now NESTLAYS?? sheesh!!)

  2. I’ve never heard of these, or the snails. Where have I been?I’m a minty person, myelf. Anything minty and you’ve got me hooked. Prezzies welcome;-)

  3. Oh Mandy! A girl after K’s heart! she’d eat crisps until they were coming out of her ears! Salt and Vinegar are her favourites (surely not because she knows I can’t stand them?) We don’t eat a lot of sweets but sometimes I just feel like some, and we love the jelly sort. The snails are only available from one particular shop in town, we have never ever seen them anywhere else, and when you bite into the shell of the jelly snail, its all gorgeous runny goo inside! Mmm. We both like chocolate as well of course, dark in my case. Yes Mand it was called a Dime bar. Speaking of which, one of my friends on twitter sent me some Cherry Ripe bars today all the way from Australia. He is over there at the moment and knew that I had tweeted about despite the fact that they are made by Cadbury’s, you can’t buy them over here! They were delicious, I had two with my cup of tea..

  4. Don’t get me wrong – I can eat chocolate – any and all when the mood takes me, love it straight from the freezer! (i like crunchy hence Dime bars!) The purple ones in Quality street! When they did the giant version!!! HHHHHhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Currently munching on Denmark Butter Cookies! Finished the Cadbury’s Caramal choccie bar last nit! Don’t even want to think about ‘squidgy jelly snails’ after standing on an equally squidgy and very much alive SLUG last nit…in bare feet! ARRRRGGGGGHH! URGGGHHHH!(It was dark!)I’d like to know where those giant green triangles (Quality Street or Roses?) came from…NOTHING beats them! 😉

  6. Quality Street Europa. My favourite chocolate bar is Cadbury’s Turkish Delight. I love Turkish delight! (cripes! I could just eat some now, this blog isn’t turning out to be a good idea for helping me with my diet!

  7. @Europa – I could be thinking of Roses, – all I can really think of now is eating – anything would do!!

  8. mmmmmm….. Mint creams………..Yummmmmmmmmmm………………………….Hang on, I’m just off down the shops

  9. Drat! Now you people have me really wanting dark, semi-sweet chocolate. I’ve gone through my self-imposed candy allotment for the month. Oh, the horror of it all!Peace, Doc

  10. Technogran …wrote: Sincere apologies to all my friends who on reading this post have now had to rush out to the shops and purchase any calorie laden chocolate or sweets. However, as always you read my posts and any subsiquent comments entirely at your own risk, and this Granny will not be held responsible for any thickening waistlines, rising blood pressure or chloresterol, or tooth decay that might ensue from temptation brought about by this page.Signed TG 😉

  11. I realised that entering the blogging world was addictive … but I didn’t understand, M’Lud, that it would lead to multiple offences of a totally unrelated kind … it’s just that my will (won’t) power has been severely affected by continued exposure ……

  12. Yes Tricia! Perhaps in Wave 4, all new participants joining Windows Live should be issued with a health warning regarding how a) They will become glued to the keyboard reading all the fantastic Spaces on here, thereby causing a severe weight gain owing to lack of exercise.b) They will be reduced to tears of either laughter or sadness regarding said Spaces.c) They will receive lots of temptation to eat or drink items that any doctor worth their salt would advise against. d) They will see wonderful pictures of places where other users either live or visit which then render their particular habitat as boring, horrid, not worth living in, which will then make them wish they lived somewhere elsee) It will soon become apparent that your particular sense of humour (in this case our wacky brit sense of humour and satire) is NOT shared by the rest of the world who just don’t understand or ‘get it’ f) You’ll spend more time here in conversations with other users than you do with you own family/friends, thereby slowly losing the ability to have a coherent conversation in real life.

  13. E. That is so true TG. A friend (brit) on here, posted a joke about not being diagnosed properly by a doctor, the doc said he hypochondria, he said on top of all my other ailments I have hypochondria, now He had 3 replies, mine I laughed, and 2 others, American – who were outraged that the doctor had treated him that way! I laughed even more!!I think I already have f.

  14. You’re a BIT LATE with that disclaimer, TG;-) Anyway, lucky ol’ Dave. He must know a secret shop that stays open that time of night…Morning all. So. What’s for breakfast?

  15. You shouldn’t. If there’s a typo’ I correct it on the second "Add", then sling the first attempt.Tip: Try looking the other way!!!

  16. Jen, I wasn’t complaining , its nice to see two of you on here! Penny, K will be right behind you in the Full English Breakfast queue! Despite the fact that she insists that she hates breakfast, she’d be up for that! LOL Yes Mandy I did miss that one! Will have to do another list of Windows Live warnings to newbies

  17. Drat, toast again.Chocolate raisins – where are my choclate raisins? And what has happened to my teeth?J x

  18. I know ya wasn’t;-) You? Grumble? You don’t know how to complain! (Do ya?)Yikes. Is that the time? (Scarpers)…

  19. Chocolate, chocolate and anything chocolate (including the aforementioned semi sweet and covered raisins). For non chocolate sweet urges l turn to sour ju jubes and various cookies. Did somebody mention a big breakfast? Mmmm…..when l lived in Port Credit l sometimes went for breakfast to an ice cream shop where they made fresh waffles ~heavenly~ Big waffle, cooked fresh, topped with ice cream and warm apple pie filling and whipped cream! Yum!

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