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Whizzing off to Whitehaven.

We had an absolutely wonderful day out yesterday. It began for me with a rude awakening by my my alarm clock at 05.00am. Following a quick shower, dressage and hair preen I  then conducted my usual checklist to make quite sure that we had everything with us, you know the usual day out necessities, camera, packed lunch, mobile, tablets, tickets, drinks (of both the non-alcoholic and alcoholic types) face wipes, toilet paper (in case the onboard one runs out) and last but not least daughter. (I forgot my glasses *sigh* there’s always something you forget isn’t there?)

Hurrah! It's here! Following a walk down to the station we boarded our train at 07.59am, right on time. As usual, owing to the fact that the train is 12 carriages long and our station is only three carriages plus the engine in length, we had quite a trek down the train to reach our carriage which wouldn’t you know it, was the very last one. I felt as if I had walked a mile by the time we eventually sat in our seats!

It was a very enjoyable journey to Whitehaven. The hills and mountains of the Yorkshire Dales  were on your right hand side, and the flat expense of Morecambe Bay and the coastline on your left. Not only that, but the further we travelled the more the skies cleared and the sun shone, so that by the time we reached our destination we had a cloudless  sky and glorious sunshine! I was able to walk around Whitehaven all day with just my t-shirt on. We all laughed as we walked out of the small railways station at Whitehaven when one of the passengers asked her husband

Where are we going first?” and he jokingly replied “Tesco’s!” seeing as there is a store right outside the station!

See the little fish? Making our way across the supermarket car park we were soon strolling along the front of the harbour. As you walked along there were small metal fish inset into the cobbled road. They were all leading back to the fish statue which stands on the front just as you exit the car park and were so attractive.

There were absolutely loads of boats of every description and all shapes and sizes moored in the harbour and they made a fantastic sight. As we neared the Beacon Museum which was intended to be our first port of call, we witnessed a really funny sight. Five geese were all walking in a line along the road! All the cars had to slow right down and wait for them to waddle along. Seems like they were also intent on paying a visit to the Beacon, because when we emerged from there some time later, all five of the geese were busy pruning themselves on the grass verge outside!

Follow me you lot, we're off shopping!

The museum was very interesting and we spent about an hour in there, then we made our way around the corner to view the statue to the miners. A quick walk along the harbour wall (I wanted to visit the lighthouse which is stood at the end) was short lived because K was frightened she would fall off it into the sea. (It was about 5 or 6 foot wide.) so we made our way back and treat ourselves to an ice cream in the Bistro which is underneath the Beacon Museum.

From the pier looking back to Whitehaven

I took a quick saunter along the other pier so that I could take a photo of a small boy looking out to see with his telescope, then we made our way into the shopping area to take a look around that. As you walked along there were some mosaic plaques in the walkway which were very attractive and interesting so I took some photos of those as well. As always we never seen to have enough time to see everything, and we had to begin to make our way back to the railway station. I was amused when a lady stopped us as we neared the station entrance and asked us what was going on.

I’ve never seen the railway station so busy! “ she stated. “What is going on?” so I explained to her and her companion that we were all on a chartered train and had obviously swelled the population of Whitehaven by quite an amount if only for a day!

Journey home and trying to stay awake Finally our train pulled into the station and this time our carriage was right behind the engine and opposite the platform so no walking a mile down this time! During the journey back and following a our tea where I risked eating a chicken pasty we opened our two small bottles of White Zinfandel wine and enjoyed a wonderful relaxing journey home.

It was approximately 21.15pm when we finally rolled into our small station and all piled out onto the platform to wend our separate ways home. As usual with cheery farewells to all our fellow passengers, we quickly made our way into town and ordered a taxi home. A fantastic day out, glorious weather (we have been so lucky this year with the weather when on our day trips haven’t we? ) I wonder where we’ll venture to next time? So from her and me, here’s to our next train outing!


TG smile_teeth Rest of the photographs are here in this photo album. Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Whizzing off to Whitehaven.

  1. Started reading and (sorry, TG!) howled at the second sentence. Rude awakenings and preparations just couldn’t be done, here, at that unearthly hour, so kudos to you!You speak of an area my Husband loved to visit before we met. I’ve often heard stories about Yorkshire, so it’s lovely to read about it and see the pictures. I viewed your album earlier. Lovely:-)

  2. Thanks as always Jen for your kind comments. We really have been awfully lucky with the weather K and I this year! We haven’t had a bad day on any of our train jaunts and we have been on quite a few as well. It was beautiful Jen, I walked around Whithaven with just my t-shirt and was quite warm and that’s saying something for me.

  3. I truly hope your back stood up to it all, TG! I love visiting here. You always make it sound so lovely. I enjoy reading your stories as you do, going on the trips. You’re right, too. Think it’s only rained once since I had my NuDrive and, I didn’t mind as it needs testing in the wet, as in the dry! Thank you for your writing time, TG. Really loved this one today:-)

  4. Thanks T.G. for your lovely description of your day out. I always enjoy these travelogues and the photos that accompany them. You were so lucky with the weather. It has been very windy here. I love the geese photo. They look so confident. I look forward to your next excursion, take care, Pen.

  5. Thanks to you both for your kind comments and I am glad you enjoyed reading about our day. It may be a while now before we embark on another train journey, maybe next year……….

  6. Next year?…I wonder if you will last that long! It sounds like a lovely day out and you tell it in such an entertaining fashion…and I loved that photo of the geese!

  7. Oh I just had to take that one Europa! They looked so comical all waddling down the road! All the cars had to stop whilst they waddled along to the far end.

  8. Lol…they don’t look the least bit concerned about the situation do they?!! They appear very chilled and relaxed, like this is the most normal behaviour in the world for geese! lol…waddling with the utmost confidence and pride I’d say!! ;))

  9. Yes and amazingly enough Europa, they didn’t attempt to peck me either and allowed me to get quite close to take the shot. Glad you enjoyed it Sheila, it’ll probably be a while now before our next train adventure sometime in April I think……

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