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Slippin’ an a Slidin’ around Judy Woods.

Map of Judy Woods On Saturday, K and I joined the other members of Crew on a walk around Judy Woods.  Now funnily enough, despite the fact that I only really live a stones throw away, I have never visited Judy Woods before.  I knew of it of course, and I had always wanted to visit, it is reputed to be especially beautiful in May when all the bluebells are out.  As this walk also coincided with K’s thirtieth birthday she was very excited, and she had spent most of the morning before we were due to set off for the walk busily opening her presents and cards.

It was raining but this didn’t dampen our spirits at all, after all hadn’t we just bought our lovely new raincoats guaranteed to be waterproof, and so once we all arrived at the roadside where all the walks through Judy Woods begin, K and I set off without a care in the world, confident with backpack and walking stick in hand. Some of the members had done the walk earlier in the week, and had found it to be particularly heavy going, stating that it was very muddy to walk, but being in such high spirits we confidentially joined the ‘’hard walk’ group, choosing to ignore any  warnings that K would probably find the going difficult.

We set off full of optimism Hmm. Well, all I can say is that in between slithering, sliding, slipping, pushing K up, pulling her up, assisting her round the most muddy areas, taking three steps forward and four steps back, negotiating slippy stone walkways over muddy streams, tripping over roots, striding gamely through nettles and brambles, I began to feel as if we were all taking part on one of those Army training courses that recruits are made to endure.  K was also ably assisted by some of the other members, but I was left to struggle onward as best I could  most of the time, with the result that I had a horrible premonition that any moment I was going to slip and fall face first into the mud.

The notice where K wanted to take a breather Visions of me arriving later at the Wyke Lion covered from head to foot in mud and dripping it all over the carpet swam in front of me as clear as day! K and I haven’t got around to buying any proper walking shoes, but this walk has now convinced me that we really do need to acquire some Pronto! When we reached an cleared area where there was a signpost stone, K asked if we could have a rest so that she could have a drink and a breather, but before she had chance to get her drink out of her backpack, the leader T was off again!  Her face was a picture.

We met up with the other party who were taking the ‘easy route’ through the woods, but despite the fact that they invited K to join them for the rest of the walk, she carried on with the ‘hard walk’ group. Actually the rest of the walk was an absolute doddle compared to the first half that we had already done. Trouble was that it was so muddy underfoot that I didn’t really get chance to enjoy the woods at all, I was far too busy helping K and watching my own footing to look up and admire the view!

We emerged out onto the road and all made our way back down to where the cars were parked. All of our shoes were caked with mud (and the bottom of our trousers as well!) so we cleaned them up as best we could with some tissues before climbing into the cars to go to the Wyke Lion for our usual end of walk meal. I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad and K had Garlic Chicken with mashed potato, all nicely swilled down with some large glasses of sweet white wine.  Of course because it was her birthday, K was treat to the usual calorie laden chocolate sweet to follow which she thoroughly enjoyed. (as usual.)

I have vowed to do this walk through Judy Woods again but when the weather is more suitable and the route isn’t covered in mud. Then I may be able to look up and admire the beauty of it all instead of trying to stay on my feet!



2 thoughts on “Slippin’ an a Slidin’ around Judy Woods.

  1. Aaahhh! Look at your little emoticon! Glad you found that particular bunch, TG. They’re lovely. You two had a right old time of it by the look of things! I didn’t realise K had a birthday recently. I hope she enjoyed her day. I truly love reading of your adventures. You didn’t disappoint this time, as always!

  2. Missed out on the update for this one! Hope K had a lovely birthday….she sure won’t forget this walk in a hurry! Don’t know about a walk in the woods…more like a mudslide in the woods!! Do you know how long it took to get all that mud out of my wolfie coat TG??…hours!!! And it was all caked between my wolfie claws by the time I returned to Europa! The den is full of dried mud now!!! And all because I had to stop you falling over in it!!!! ;))

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