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A Quest for some Sloggies. (or how I ended up with a new mobile phone.)

The other day, in fact I think it was probably the day I was feeling really ill I made the mistake of saying I could do with some new Sloggi’s. It’s a big mistake to make a statement like ‘I need so and so’ in front of K, because if there is one thing she loves nearly as much as eating and/or sharks its spending money shopping. Not on things for me of course. This morning it was another beautiful day. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Ideal opportunity in K’s eyes for some serious spending.

She get’s up. She moseys into the living room. “You need some more Sloggi’s Mum. Are we going to Matalan this morning?” she enquires innocently.  Okay, its a lovely day I think to myself, no good staying in, we’ll go. It didn’t take long for us to arrive in Halifax and we quickly made our way to Matalan for some Sloggi’s. Which is when the big spend began.

Can I have some Mum?” Hmm. Okay, fair enough, mine have kept disappearing into her underwear drawer in the past so maybe if I buy her some I might have a chance of some of them staying in mine.  So we bought a packet of five for me and a packet of five for her. Next. I am in desperate need of some new bras. My others are practically falling apart.  I found some. Not bad, £5 each.  Put two boxes in my basket.

I need some new ones as well Mum.” Sigh. We have now reached the grand total  of £48. Expensive shopping  trip this Sloggi’s for Mum shopping trip is turning out to be!  But undeterred and oblivious to what was to occur later, I calmly exited Matalan and we began the walk back up to town.

I need a new jogging suit with the money that Aunty V gave me for my birthday.” (Way back in the beginning of August.) “Have you brought it with you?” (me.)

Angry Whopper mealNo, I gave it to you Mum!  Remember?  To pay the milkman?”  Hmm. Strange. This incident seems to have completely slipped my mind but as I have such a lousy memory (which incidentally K is well aware of) I resign myself to some more spending in Bon Marche. So we mosey in there and K finds yet another grey jogging suit to add to her vast collection.  She also gets a pink t-shirt to go with it. That must make a total of 1,045 t-shirts owned by my daughter. (slight exaggeration but not far off.)

Following that, we sauntered back down to Burger King for some dinner. I say sauntered but in my case, it was more like snaked my way down, because my back had begun playing up. K had the Angry Whopper meal, which she gave 15 points out of ten as she insisted it was fantastic. (and I wasn’t surprised that she gave it this  mark as judging by the contents oozing out as she bit into it, it looked to contain everything but the kitchen sink) and I had my usual chicken bites with mayonnaise washed down with a cup of tea.

Samsung Tocco Lite We were then making our way back up  towards the bus station when something strange came over me. Maybe I was coming under the influence of my ‘money no object spend till you drop’ daughter. Maybe all this September sunshine has somehow addled my brain. Maybe I still haven’t fully recovered from the enforced fasting I had to do last week and my brain has been undernourished. Maybe I’ve just gone a little bit more gaga.  For whatever reason, I suddenly found myself in the Orange shop looking at mobile phones. In particular the Samsung Tocco lite. Suddenly I was beckoning an assistant over. I heard my voice asking him if I could use my contract sim card in this phone  because I was fed up of my LG and its battery consumption. Next thing I knew I was waltzing out the shop with a new mobile phone in a fetching black and orange bag and our bank account was now £75 less.

I’ve bought you that for Christmas Mum.” stated K as I reeled in shock to the bus station. What the?  Was I going insane? I never hardly use my mobile anyway!  The only person who calls me is K!  Mind you I’ve had a quick dabble since getting home and I do like it but honestly! Have I finally flipped? Lost all sense of reality?  Lost me marbles?  I blame it on this gorgeous weather and so hereby issue a warning to all my readers. Beware!  Be careful everyone when you go out shopping on these gorgeous September days during this Indian summer we are currently experiencing!  Be alert!  Don’t enter any shops where there are any tempting products on display that you have secretly been lusting after previously!  Oh, and don’t ever be tempted to go shopping with my daughter!



17 thoughts on “A Quest for some Sloggies. (or how I ended up with a new mobile phone.)

  1. Hahaha. Hey TG, you want to swap places…with my mum lol, i could do with a new bed…a new bookcase for my design books, this one i got here has somehow gone on the slant…ooo and i would love to own a pair of those…ok, ok i will stop :)Enjoy playing with you’re new phone, also something that was on my ‘want’ list, hahaha, although has the girls have broken my digital camera, am saving for a Nikon D300, although that may get knocked down to the lesser one depending on how long i can wait…very paitently!Have to let me know how good or not the tocco is, be nice to hear from someone outside of the shop any good or bad bits it may have.Have a lovely weekend TG

  2. Ah – ya gotta treat yerself. It’s been ages since you grabbed hold of Win7!Oops;-)You might have bought me a few sweaters while you were in Matalan…

  3. I followed most of this quite well and have shared the experience of shopping with someone who really liked shopping. I even clicked through the link to Samsung. With your information and the details on their site I am left with only one question. Can you talk to other people on it?Peace, Doc

  4. LOL. Yes you can talk to other people! And text. And send piccies. And surf the net (though this Gran on a pension won’t be doing any of that in a hurry!) and take pics. Jen, sorry I should have thought of you and bought some sweaters………..hang on a minute! Sweaters in this weather? More like bought you some shorts and a t-shirt! I love indian summers because it sustains me longer from beginning my usual winter blues. And if by any chance it was to carry on through the winter Yippee! I wouldn’t get down! Actually I might ask my doctor if I can go to Australia for winter time and avoid it all. This sunshine does me a power of good, its better than any anti-depressant/tonic etc.

  5. Oh TG, what a day of it!! Hopefully, this will satisfy K’s urge for shopping for a while, and you’ll be far too busy learning all the ins and outs of your new phone to remember all the important things you really meant to get!!Have fun and take lots of pics.

  6. By the way, what are Sloggi’s???? and if you want sun … South Africa is freshly out of winter and enjoying beautiful weather … sun, sun, sun for the next 6 months!!

  7. Okay Tricia, I’ll move over to South Africa for the months beginning October to round about April. That should do the trick! ‘who needs light lamps and anti-depressants?)

  8. Samsung Tocco Lite is a lovely phone! Tho as an enthusiastic Samsung owner I must admit they generally have the battery life of a very small gnat! But they make up for it in other ways 😉 When you get the hang of that one maybe you would like to join me in the art of mastering the HTC Windows Mobile phone…I know my way round the mobile world very well but this one….this one is something else!! I am still battling for control of mobile messenger! And as for using powerpoint on it….yes…another 500yrs or so and I mit think I know what I’m doing!! Enjoy your new mobile!

  9. Yes Europa I love it! As for your problems with the HTC, well I’m afraid I don’t do the internet on my mobiles. Costs too much you see, and as I am on a state pension, its out of the question to go surfing on anything else but my computer. Sorry!

  10. I went to the Sloggies site and it didn’t mention Matalan there! I will go and look next time I’m in as our Matalan is only five minutes from the train! The clothes look really comfy. Are the items very expensive, TG?

  11. Dear Jen. Sloggies are not cheap. (unfortunately.) We paid £16.50p in Matalan for a box of 5. However, in their defence, they do give some support, they are comfortable to wear, and they last. (I only have to keep stocking up because rather like odd socks mine will keep disappearing)

  12. I don’t suppose that’s too bad for five pairs. When you think that 1 bra can cost £20 or more, that’s quite a diffeence, innit!

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