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That was a close shave! (or how I very nearly ended up making a complete fool of myself.)

Phew! That was a close shave! I very nearly ended up making a right fool of myself tomorrow! Talk about considering myself a Geek and technologically adept, I would have never lived it down! Now that I have hopefully grabbed your attention, you must be gagging at the bit to know what on earth I am talking about, well let me explain…….

Samsung Tocco Lite It all concerns my new mobile phone.  After we had arrived home yesterday, I put it on charge as you usually do with a new phone, and didn’t really begin to take a closer look at it until later when I decided (after watching the XFactor) I would familiarise myself with some of its  features by systematically working my way through the user manual and trying everything out on the phone as I did so. I set up the screens etc, personalized the ringtones as you do, sent my son a text message to try all that out, took a picture of the TV to try the camera out, etc etc, blah blah blah.

It was whilst I was doing all of this that I noticed some scratches on the screen. You couldn’t see them there all the time, they were only visible at certain angles. Still, they were there and I could feel them with my fingers. Hmm, I thought, looks like this phone has been used before! However I still continued to work my way through all of the features of the phone because even if I decide to return it to the Orange shop I would be asking for a replacement so I might as well continue to learn how everything works.

Move forward in time now to this morning. K and I are just about ready to set off shopping and  because I tend to let K help me make up my mind about practically everything now that I seem to be no longer capable of making a rational decision these days and can often spend ages and ages dithering over ‘should I, shan’t I’ I asked her what I should do about the phone.

K I’ve found some scratches on the screen of my new phone. What do you think I should do, keep it anyway or take it back to the shop?” (me using my usual indecisive tone.)

Samsung Tocco lite (K in her usual bossy boots, I know the answer to everything tone.) “Oh take it back Mum! That’s what I would do!” See now why I have come to rely so much on my decisive daughter?  No hesitation. No pondering. No contemplation.  ( Note however that it will be Mum doing the repacking up of said mobile into box and Mum making the  trek back to Halifax alone seeing as K will be in day care.) Trouble is I already have another trek to do tomorrow morning as it is, seeing as yesterday (as per usual for this household every time we happen to be out somewhere) the post office tried to deliver a parcel, and so I have to go and collect that from the post office depot which is quite a trek away.  Hmm.  Oh well I thought, I’ll pack it up when we return from shopping.

It’s really strange how my mind works these days with the result that I have given up completely trying to figure out how suddenly out of the blue something can occur to me that I hadn’t previously considered. As we were returning home in the taxi it must have been running through my mind about having to return the phone tomorrow when the thought popped into my head that the instruction book had mentioned a ‘protective film’ covering the screen. I suppose I was silently running through my intended conversation tomorrow morning with the staff in the Orange shop.

When I took it out of the box to charge it, there wasn’t even that protective film covering the screen so it must have been used!” (Me providing the concrete evidence that the phone was obviously not new to whoever happened to be the unlucky staff member that I accosted after my entrance into the shop.) Then it also occurred to me that I hadn’t really closely examined or checked to see if there was any protective film covering the screen. Perhaps I’d better just check it now before packing it back in its box. You can all guess what’s coming next can’t you! I checked. Ooops! There was a film covering the screen! I pulled that off and voila! The screen is now perfect. Not a mark or scratch to be seen!

Can you just imagine what an idiot I would have looked marching into the Orange shop, demanding a replacement and accusing the staff of trying to palm me off with a used phone? Going bursting  in with my ‘thunder face’ on (as my youngest son describes the look on my face whenever I am about to complain to anyone about anything) and then slithering shamefaced out of there as the staff calmly peeled off the protective film making me look like a complete and utter fool? All of them sniggering and smirking to each other as they all agreed following my departure, that  I was nothing more than a batty old coot who hadn’t a clue about anything? 

And I have the audacity to call myself Technogran!  Idiotgran more like! Thank goodness that thought suddenly occurred to me today in the taxi or I would have never ever have lived it down.

TG  Embarrassed The phone? I love it to bits, with or without its protective film!

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14 thoughts on “That was a close shave! (or how I very nearly ended up making a complete fool of myself.)

  1. Yes Penny. I do also often see the similarities in K and myself and Wallace and Gromitt. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one I am…………….

  2. The strains of "Someone to watch over me" come trickling through as I get to the end of this excellent story;-) All sussed and no need to blush. Thumbs up, TG.

  3. I thought it was only me that did that sort of thing. I still have the covering over the lens of the webcam that came in this laptop. I’m not sure I want to take it off lest I start thinking the computer is watching me. I may already be "owned" through Live Spaces as I have three track-backs to one post, all to .ru URLs. Have tried everything I can to reveal a problem, but have not found anything that wasn’t easily removed. Probably a rootkit of some sort. I don’t use this computer for anything sensitive any longer.Peace, Doc

  4. No Doc, there are plenty of us ‘Oops!’ folks about. Some choose to keep quiet about about their boobs, others like me are Woman enough to admit they came a cropper. Actually in my defence (and this is certainly NOT the first time I haven’t spotted a protective covering of some description) it was really really hard to spot. However, that in no way excuses me because as I readily admit in this post, the offending ‘protective film’ was mentioned quite a few times in the user manual that I was so diligently ploughing through that afternoon. (with the phone in my hand at the time.) Maybe my eyesight is to blame, although I cannot excuse my brains from their slow deterioration either.

  5. Morning TG. My! You’re up early. Couldn’t you wait for breakfast any longer, or are you up all night, playing with the phone?Have a great day today:-)

  6. No Jen. Went to bed early last night. (10.00pm) with the result that I woke up this morning at 04.30am. Anyways, your up early as well! I am averaging only about 6 hours sleep these days. that’s okay but……….I then feel tired the rest of the day.

  7. Oof! Horrid. I hate feeling tired in daytime. Had that caper yesterday. Slept really well last night and felt ready to begin life at 4:15 today. I haven’t see an early morning like this in as long as I can remember! Getting the mundane jobs done, now before popping off to Mum’s later. Wonder if she’ll chat with any of us on the internet tonight? Time will tell…

  8. That was close!! At least you read the manual … I very seldom do "unless all else fails". So, recently when I got a new phone, I thought the protective film was a necessary part!! It has a touch screen and I was nervous of getting finger marks on the screen …. DOH!

  9. This is a touch screen Tricia. I really had to dig around the corner to ‘unearth’ it. I suppose they put these onto the touch screen to stop idiotic Granny’s from scratching them. No wonder I was finding it hard to ‘scroll’ down and across! Its wonderful now, and working like a dream. I found out as well that I can ‘write’ on the screen letter by letter when composing a text! I love it, spent time yesterday tuning the radio stations in. So who needs an expensive iPhone? I got phone,texting, camera, music player, video camera, radio, web browser, calendar,all for £75! Bargain in my book.

  10. Can’t resist the silly comment that there will probably come a time when you can (close) shave with your phone as well as take photos etc, etc. (or in my case, trim yer beard.) Now, what I’d like to know is, how are we fans of your fotos going to know when the latest masterpiece is cam or phonecam? Or will there be no discernible difference? Should we even enquire, indeed?

  11. Don’t worry David, when its from me Cam I’ll say so, and when its from me phone I’ll say so. Just hover over the photo inside the blog and it’ll say one or’tother. Okay? (last word Yorkshire version for or the other)

  12. Put the protective film back on!! It’s touch control isn’t it? Scratches and finger marks will abound!! I’ve had my Windows Mobile phone for 2months and its still got it’s film on!! It is staying on! I have enuf trouble with a touch controlled virtual keypad without dealing with the ultimate nit mare of scratches on the actual screen! They won’t be virtual! They’ll be painfully real! 😉

  13. The user manual states that you have to remove it Europa and as I always do as the instructions tell me to, I removed it (that is I removed it when I manaaged to find it!) Besides, it helps the ‘touch part’ to work correctly once removed. (so it says in the ‘trouble shooting guide’ at the back.

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