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A Substitute Buy….

Dear readers. I think that I have come up with a pretty plausible explanation for my unrational behaviour on Saturday when I had that strange turn, and found myself in the Orange shop purchasing  a new mobile phone which incidentally I didn’t really need. I have Substitution Syndrome!  Yes folks you read it right the first time. Let my explain.  It all fell into place today whilst I was busy cleaning the shower enclosure in the bathroom.  Yes! I thought to myself. That’s it!  There was another gadget that I was looking forward to getting my technogran mitts on this week, and this is the nearest thing to it!

The new gadget I was intending to buy plays music files, connects to the web with wi-fi,  shows pictures., plays HD videos and plays games.  Tomorrow I should have been spending the entire day with my head buried in the user manual trying everything out. Going online to download lot’s of tunes to it. Setting it up to sync with my Xbox36o. Listening to the radio on it. Watching high definition videos. Playing some games. But sadly that gadget won’t be arriving this week at the Technogran household because it’s not available to buy in this country. (yet)

Samsung Tocco Lite zune-hd-black

So today during a flash of inspiration I have realised that on Saturday the subconscious part of my brain must have taken over and decided that I really had to have the nearest thing to it. Why, it even looks similar!  It also has a touch screen, plays music. plays games, surfs the internet and is able to download more pictures tunes and videos! Of course! It’s obvious now isn’t it dear readers!  And so now that there is a rational  explanation for my strange behaviour on Saturday,  I can rest easy that I have not finally lost all my faculties.

So now you know dear reader!  That is the explanation for my totally unwarranted  behaviour! I haven’t yet gone completely Gaga! This was a substitute buy! Phew thank goodness for that!


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13 thoughts on “A Substitute Buy….

  1. I know the feeling TG. I have these substitution syndrome feelings all the time – any one know a substitution for a good man …… or even a bad one? ;-D

  2. Funny that Mum bought me an iPod. Lovely little thing and I really love it – but you can get a Sony version for about 2/3ds the price and I would probably have ended up with one. I have the Nano. You wouldn’t believe the cost of a power adaptor! And those woolly "socks"! Still, once bought, I should be all right for as long as the player lasts, which, I hope, is ages;-)

  3. Substitution Syndrome hahaha, i like it…You just reminded me to add on my ‘santa wish list’ a xbox 360…mine deathed out on me last month…! Looks a smart mobby that Samsung, and slim too.

  4. Sweet..Sunny…it cool TG, thanks for the link dam the fact i don’t live in the US, why is it all the good things come out in US and we get ‘second grab’, Hmmm, wonder if i can maybe still get hold of it on launch day, Anyways TG, priorities have to be right first, must buy things for the house before my own….’playtime’, oh i miss my 360 i do, Have a good day TG

  5. By the way I have the Samsung Tocca, the only thing I don’t like about it is texting is quite difficult with long nails, and I keep a accidentally changing the language!!

  6. Ah! That explains everything!! You’re absolutely fine then! Also provides me with the perfect explanation when asked…as I frequently am…why I need ANOTHER mobile?…as if that overwhelming uncontrollable desire that comes over you when an irresistablely beautiful must-have latest techno mowbli appears in ya fav mobile phone shop should need any explanation!!!

  7. Yes Europa! There is always a perfectly plausable explanation! It doesn’ t take long to come up with these ‘reasons why’ You need a ‘back up mobile’ in case the other fails. You need one for indoors and one for outdoors. One for each pocket. (or one for each bag) I could go on………..

  8. Crikey, you gals are complicated beings! When I get these bad acquisitive urges I drink gin until they go away. Believe me, it’s cheaper. But then, I’m probably what you’d call a Bad Man, cackle cackle…

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