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We’re off on another one.

Where is this statue?


Yes you’ve read that right folks. We’re off on another one of our merry jaunts tomorrow. As usual and just for the fun of it, you have to try and guess where we are going and how we are getting there. To compile the clues for you as usual I shall be using Bing, but you can use any search engine you wish to try and find the answers.  I can’t be accused of being dictatorial now can I?  However do be aware that your search engine may then provide you with an entirely different answer to the correct one.

Here are the clues.

1. This train is not a steam pulled train, but it is environmentally friendly.

2. They have been organising Special train trips for the last 21 years.

3. Our destination is again in Cumbria.

4. Its by the sea.

5. This town is a Georgian town.

6. It houses a museum called the Beacon and also a Colliery named Haig.

Right that’s enough clues! You should easily be able to guess this one. As usual I have made it far too easy. Answers in comments please. Sorry there is again no prize for the winner. Had my new LifeCam Cinema arrived on time then I might have considered giving my LifeCam  VX5000 away as a prize, but as that hasn’t occurred and it will not now be mine until October, then you’ll just have to make do with a blog on Friday about our trip and lot’s of pictures of K and me having a whale of a time, Sorry.

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