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I’m back to normal (I think!)

Look at that gorgeous sky!


Been down to exercise class this morning with K. It has been an absolutely gorgeous day here, just like yesterday, not a cloud in the sky.  No breeze at all. The Autumn fruits are all out on the Estate trees and It was a wonderfully enjoyable walk down there. It’s amazing isn’t it how a few days ago I was feeling like a wet blanket and today, I nearly danced down to town! And what prey was the miracle cure I hear my two readers cry. The tablets the doctor gave you? No. Good old Imodium Plus! Two of those and I became my old self again! The pains dissolved into just a memory! (well for now at least)


K is so pleased seeing as I had taken over her favourite parking space. (if you are by some remote chance a new reader, please consult previous posts on the subject of K’s favourite parking space in this flat, or where she tends to spend 95% of her time)  Anyway, that’s enough of that horrid subject, on to more pleasant things. We walked down to the exercise class as we always do, and as it was so pleasant outside we tried to persuade the instructor to let us all do the class outside but she was having none of it. K did her usual improvisation during the class seeing as a lot of the music that we exercise to comes from ‘Saturday Night Fever’ so we all had to endure plenty of John Travolta impressions thrown liberally into the routine.

It was very warm in the exercise room because at the same time that we are exercising the sun is streaming in through the windows, and of course because K and I walk down we were rather hot and bothered before we began. The lesson ended with the usual cool down and relaxation, and then K and I walked onto Tesco’s for a few bits of shopping. Well I say bits, but of course I mean food for K for the next few days. She bought something for today’s tea for herself, something for tomorrows tea, supervised the choosing and buying of a small joint of lamb, vegetables and potatoes for tomorrows dinner, her breakfast bars (closest thing to cereal that you can get K to eat as she is not a breakfast person, and despite many years of coaxing and persuasion she won’t eat breakfast cereals of any description, preferring instead to make up for it by constant eating between the hours of 10.00am until 10.00pm)

atm machine A quick visit to the ATM for some money to pay our milkman this Friday and then we dashed to the bus station as a bus was due to go out at any  moment. Talking of buses, I have missed telling my two readers of my recent ‘brush with a bus driver’ haven’t I? I Will probably recount this tale in a later post. It has been such a pleasant day today that if only I had known how gorgeous the day was going to be weather-wise,  we might have set off somewhere instead of exercising and sitting at a computer boring everyone to tears with blog posts. I might have had something worth telling then. After all, K is gagging to pay a visit to Blackpool now that she has discovered there is a t-shirt shop there that sells a Shark t-shirt she is desperate to buy. Oh well, maybe another day eh?




2 thoughts on “I’m back to normal (I think!)

  1. I’m loving this extended good weather spell, too. We do have some cloud, some wind, but it’s really pleasant. Although I’m mad about hot weather these days, it’s nice to be able to go out in the wheelchair and not sweat! Since the chair back is nylon-based, my back can get a bit urgh, sometimes.Ah well. Anyway, so you did your Saturday Night Fever bit, then! Really glad you’re feeling better, TG. Hubs used to swear by those Immodium. I’d fogotten about them until reading of your use of the stuff on here. Whatever they’re made of, they used to help Hubs a lot as well. He hasn’t used them for years but always took a supply with him if he went abroad to Romania anytime.

  2. Always enjoy the flow of your posts. YVR heating up for the last bite of summer before the equinox. No wind. Just hottish again. Enjoyed the visual image of exercise class and the energy of Sat. PM Fever. I loved disco dancing way back when in the 80s of last century. LOL Last century. Have a great weekend.

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