The strange case of Harpers Island and other scary things.

Harpers Island As I sat watching Harpers Island the other night, I had to laugh to myself at how far fetched these scary programs and films are. I won’t dwell on the whole story if you haven’t been watching it, but the gist of it is that a group of people have landed on Harpers Island to attend a wedding.

The heroine used to live on the Island previously but left when a mass murderer killed her mother (hung her from a tree to be precise) Once she returns to the island to attend the wedding (now seven years later) the murders begin again and the guests begin to get ‘bumped off’ in various gruesome ways.

Now you and I if we happened to be guests on this Island would surely make sure of the following,

1.  We would stay indoors and make sure that we were never alone but always with a group of people. (preferably as large a group as possible although there aren’t many of them left now who are still in one piece) This would surely ensure that our chances of survival were higher as the killer would  surely think twice before attacking a group of people.

2.   We would not venture into the woods alone at night to either search for someone else who has gone missing or alternatively go investigating something especially with just a feeble torch clutched in our hand.

harpers_island3 3. We certainly wouldn’t promise to stay put in the hotel lounge with the few remaining guests who are still alive, and then go looking for someone down in the hotel basement where we decide to split up into two separate groups consisting of just two people who follow this stupidity by crawling through ventilation shafts armed with just a feeble torch. (which keeps fading owing to the fact that the batteries are obviously running out.)

harpers-island I mean, what is wrong with these people? Are they wanting to have their lives cut short? Are they all insane? Of course they are all suspecting each other and the other night it became clear that the Sheriff didn’t kill the original killer as was thought, because he has suddenly put in an appearance in the latest episode.

Is it him? Is he bumping all the guests off on a wild killing spree to replicate his previous one, and if so, why?

Honestly, how far fetched can you get? Who the heck is stupid enough to sit through this sort of tripe? Ooops! Me for one and I have to confess I have sat through every episode glued to the screen!

My excuse? I’m learning what NOT to do if ever I find myself  invited to a wedding on an Island that happens to have a gruesome  history….



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