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Just a short announcement


MVP I just thought that I would let all my friends on Windows Live know that last week I received the very welcome news that I have now been made an MVP in recognition of the help that I give via my blog posts on Windows Live to other users.

My very grateful thanks to those who considered that I was worthy of receiving this award and I shall continue to help others as much as possible on Windows Live both with using the website itself and also the Windows Live desktop applications.

Thank you.


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20 thoughts on “Just a short announcement

  1. Thank you Jen. In true Technogran style I’m still getting my head around it all to be honest, and although I did intend to announce it, it just didn’t seem appropriate to do so last week with the sad news about Jane’s passing.

  2. It’s still hard – that news. So you’ve kept this from us for a bit, have ya? Well, you’re well and truly "found out" now, I’m glad to say.

  3. MVP Technogran. Yes. That definitely has a nice sound to it. Do we have now have to address you as Madam MVP TG? *grin* I’m willing to. Congratulations on recognition well earned.Peace, Doc

  4. Thanks all of you for your kind wishes. No cynical plain old Technogran will do thanks. I did hesitate on announcing it at all to be honest with you as it does tend to sound like ‘blowing my own trumpet’ and bragging (which I tend to hate in others) but another MVP said I should announce it on here seeing as that is where I have earned it (on Windows Live I mean)

  5. My congratulatory comment is a bit overdue here, but I wanted to add my voice nonetheless. Thanks again for all you do within the Windows Live community and the broader Windows community too. You’re a rock star for sure and I’m very happy you’ve been recognized with this award.

  6. Thank you Marcus very much. You know that I regard praise from you very highly. I shall try and improve my help if I can. You know I love Windows Live as much as you do…. (rock star! Wow! think its slipped Marcus’s mind for a moment how old I am!) LOL

  7. Wow, TG. That’s quite a compliment that Marcus gave you: "Rock Star". You deserve it! Keep up the good work! X

  8. Thanks for all your comments by the way. Yes X Marcus is too kind (and I do enjoy his compliments though. Don’t get many of those these days!) LOL

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