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Confused? You will be!

Conversations with K, or how to become dippier by the day.


It's Me! Here for your delight are a sample of conversations with my lovely daughter this week All included in this blog to demonstrate why I have arrived at the current mental state of being slightly Gaga, round the bend, or two cans  short of a six pack.

Tuesday 21.10pm.

K enters the room where I am trying to watch the latest escapades on Big Brother.

Mum, after we have been to the hairdressers on Saturday, can we go to Halifax?”

Me. “Why?” innocent and perfectly reasonable question considering that normally after a two hour stunt spent in the hairdressers without any food  K is usually anxious to high tail it to the nearest McDonalds for a fill up.

I'm confused, and dippy,and gaga!Cos the new Argos catalogue is out.”

Me sounding rather reluctant. “We’ll see.”

Or  we could go on Friday!” K ventures as an alternative suggestion.

Why what day is it out?”

On Saturday.”  

Yesterday 15.05pm.

K enters room where I am busy at the keyboard (that makes a change!)

Mum, will you spell me ‘hostectomy’  ?????? (She means hysterectomy, all because she hates being a woman, and plans to ask our doctor if she can have everything removed, either next time we are in the surgery, or alternatively once I have kicked the bucket, whichever comes sooner.) and also oterus?” (uterus)  Hmm, she must be putting all this down in her daily diary I thought to myself.

As  I wrote the spellings down on the scrap of paper that she presented to me, I couldn’t help thinking its a  good job that I didn’t set up that Space for her to use on Windows Live!  And here I must add that K thinks I am some sort of walking Encyclopaedia with knowledge about everything under the sun including an added spelling ability to rival any dictionary, unlike my two son’s who would rather die first before asking me or consulting me about anything at all.

This Morning 08.15am.


tarantula Me sat at the computer keyboard . (can you see a pattern emerging here readers?)

K arrives at my side and promptly thrusts her camera in front of my face which shows in its display a rather large spider crawling up a wall.

What sort of spider is this Mum?”  (add to my necessary repertoire being a naturalist as well as everything else)

Me horrified and ready to launch myself out of my computer chair and grab the nearest broom, cloth, etc to kill said dangerous looking spider with, “ whereabouts is it? Is it in your bedroom?”

No, its not in my bedroom!  Its  a spider from ‘Jungle to Jungle’! You are silly Mum!”    Why do spiders have three eyes?”  ?????

I don’t know! ” I answer, trying to recover my normal heart rate from the previous shock of thinking my daughter had a resident Tarantula in her bedroom. “I think they have far more than three eyes!  All the better to see you in triplicate I suppose!” (If you don’t know the answer to one of K’s numerous enquiries then make a blind stab at it is my philosophy.)

And that’s it folks for now. Well, until the next enquiry……



11 thoughts on “Confused? You will be!

  1. LOL – reminds of when I was telling Jerri Lee about womanly stuff, very knowingly she said, "it’s ok Mum, I already know about that, it’s called pyramids ………….

  2. Never a dull moment with Kay at your side huh? Love your writings about her. Also wanted to thank you for asking Tricia to let me join her network so I can keep up with Auntie Jane, I got the invitation this morning and thanks again for doing this for me. You are so special. Have a good day. Hugs, Patsy

  3. Oh this is just a sample and yes Mandy, that’s the sort of thing K would say to me, pyramids! You won’t be old enough to remember Hilda Baker, she was a very small rotund comedienne who had a very tall gangly side kick always with her who never spoke a word. She used to say ‘She knows ya know!’ Well part of her act was to always get her words muddled up and K often reminds me of her. Most of the time its quite funny, and no, there is never ever a boring moment in this flat!

  4. Well – I am old enough TG and one of my faves when younger, didn’t she also say "it’s half past – ooo I must get a little hand on this watch" ?Incidently I just noticed I can no longer get from profile page to statistics, the "button" is gone

  5. That was a GIANT jungle spider TG! I ran screaming from my wolfy den convinced I had a giant flea leaping around!! I wonder if there are Tarantula Fleas? lol! ;))

  6. My head’s spinning …. dippy,gaga,questions,encyclopaedia,dictionary,naturalist,picture,camera.hysterectomy,spider. No wonder you feel you’re losing it ….

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