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As a Sweet Addendum

Note that the packets have different Random's on the front Following on from yesterdays post, where I confessed that K and I had a penchant for Rountree’s Randoms, and also admitted that previously we were addicted to some squidgy snails which had inside their shells some gorgeous soft jelly, I thought that owing to the enormous interest from fellow confectionary lovers everywhere, it is necessary to include some more details (purely intended you understand for those of you who might be reading this blog and unfortunately reside in a country where said confectionary can not be purchased or sampled.)

In order to carry out a fair demonstration  and prove irrevocably that each Rountree’s Random packet actually does contain a Random choice of sweets inside (well apart from the Ice Cream Cones which for some reason seem to be found in every packet and are therefore NOT random at all) we have had to purchase two packets to compare the contents within. 

See their Shells? Full of soft jelly!So that you can also see ‘in the flesh so to speak’ the aforementioned Squidgy snails with the lovely soft shells filled with jelly which previously were first in line in our sweets to be devoured list, we have also had to purchase a bag of those as well, purely so that you can all see what they look like.

Once all screenshots of said sweets have been taken for demonstration purposes, said sweets will then be shared equally amongst this blog editor and her assistant. Said editor feels that she can partake of the aforementioned confectionary, as she and her assistant have been vigorously exercising this morning for a whole hour, burning up numerous calories in the process, and can therefore afford to risk ingesting a few calories in the name of providing more information for this blogs interested readers.

For those who might be interested in which random’s were  randomly found in the two packets purchased for demonstration purposes, they were as follows:

9 Ice cream cones.  1 bow tie, 1 Pint glass of beer, 1 monkeys crown, 1 trophy, 2 button, 1 bus, 2 Alarm clocks, 3 Paw prints, 2 Hot Air balloons, 1 Rubber duck, 1 jug, 1 mushroom, 1 chess pawn and 1 that I couldn’t make out what it was supposed to be. (Must have been a random mould.)  For all those of you who couldn’t give a monkeys toss (wasn’t one of those inside I can assure you) about what the packets of Rountree’s Random’s contained  then move along to another Space where you might find the subject matter more interesting.

For more details of exiting Random stuff that other Rountree’s Random eaters get up to watch this video! (and realise that this Gran is not alone. There are more of us living here in the U.K,  many more…..) You may also be interested in the Rountree’s Random’s website itself which aptly demonstrates  to all who visit it the types of persons who tend to be devouring this confectionary. Take a look  HERE.

Random’s Egg Throwing Championship


TG         P.S.  Will K be wanting the Rountree’s Random t-shirt?  Watch this Space to find out!


19 thoughts on “As a Sweet Addendum

  1. Now, this is blogging at it’s best. The selfless research, and the hardships you have been through to provide this vital information should be applauded by all! I am very impressed 🙂

  2. I know Dave, but someone’s gotta do it! Take a look at the website Dave, and partake of its many facets. It gives you some sort of inkling about me and how my mind works (if your into the psychology of why do certain persons choose to devour certain sweets)

  3. Oh the pain! I am now wracked with guilt and feeling rather sick into the bargain! All that sugar rush is going to me head! Ooohh! I hope you all realise the suffering that this editor and her assistant (although in her case as she obviously has a stomach lined with steel or something, she is fine) are currently now going through! 😦

  4. Could be Jen, could well be! I’m a natch to star in that if they ever do a new version, cos’ I’m always lost, although not in Space, I stare into space a lot, no usually I’m lost right here…

  5. Well darn it, you have made me really want some of those things and there are none to be had around here. It was nice of you to taste test all of that stuff for us. 🙂

  6. Eat your heart out scarp heap challenge!! This looks way more fun! I have an empty packet of white moments beside me – also feeling a little sick – but Hell it was worth it!!!

  7. Luckily I’m 12000 km away from temptation …. but these could be another reason to re-visit the UK!! TG, your selfless dedication to research deserves a reward … mmmm I wonder what? Something Random perhaps!!

  8. Tricia, I couldn’t eat another one if someone paid me! I felt sick yesterday after our stint at testing whether or not Random’s were really random or not, and the inclusion of the squidgy jelly snails were definitely a contributing factor! In fact I am hoping that our sacrifice we both made yesterday in the search for the truth of the matter will be sufficient to put this Gran off for life then I might be able to shed some more pounds! I daren’t step on the scales this morning …………

  9. You may have contributed more than you realize in offering a bit of scientific evidence supporting the Chaos Theory of the universe. Then again, you may have just eaten too much candy. Either way, it’s good to hear you and K enjoyed yourselves.Peace, Doc

  10. I’m not surprised you felt sick!! Self inflicted! Very fine screen shots btw…..unfortunate that I am starving hungry and had no dinner and those sweeties look sooooooooooooooo tempting rit now! lol ;))

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