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The trouble with packaging.

SNC13512 Making my  breakfast yesterday as usual, I took out an unopened carton of Tropicana orange juice from  the fridge and began trying to open it. I gripped the top as usual and tried to turn it.   It wouldn’t budge.  I gripped, grabbed, grasped, groaned, grabbed a tea towel, grabbed a dishcloth, tried this, tried that  but it still wouldn’t budge!

 Now I know that my readers will probably think that maybe Technogran has now reached the stage where her grip is not what it was, she has become weak and frail and that was the reason why the top of the carton of Tropicana wouldn’t budge, but I can assure you that is not the reason at all. Some daft person (or machine) had tightened the top so tight I honestly don’t think that Mike Tyson would have been capable of loosening  it!

So how did I eventually manage to drink  my glass of breakfast orange juice?  How did I finally get that blasted top to turn?  Pliers. Yes you read that correctly!  I had to scrabble about in my ‘odds and sods’ cupboard (where all my tackle is stored, step ladder, painting equipment, screwdrivers, paint brushes, vacuum cleaner etc, etc)  and find a pair of pliers to loosen up the top of the Tropicana orange!  I kid you not!

SNC13509 What is it all coming to,  this having to struggle to open modern day packaging?  Don’t they want us to be able to either consume  or use anything we buy?  Or is it some kind of test that we are all put through to see how determined we are to actually use/drink/ eat whatever is contained within?  I could have understood it if it had been something that was bad for me (a sort of brake to dissuade me from consuming the contents because they were unhealthy for example)  but orange juice?  I was absolutely beggared by the time I finally triumphed in loosening the offending top and pouring out the juice.

Today’s packaging is a menace in my opinion.  Either it won’t tear or won’t open, and I have done myself many an injury by trying desperately to access the contents. The worst packaging of the lot in my opinion is that ‘moulded’ type plastic usually  surrounding AV equipment such as leads, scart leads or remotes and such like. It is usually a very brittle type of plastic and though it looks good with its fancy shapes showing off its contents, its usually clamped tight shut thereby needing a pair of scissors to either cut it open or (as I once used in desperation) a hacksaw.

SNC13513 Once you have managed to get this type of packaging open, you then run the risk of being cut to ribbons by the very sharp edges left by having to cut it open, as you try desperately to subtract whatever lies within.  What is the matter with these people?  Why do they  want to torture us all by putting us through these  dreadful hurdles that we have to undergo every time we purchase  something?  Is it some kind of sick joke on behalf of manufacturers?

Ha ha! We’ll make them suffer for buying our product!”

I know this, If I could get hold of whoever it was who invented plastics I think I would cheerfully throttle him!

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12 thoughts on “The trouble with packaging.

  1. You’ve said it all, TG. Thing is, there are regular, and I mean, regular gripes about this subject on our local radio station. I, too, detest those plastic packages of all types. You use the same juice that my husband has, and, because his hands are totally crippled with arthritis, I always end up having to open these objects, and I’m no Mike Tyson, either! Long gone are the days where you could open a package easily. And what of the offending stuff that can’t be recycled, for whichever excuse is used at the time? It’s a regular growler.Many years ago, I was browsing the hardware shelves and came across a really neat can and bottle opener. I keep it in my tool box so that nobody else gets their grubby little mitts on it! It deals with almost all sticky situations like the above. I’ll take a picture of it soon and blog it up. If you haven’t got one, you should try and get one from kitchen supplies shops, wherever you may have them.

  2. Thanks Jen I look forward to seeing it and would definately buy one! Hmm, is it made by all these manufacturers that make the packaging that none of us can open by any chance? Maybe its a sort of sideline for them. I am fed up of it to be honest with you, and long for the days when the only packaging used was a cardboard box (easily recycled) Plastic? Its the pits!

  3. But why do we have to go through it to get at the contents? Someone on my blogger blog has stated that its to deter shoplifters. Well if that’s so, let’s get back to how it used to be with all goods displayed behind the counter! We’ll soon have to don some armoured gloves in order to open them…

  4. I have the same problem with the inside package of cereal boxes and when I do get it to rip open most of the cereal is on the counter!!! Ugh!! Put me in that line fr throttling the guy who invents this stuff. Have a great Tuesday. Hugs to you and K. patsy

  5. There’s a term for that…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrap_rageI didn’t bookmark it, but a comment in a tech site last year, a reader had story his friend got sent to hospital after the clamshell pack cut his wrist (I assume, as in suicide attempt cut).

  6. Wow Seika! Actually thinking about it, it doesn’t surprise me! I wonder how many people are seen in Accident and Emergency departments with injuries caused by packaging? Hmm, would make interesting reading…

  7. Taken from Seika’s link: "In 2008, Amazon.com instituted a "Frustration-Free Packaging" program, providing easy-to-open versions of products from companies such as Mattel and Microsoft, and allowing customers to rate the ease of opening some products’ packaging."Well, my Microsoft Mouse came in a box with a sticky tab over the opening. Pull off the tab, the inside of the box is shaped to secure the itam and, hey presto, it’s easily opened with no injuries. Most other plastic products could be packaged identically, with no ill-effects to the item, and none to the buyer. Maybe all types of food couldn’t be packaged likewise, but I hate plastic-boxed food anyway! S’pect we ought to vote with our money.

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