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The Trouble with buses……..

A bus waits to sail past us... How is it that every time we go to catch a bus we have either just missed one, see loads of buses going past us in the opposite direction to the one that we want to go, or worse, the one that we desperately need to catch misses? You can guarantee the bus incidents above will occur every time we set off to go somewhere,  and if I were a gambling Gran I would be tempted to place bets on the following occurrences,

     We complete our shopping at precisely 10.15am or alternatively 10.45am which coupled with the fact that it takes approximately 5 minutes to walk to the bus station means that we arrive just in time to see our bus leave and go sailing off into the distance.

    We land down at the bottom of the ‘cat steps’ (after just missing the bus that circumvents our estate) only to see the alternative bus sailing off into the distance which inevitably means a half an hour wait whilst other buses, namely the limited stop bus going in the direction in which we want to travel, but which doesn’t happen to stop where we are patiently waiting, goes sailing past us and is usually accompanied by lot’s of other buses also sailing past us heading in the opposite direction and which (you can guarantee) if WE were waiting for would undoubtedly be none existent.

    When we stand waiting patiently for our bus (the one following the one that we saw disappearing into the wide blue yonder as we arrived at the bus station after a shopping trip) another bus inevitably pulls up at our stand a few minutes prior to the expected arrival of our bus, thereby blocking the ability of our bus to pull into said stand at the allotted time in order to pick passengers up, and so our bus departs without us leaving us all  once again watching it go sailing off into the distance.

Buses waiting to sail away See a pattern emerging here dear readers?  I really believe that my daughter and I must be the unluckiest bus passengers in the whole of the country! Perhaps someone has placed a  curse on us to endure a life of eternal bus stop waiting or perhaps we should try a spot of sailing instead.  After all, we spend most of our time watching buses sail away into the distance!


Footnote.  If any of you are wondering why I haven’t been posting on here of late, its because my ‘everyday diary’ posts are now going to my alternative blog site at http://technograns.blogspot.com.

Why? Because I can use  some brilliant themes over there and also there is less spam as well (although its harder to comment.)

Of course I can post to both at the same time using writer and so I might continue to do that ( whilst remembering to disable the twitter plug in for one of them of course!) I will keep posting on here until such time as we know the impending fate of Spaces in the Wave 4 updates and therefore whether or not our blogs are to get some kind of Facelift.

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7 thoughts on “The Trouble with buses……..

  1. Well, they’re up to something and have been for a while. When Updates are on the prowl, I normally get some sort of error message! It’s affecting Hotmail at present, and has been noticeable for the last week, TG. Who knows what’s being tinkered with. Anyway, I read the above on your other blog space "NHNT". Was gonna mention – the very fact that you say you "finish" your shopping so early is an incredible feat in itself. I’m not even out of the bungalow at that time when I have to go out!

  2. Oh that’s not our usual shopping time Jen, I was just using that as an example of how our timings are always askew with the bus times. I have had a horrible week this week with public transport to be honest with you (which explains this moaning blog about it) but K and I do tend to be really unlucky with buses in particular. What do you think of the snazzy theme over there? Like my desk? (cough cough ) 😉

  3. Yes TG. It’s wonderful! So sorry you’ve had such a tough time of it. May you both do much, much better, next time you have to go on a trip of any description.

  4. You will have to get on friendlier terms with some drivers and come to an arrangement with them offer to fix their computers or something, Seriously it can’t be much fun looking at your mode of transport disappear off into the distance when you’ve got a load of shopping, I dread the time when I won’t be able to drive, as buses seem a bit sparse where I come from. except of course when you’ve got one in front of you when you’re in a hurry.

  5. WE have a saying down here TG, "*something* is just like London Buses" meaning, you wait ages for one and 3 come along together! (and it’s true!)So your not alone!

  6. Thanks for you comments. Yes Mandy I know its no consolation but they are like that around here as well, its not just London! ( I think that they like to run in packs)

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