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A Quest to compare TV’s.

Friday saw K and I set off on one of our quests. It was intended to help indecisive Mum make her mind up between two televisions that she was trying to compare with a view to making a purchase. She (the aforementioned Mum) had been slowly but surely going crazy filling her brain with  ‘information overload’ after trawling the Internet all week reading countless reviews, users comments and views and other associated information regarding these two televisions, and had finally come to the conclusion that in order to rectify the situation and to stop herself from going completely gaga, she should see both of these TV’s in the flesh and then decide.

Tosh TV Samsung TV

We haven’t paid a visit  to Bradford for quite some time, and as the Forster Square retail park happens to contain both a Comet and a Curry’s which explains why we decided to head over there. As per my previous blog, we had lot’s of fun getting there with the buses but eventually we arrived in Bradford Interchange and quickly made our way to Forster Square.

A point to note about Bradford is that you only have to miss going for a few months to find that you can’t recognise the place when you next go. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember, and I have been shopping there since being a young and giggly sixteen year old buying her dresses and outfits in C and A. (now sadly disappeared from this mortal coil)

So it was no surprise to find when we arrived at the retail park that a brand new shop has appeared that was absent last time we were there. Yes, a new Asda Living Store which contained just about everything BUT food. So after wandering inside the two aforementioned electrical stores and taking a long hard look at my chosen TV models to help with the decision making,  we two troubadours then wandered into the new store for a nosey.

Asda Living Store 

All three of these talk...... K was in seventh heaven as it was cram jam packed with Halloween masks and other assorted goodies that she loves to be able to dress up in when she answers the door to the inevitable ‘trick or treaters’ in order that (she hopes) they will never ever dare to darken our doorway again. I was frankly amazed at the vast array of available Halloween objects available. I am old enough to remember when we had to make our own costumes out of anything we could get our hands on, and anyway our parents just wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy the vast assortment that today’s children have available to them. Why, there was even three huge ‘dummies’ that talked (see picture) and the butler was about 5ft 10inches tall!

I tried out a Shiatsu back massager. You place it in your chair and then switch it on and it gives you a really thorough massage up and down your back. K has promised to buy me one for Christmas. Yippee!

Shiatsu Back Massager Hmm, so it appears that Asda is going from strength to strength in our area if they are now branching out with these new Living shops as well as their usual supermarkets. (they are about the cheapest food supermarket around these parts and we would do all our shopping there if only we were lucky enough to live near to one, which of course as you are all too well aware by now with our rotten luck, we don’t.)  So. Maybe Tesco’s won’t take over the world after all! Well, at least not around here!

So at the end of this particular quest, did I now feel I could arrive at some sort of decision regarding a future purchase of a new TV? After all, that was the initial reason for the quest wasn’t it? Or was it so that my daughter could frighten away any ‘trick or treaters’ on mischief night? I’ll leave you to decide the outcome dear readers!

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8 thoughts on “A Quest to compare TV’s.

  1. I do try to publish to both for now Jen, which you can do easily in Writer. Thought you might like a duplicate………………LOL

  2. Are the TV’s LCD or hi def? lf so, l suggest you ask the sales people to show you what it looks like with regular TV programing, NOT just hi def channels and programing. Hi def programs are all they usually display, and it looks awesome. Non hi def doesn’t look the same. l found this out after the purchase of new LCD TV. l record all my TV shows to watch latter – recording on hi def stations takes way too much room on the DVR, so l record off non hi def channels. Does not look like in the stores at all! l finally cancelled my subscription to the hi def stations because l just don’t watch TV in real time. Now, when l ever get around to buying the expensive DVD player for hi def quality, THEN l will see some nice looking DVD’s!Just a bit more info to add to the lot!

  3. Tracey, I use my HD TV for Freesat, Freeview and also my Xbox360 (full HD) and the Playstation3 (for blue ray films) I am quite well aware that these HD tv’s aren’t very good with SD material Tracey but that is because the picture on SD is so crap ( poor compression low bandwidth, and broadcast in using poor resolution.) Eventually it will all be broadcast in HD cos once you have watched HD it makes SD .look even worse. Also of course they are bigger TV’s and so show up every little flaw in SD broadcast material. My present TV is a 37inch full high definition TV and I love it, I only buy those highly rated for their picture quality.

  4. I know I’m on Sky – whole diff ball game, but SD tv looks better on HD TV, not sure because Tracey is in Canada, So comparisons may not be valid, but US TV isn’t PAL which does make a difference. (Look history US tv Pal TV) does Tracey get PAL in Canada?

  5. Somebody remind me what TV is? ;)) Haven’t been able to use one since I moved to the latest shared house! I shall soon have forgotten what one is!! ;))

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