An unusual Thursday….

As my two loyal readers are well aware, we usually go down to exercise class on a Thursday morning, but as the trainers were all on a course today this was cancelled. The other unusual event we had to look forward to today was our annual flu jab booked for this afternoon at 13.55pm. Owing to this change of our usual routine, K and I spent a leisurely morning taking our time getting showered and dressed (well K did, I was also occupied with hanging out some washing and general tidying up etc)

Photo0017 We set off down to town at about 11.45am. It was a lovely autumn morning, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the crisp autumn leaves were crunching underfoot, you get the picture. We passed by the yellow fence surrounding our promised new Swimming pool and were lucky enough to be able to ‘have a nosey’ inside as someone had left a door open in the yellow fence. (yes readers, this yellow fence contains a door)

All I could see though the open door were some parked cars and in the distance some piles of drainage tubes stacked in a triangular fashion. No building or foundations to be seen! Yet hadn’t we just seen an eight wheeler wagon leave the site full of soil? Hmm, I thought to myself, its as I feared! The yellow fence has been erected to hide the fact that hardly any progress is actually being made! Stranger still, three workmen complete with yellow hard hats (all matching the yellow fence) were busily doing something between the yellow fence and the wall.

In fact I have seen more activity around this wall than anywhere else. Of course my lovely daughter had to say something to them as we walked past.

You look busy” she said innocently to the three workmen.  (Of course this remark made to the workmen simply because she has heard me state that I thought the yellow fence had been erected to disguise the fact that not much work was actually taking place behind it, and proves that you really do have to be careful what you say in front of her. She gets the additional  sarcasm from her Mum.)

Yellow wall stitch They grunted something in reply and we continued on. We landed in Tesco’s and made our way to the food counter for something to eat. I chose Shepherds pie and K plonked for Curry with rice. We looked around for a vacant table but as usual there were none to be seen. I became annoyed as usual regarding those diners who go and sit down at a table (bagsies) before getting anything to eat, usually with their trolley parked at the side of them taking up room between the tables so that you can’t get past.

‘Mothers United’ were sat down in the middle of the cafe as usual complete with their respective offspring, some occupying highchairs, one plonked in one of those trolleys with the baby seat attached (taking up room between tables) whilst the older offspring were wandering about between the dining tables willy nilly. ‘Mothers United’ are always there on a Thursday, and as there are usually six to eight mothers in total, they naturally require two full tables plus the immediate surrounding area for the high chairs, baby trolleys etc, so no one else has a cat’s in hell chance of squeezing past them.

For all I know, they might all congregate there every day, but as we only tend to go into the restaurant on a Thursday I can only vouch for their presence on that particular day. I did my usual and glowered at them as I vainly tried to squeeze past with my tray full of now going cold dinner in my hands.  We eventually managed to sit down next to a man who was currently by himself but who was waiting for someone to join him. (his wife as it later turned out.)  As we ate, we made polite conversation as you tend to do when sitting at the same table as someone else. 

Flu jab Once we had finished our meal we did some shopping and then made our way up to the doctors for our flu jab. Our appointment wasn’t until 2.55am so we sat down to wait. The other people kept going in as their name appeared on the board and then quickly coming back out again. Wow! These flu jab nurses were certainly on the ball! In order to help, we took our coats off and in my case my sweatshirt as well so that my upper arms were exposed.

Soon it was my turn and of course K accompanied me. I sat down.

“Which arm do you prefer?” (Nurse with needle poised in her hand.)

Oh my right arm please as I am left handed.” Me. “Just a sting.” Nurse.

Back up and out the door quickly followed by K who had been ‘stung’ in her right arm. Coats back on, glance at K’s watch, blast! There’s a bus due to leave the bus station in three minutes! Can we make it? Dash out the door, down the steps, run down through the underpass, down through the car park, now with our bus clearly in sight parked at the stand, along the pavement and onto the bus! Just in time! Phew!

We were both puffed out by that mad dash from the doctors, and as is usual for me I enjoyed a coughing fit all through the bus journey home. I was glad to sit down with a lovely cup of tea I can tell you! What a day! Mind you it makes a change to the usual routine I suppose!


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