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A day out tomorrow…….but where?

Tomorrow, K and I are off on one of our Adventures.  We haven’t been on an Adventure for quite some time and this one that we are embarking on tomorrow is particularly exciting for me personally.  So just for a bit of fun I have decided that  I am not going to tell you where we are going and how we intend to get there, you are going to have to guess both the destination AND the mode of transport by a few clues given in this post and also some judicious searching using bing-logo

Here are the clues.

1.  Railway tours?  (U.K)

2.  A ‘flyer’ but its not a plane.  

3.  We journey with a Duchess who spouts a great deal of hot air! (6233)

4. This seaside town is one of the few in the UK to still have donkey rides on the beach.

5.  This town contains a  very ‘round, plump’ Museum of Geology.  

Donkey Rides on the Beach

Right!  Enough clues as it should be fairly easy to figure out both where we are going tomorrow and how we are getting there. Unfortunately there will be no prizes I’m afraid as K and I tend to be  always skint owing to all these adventures we are always embarking  on, and although we did discuss sending the first five correct answers a bag of Randoms each, unfortunately we have since succumbed to temptation and eaten them all, so that idea has had to be abandoned.  Sorry!

TG     Answers via the usual channels i.e Comments.



14 thoughts on “A day out tomorrow…….but where?

  1. On a train ie the Duchess of Sutherland, engine number 6233, to Blackpool – googled first (Sorry no Bing on Chrome!), guessed second bit. I’m pretty sure Blackpool does the donkey rides still!Well where ever it is TG, have a really great time!! bring us back a stick of rock!Well there is always virtual Randoms!

  2. Wow Mandy that was quick! Well you are partly right, but its not Blackpool. Can’t you use Bing in Chrome? Oh of course not, Google will want you to use their search of course. Well done!

  3. Hey! Trust you to get it, Mandy;-) I was going to say Scarborough because of the Rotunda museum of geology. Nyaaa!

  4. Jen and Penny you are correct! And Mandy got the mode of transport right! Well done all of you! I found it hard though with the clues because you don’t want to make it too hard, but at the same time, you don’t want to make it easy either! I now have a lot of respect for those who compile these quizzes and such like. Yes we are off on the Scarborough Flyer tomorrow which will be pulled by the Duchess of Sutherland and we will hopefully have about 5 hours or so in Scarborough itself so hopefully time to visit the Castle again (couldn’t give that as a clue!) and the harbour as well. I might also try to take in the Rotunda Museum, will do my homework and just find out whereabouts its situated. Congratulations to all of you!

  5. I have to admit I guessed the train first before googling TG – but only because of Don’s joke re: – the Flying Scotsman, Just have a spiffingly wonderful time! I’ll think of you each time I serve one of the customers with Randoms (Our Tesco’s has them now TG,)

  6. Cor! Just think – if that was a raffle ticket, I might have won a bottle of beer, or somethin’! You have a lovely time, the pair of you, TG.

  7. So is this game called Bing-go? (Sorry. Sometimes I just can’t stifle the really awful puns.) Have a great trip.Peace, Doc

  8. Lol 😉 Your friend Cynical Psycho….(err….oopsy…’ologist!!) is full of wit tonight 😉 Read that comment twice now and still laughing ;)) Have a lovely time in Scarborough!

  9. Ha ha! Trust you Doc! You are right! That’s the exclamation that you utter when Bing finds the answers for you! LOL. I have been ready this morning since 6.00am. I can never sleep when we are off somewhere, then spend the whole day nodding off! LOL Lot’s of pics and a blog about it all probably tomorrow sometime as we have a fun packed day tomorrow as well. (K’s birthday) Behave yourselves on here whilst I am gone and not talking about me behind my back! 😉 Thanks for the good wishes all of you, and yippee! I knew it would work! We bought some new waterproof raincoats and guess what? The sun is shining so you can all now look forward to NO MORE RAIN!

  10. No talking behind your back??!!!…….wouldn’t dream of it TG!….."Talk….talk…..you know that TG person…….??….talk…talk….."!!! ;))

  11. I admire your spirit FOR adventure TG better than sitting on one’s butt. Enjoy.. Blackpool still have donkeys on the beach.

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