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The curious case of the gloves and the grate.

SNC13493 As I meandered my way to the down to the dentists this morning, I happened to spot a very curious sight. (well to me it looked curious, but then I am a very curious kind of person with a very very vivid imagination.)

Two navy blue gloves had been left on  top of a grate in the road. As I tend to be on the constant look out for interesting subjects to blog about in order to keep my two readers entertained, I felt that this unusual sight was worth a mention, and added to that, seeing as I am in the habit of watching lot’s of murder mysteries into the bargain, my mind began to race with possible explanations as to why the two blue gloves were lying there on top of the grate. NOTE. The two gloves were perfect. There was no tear or damage to be seen. See dear readers how kind I am in providing you with all the forensic evidence you require to come to your own conclusions about this strange sight?

Here are some of the thoughts that immediately occurred to me once I had closely examined the gloves and grate.


1. Someone had entered the grate and lost their gloves whilst replacing the grate cover before their descent into the abyss that lies beneath. (bit far fetched this explanation seeing as the area below the grate cover is only about two foot deep.)

2. Someone tried to lift up the grate with said gloves, couldn’t achieve this and threw the gloves down on top of the grate in sheer frustration and anger.

3. The owner has committed some dastardly deed wearing said gloves, and as the gloves are evidence of said crime, the owner tried to stuff them down the drain but didn’t succeed.

4. The gloves have travelled there by themselves and are at this moment trying to fit themselves through the bars of the grate below in order to escape their owner who has treated them rather badly.

5. The gloves just simply fell out of someone’s pocket into the road, and the fact that they fell on top of the grate is purely incidental and occurred quite by chance.

6. The gloves are vainly trying to get down the grate because they are thirsty. (There is some water in the bottom.)

7. The gloves have nothing whatsoever to do with the grate and visa versa, their close proximity to each other is just pure coincidence. (and any relationship between the two is purely conjecture at this stage.)

8. The  author of this blog is some sad old git who is scraping the barrel with subjects to blog about. She also watches far too many murder mysteries than is good for her coupled with the fact that she has too vivid an imagination for her own good. Add to all of this the additional fact that she is also slightly batty and you have your explanation for this rather silly post. (now that’s more like it!)


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12 thoughts on “The curious case of the gloves and the grate.

  1. I was interested to see the shape of the grate, ours are just straight, bog standard, grates, your’s are shaped like lots of smiles!!There was a an intersection near where I lived, and every morning some one would lay a banana skin next to the bollards. So it would go on, throughout the week, till there was a pile of 7-8 skins ( sometimes more) and the roadsweepers would clear them away (we guessed no one ever saw them, they were just as mysterious as the perp.) this went on for YEARS, TG. Locally the intersection was called Banana Corner, it was mentioned once on Essex Radio. and as far as I know, no one knows who did it! I went by recently, and there were no skins, which set me to wondering, had the person, retired, died, got a different job, so took a different route …….. or had the mysterious roadsweeper just been by!Sorry no ideas about the gloves!

  2. I normally choose the boring possibility like number 4, although the position of the gloves is interesting on its own.

  3. Mandy you needed me to live nearby! I would have got to the bottom of it (even if it meant camping out somewhere nearby hidden from view with my trusty old camera at the ready) An escaped orangutang? Someone who hated someone who passes by that spot and who they hoped would eventually come to a slippery end?

  4. Thank you for your comments. Oh and Mandy our grates have smiles simply because they see lot’s of batty old Granny’s passing by daily…

  5. Madam MVP TG? I believe you have missed at least one possibility. Someone with a sense of humor like mine, placed them there just before you arrived to confuse and befuddle you. I was here, though. Really.Peace, Doc

  6. Well actually Doc that did cross my mind at one point, and I looked around to see if you were hiding in one of the nearby wheelie bins (as you do) watching my reaction. You could have come over to check up on me and do a psychoanalysis having realised that the way my mind works is rather unique and strange. However, having then assured myself that there was no one hidden either in any of the Wheelie bins, nor anywhere else in the vacinity, I instantly dismissed this far fetched idea as you would need to travel such a distance in order to do so.

  7. Thanks TG—I finally discover the explanation for the Tennis Shoes on the Telephone Wire (they mark a drug dealer’s house—apparently it is considered indiscrete to have a listing in the Yellow Pages) and now I have to figure out "The Gloves and the Grate?"Suggest you consult Jimmy Dean (not JAMES Dean…JIMMY Dean) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMqcZZt_4_U

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