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All by myself, alone.

her access bus Yesterday K toddled off into the wide blue yonder to Respite Care,(well rode there in an Access bus to be truthful) leaving her poor old Mum all by herself, and so after doing some washing this morning and hanging it all out to dry, I decided not to waste such a beautiful day and set off for a walk down to town, taking photographs as I journeyed along of anything that took my fancy. I used to love being by myself at one time, and actually used to really relish being able to please myself what I did, but now its not so enjoyable anymore, and don’t ask me why because I don’t honestly know the answer.

This is where our swimming pool will be! I sauntered down to the main road and from there made my way to where our new Swimming Baths is now in the first throes of being built. Yes folks its all going ahead, despite everyone who lives a stones throw away from its intended placement making all sorts of procrastinations about traffic, parking, noise etc, and why not?

Everyone and their dog protested about the Tesco building, but did it have any effect? Did the persons in charge of planning change their minds, concede defeat, turn round and say ‘No’ to the might that is Tesco? So why should it be any different when we, the citizens of this small town, are actually going to get something that we were promised (and indeed before we were swallowed up into the greater Authority that is Calderdale) were actually just about to get, namely our brand new Swimming Pool?

K and I will be the first in there I promise you. (health permitting of course and provided that I am still on this mortal coil) We shall be the first to sample the water, dip our toes in, or, if we are brave and foolhardy enough, we may even take a flying jump and therefore empty the pool before any one else gets a chance to sample its delights! Most of the Crazy Golf has gone. There are only two of the obstacle holes left now, and the poor old totem carving is laid prone on the floor awaiting its final fate.

Only two holes to play in the crazy golf Oh dear! the totem tree looks worse for wear!

I continued on into the park, where the usual owners with their dogs were all chasing one another and running around yapping like crazy, (the dogs I mean, not the owners.)  I moseyed on up to the Park flower beds, intent on taking one of my usual panoramic photos in order to get the whole of the flower display in, but I was foiled by a couple sitting on one of the benches canoodling who would have been ‘in shot’ had I gone ahead. He was in a pair of shorts, ideal for this weather you would agree, but his thighs, which would have been very visible in any photograph I had taken, were like big thick tree trunks and not a pretty sight, and besides which they may have taken umbrage at my including them in a photograph. Not everyone wants to have their photo taken by some stranger, for all I knew they might have been having a secret tryst of some sort.

The Canal MarinaSo I had to forget that idea and continue on to town where I took some shots of the Canal marina where all the narrow boats are berthed, and from there, I continued along the canal taking photos as I went along. Of course as usual the ducks that frequent the canal had their picture taken again, they must be quite used to it by now, although some who were sunning themselves at the side were obviously camera shy and hid their heads inside their plumage.

I'm shy! Don't take my photo! I finished up taking my last shots of the lovely flower display in the town square before continuing on to have a quick natter with my ‘adopted’ son Ade, who owns the shop where I buy all my video games from.(He isn’t really my adopted son, but its a standing joke between him and me because he once remarked that he saw more of me than he did of his own Mum.)

Then I decided that as it was such a lovely day, I would walk home as well, treating myself to an ice cream along the way. It was such a lovely day, the sun was shining, there was only a slight breeze, so it seemed a travesty to take the bus. Besides which I could suit myself what I decided to do! K wouldn’t have walked home, she would have refused point blank no matter how enjoyable the weather. Walking down to town is sufficient for her, so I took advantage of the fact that it was entirely up to me what I did and walked all the way back home.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures of our little town. The rest are here in my SkyDrive.



24 thoughts on “All by myself, alone.

  1. Hello you! Wandering again, are we? Well, you know that K won’t be away forever. She’ll soon be back. In the meantime, take advantage of every beautiful day to come as it’s September next month, and all downhill, weather-wise form there.You always manage to take lovely photo’s TG, and you’re delightful stories are great to read after a hard Saturday at Radio. I adore my radio as you know, but coming home to read something like this is a real treat;-) Take care, now.By the way – I’m sitting here in almost darkness, scribbling this. Me last lamp bulb went so I’m using four battery lights!

  2. Thanks for you comments everyone, glad you enjoyed it all with me! LOL (you wouldn’t be saying that if I had taken a pic of the guy with the huge thighs in shorts!) Back down for some shopping this morning first thing (well when the mighty Tesco’s open that is)

  3. Doncha just love that little man at bottom of page;-) Got to find a use for him. such fun. Wish Hubs would make his drink and move over so I can get mine. The sun is lovely here, TG. Catch it while you can.

  4. I quite like being alone, sometime does get a little lonely though, and just to hear the sound of some one else breathing or fussing in the kitchen, would be nice but it’s just a passing fancy! Great pics TG. and love the totem carving it would look good in my garden!

  5. Well Mandy, if you can find a big enough tow truck or similar, maybe the powers that be will let you have it! (It’s quite big and heavy you see)

  6. The truck would be know problem, ex owns a tipper firm, talking him into taking me all the way up there to get it, may be though!

  7. I visited the SkyDrive pics just now. How beautiful, TG. I loved them all. The park looks so peaceful and the cultured flowerbeds reminded me of when I’d first had my eyes fixed (from cataracts). Hubs took me to our local park where they put some beautiful flowers in. In those days, I was still a happy walker. I actually ran to one of the flowerbeds and cried my heart out for seeing something so rich and lovely. It had been a long time without eyesight so you might imagine how I felt!

  8. Thanks TG, it was lovely to stroll through your town with you … and thank you for sparing us the sight of heavy thighs!!

  9. Thanks all of you for your kind comments. Yes, we have a lovely little town, our park is in my opinion, one of the most attractive around these parts, spoiled only by the monstrosity of a building that is Tesco’s plonked right next to it, and the Gardening Team do us proud with the floral displays both in the park, around the town in flower baskets, and also in the town square. Kudos to them.

  10. i did a walk round the town where i grew up and took photo’s with the intention of writing a blog but when i reviewed the pics they were all showing shut and dilapidated buildings empty unclean beaches a spectical of a bygone era but i just might revisit the area and try again enjoyed your walk hope you have a good week .. drew

  11. I was exhausted at the end of that walk! Did we have to walk all the way back?!!! Could you not have fitted us all on a long boat?!! And I did enjoy that ice cream….yes I know…it was yours….lol…but couldn’t be helped if it kinda fell out of your hands and into Wolfie’s jaws could it!! You did make me walk all the way home in a big furry coat in the sun after all! I was hot!! ;))

  12. Thanks to all of you for those wonderful comments and glad that you came along! Watch out for my next camera walk

  13. You seem to get quite a lot of those bus hassles! Hope all is well. Say hello to K for me:-)Are ya having sunshine today?

  14. Thanks for taking us on your walk and a beautiful walk it was. Hope K enjoyed her time. You have a geat weekend. Hugs, Patsy

  15. I’m glad that you had some respite, too. Being alone for a while is relaxing when it is your own choice, and I believe I know how much effort and love you give K. Being alone, in and of itself, is not pleasant unless you know someone is coming eventually. Thanks for taking all of us on your walk. Next time, we’ll dress me in shorts and everyone can get a real hoot out of an old guy with scrawny legs.Peace, Doc

  16. Cynical, I think that scrawny is inifinately preferable to huge tree trunk thighs! (and very white at that LOL)

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