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Keeping it under wraps!

Remember everyone how I had to pick a parcel up this morning?  You know, the one that arrived during one of the rare occasions that we venture outside?   Well after K had been picked up for Day Care, I set off in high spirits to walk down to the Post Office depot to collect said parcel.  It’s quite a walk, and although the sun wasn’t shining at least it wasn’t raining . On the way there I have to walk past the area where our new Swimming pool and leisure complex is being built. Hmm that’s strange I thought to myself as I walked past, why have they put up a wall completely surrounding the build? Don’t they want us residents to catch a glimpse of it’s emergence as a building and its growth as they create it?  Don’t they realise just how long we have all waited for this Swimming Pool and how eager we are to see its completion? 

To make matters worse, they have also erected several PortaKabins, two storeys high directly in front of where the proposed Swimming Pool building is going to eventually emerge, so unless you are prepared to hire a fire engine and climb up its extended ladder to the very top, there is obviously no way are you going to be able to see any of the progress (or lack of it) as it all takes place over the coming months. ( or years)  Now I will readily admit to anyone that one of my big failings is a propensity to nosiness.  I simply have to know what is going on and once you dear reader are aware of the history regarding just how long we residents of this small town have waited for this new Swimming Pool (at least 30 years or more) then you can fully understand why as one of those residents, I feel I have a perfect right to be able to view at all times that I happen to be in the vicinity, the full construction as it takes place from start to finish so that I can see just how much progress has been made since the last time I walked past.

What's going on here then?

It has left me wondering if the firm doing the actual building is in any way concerned that they may not be able to make progress as quickly as we residents would like them to seeing as we have waited for what seems like an eternity for this new Swimming Pool to actually be built, and of course there must be the constant worry that if progress isn’t swift enough we might then consider storming the building plot placards in hand, brandishing our snorkels and rolled up towels whilst demanding that they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week until its final completion.  Or alternatively perhaps they are worried that we might all be so fascinated with the progress of the build that we  spend our entire time standing there watching every shovel full of cement and every brick being laid and every wall being erected. Why, we might even bring tents and sleeping bags so that we can camp out on the surrounding perimeter just to make sure that they begin work promptly at 07.00am and don’t stop work until its dark. (We could provide floodlights if things got desperate.)

My mind as I walked past what now resembled some sort of walled prison was working overtime. What did they have to hide? Hmm. I think this calls for a reconnoitre  into the park, and a subversive stroll along to where the tennis courts used to be just to have a nosey at exactly what is going on!  Perhaps they might have risked it and left it open on the park side. It has really fed my curiosity now and I am determined to know what is happening behind that PortaKabin wall!


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22 thoughts on “Keeping it under wraps!

  1. A state of the art swimming pool was built in Hackney recently, several years late and much over budget. It was closed after 6 months or so after water from the pool posed a risk to electrical circuits placed directly below the pool – closed for around 2 years or so while the problem was rectified.

  2. Oh thank you ravingpoet. That fills me with optimism that K and I will soon be enjoying our glorious new swimming pool and I will spend many a happy hour getting fit. Who on earth is stupid enough to place electrical circuits UNDER a pool full of water? Are they mad? Hmm, hope we haven’t got the same architect then doing our pool. Thanks for the comment even if it is slightly offputting 😉

  3. Our rubbish collection service, Waste Management, fenced off its dump while it was active, too. Not that you have anything to be concerned about. They made a ridiculous looking golf course on the dump after it was covered over with sod. It is locally referred to as Mount Trashmore. I am simply thankful that I live well upwind of it and of the sewage processing plant.Peace, Doc

  4. Hmm. wouldn’t be in a big hurry then Doc to score a hole in one on that golf course! You’d never know what you might pick up when you went to retrieve the ball from the hole….

  5. Sorry to burst your bubble TG, But the wall would be there for H&S reasons, (and possibly to protect the existing brick wall) and the portakabins, because that’s the only place they will go out of the way of the building works!

  6. If you do get to see anything and are in close enough proximity, you could join the working party and toss the bricks up to whoever is laying them. Saves hodding them about and you can watch progress!

  7. Good idea Jen! However, there’s just one snag. My back problems. Of course I would be prepared to do my bit to hasten along the progress of our long awaited Swimming Pool and I am sure that most of the residents of our small town would also queue up to assist but it looks to me as if we are firmly being excluded from participating not only in giving a helping hand but also in being able to see anything at all…..

  8. Poor you. Don’t talk to me about back problems, although my back is feeling better, now, but my neck is awful. It really hurts, so I’m having to live in the collar for now:-(

  9. Mine is okay Jen until I begin walking about. I’ts fine when I’m sitting down (or laying down!) Puts me off going anywhere to be honest with you.

  10. And yet you do those lovely walks, and go to the exercise class! You’re fitter than I am! I’m so sorry, TG – but hey, no more whinging about what we cannot change…howz the new phone?

  11. Yes I know I’m fitter than you Jen, but I do those walks in agony! Yes, let’s stop whinging about our aches and pains and concentrate on the things in life that matter. Oh the mobile? Well see that panoramic picture up there? The one of a wall complete with white fence behind it and numerous PortaKabins stacked on top of each other? That was taken with the phone. Yes, hard to believe eh? Who needs an iPhone? This Granny doesn’t that’s for sure. I love it Jen. Have to put some pics on it for all my callers ( insert here K and J) and then I’m set up for the next year or so (or until I come over all funny again)

  12. Oh, now let’s not be narrow minded! A new anything Jen. New Freeview HD Pvr (early next year I hope!) new universal remote control, new digital camera, new ……..shall I continue? 😉

  13. Yeah – keep going, keep going! If I find something I like on your list, I’ll ask for one – heh, heh!(My bad! Scoots off in wheelchair – does a burn up the street)…

  14. Time to don the hard hat and stroll on site as site supervisor! Then you will know exactly what is(n’t) happening and ensure they are working their little cheesy builders socks off from dawn till dusk!I have missed several of your recent blogs I notice…I’m not sure how but I’m off to catch up now 😉

  15. You haven’t missed much dear Europa! I should have a strong coffee whilst you catch up as you are likely to fall asleep with sheer boredom………..

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