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Off on another jaunt.

K and I are off on another of our jaunts tomorrow, so in this post, I plan to repeat the ‘clues’ that I gave all my readers last time. You have to guess where we are going and also how we will be getting there. Last time I think I made it far too easy for my readers, so this time the clues will be far more subtle.

I will be using Bing for the clues but you can use Google although it might not come up with quite the same outcome as Bing, so do take this into consideration.  So enjoy and here goes!

Which Locomotive is this? 



Clue 1.  This locomotive hauled the very last steam train for British Rail on August 11th 1968.




Which City are we leaving from? 



Clue 2. We depart from a city currently playing host to some Kings of Leon.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Travelling through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK  



Clue 3. The route we will take was the last great railway mainline to be built in the UK. It was completed in 1876.





 A very famous viaduct



Clue 4. It is considered to be one of the most picturesque railway journeys that this country has to offer.





                    Which City will we be visiting?



Clue 5. Our destination is a city that is 2000 years old and contains a Castle and an Cathedral.




for this outing we are accompanied by J and this will be the first time that he has ever been on a steam pulled train before, so I am looking forward to his reactions when he sees the multitude of photographers, enthusiasts and general interest that such a journey tends to invoke. How will he react when he sees all the route lined with people waving, snapping and generally watching us go by?

We have only 2 hours and 50 minutes to spend in our destination, so we are going to have to really pelt around taking it all in! (if that is at all possible) My trusty Samsung camera will be accompanying me as always, so lot’s of snaps will be uploaded afterwards.

I have probably made it far too easy again, but its not easy setting up the clues, try it yourself! I dont know 

TG  Have fun everyone and enjoy the bank holiday weekend won’t you?


12 thoughts on “Off on another jaunt.

  1. Well done Penny! You have guessed the route that we will be travelling! Right, now just the engine, start city and destination city to go!

  2. Well done you two! It is pulled by the Oliver Cromwell which pulled the very last steam train for British Rail August the 11th 1968. We are going from Leeds Railway station, travelling on the Leeds to Carlisle railway, which takes in the breathtaking views along the North Yorkshire moors. We will be travelling over the famous Ribble viaduct during our journey. So well done both of you! Our destination is Carlisle which boasts a Castle and a Cathedral, and is of course a border city between Scotland and England. Well done.

  3. Got the Kings of Leon bit but that was about it! Logic did suggest you would be departing from somewhere in the Leeds area but where to then…any wolfies guess!! ;))

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