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The trouble with our bus station…..

My long term readers (if I ever had any and if they are still reading that is) will by now be quite familiar with my moans about our new bus station. considering we all endured one of the coldest winters stood shivering under those temporary open shelters while it was being built only serves to accentuate how and why most of us in our small town who are unfortunate enough to have to use the bus station tend to view it as a costly mistake and are ready to criticize any part of it.

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I had to go down to town today to pick up my prescription tablets and do some shopping which then meant I ended up inside it. Having just missed my bus (Wow! That makes a change!) I then spent the first ten minutes or so traversing the entire length of the bus station as I fluctuated between deciding to catch the next bus heading in the general direction of home, which would necessitate a walk with my heavy shopping bag through our estate, or alternatively waiting 25 minutes for our bus which goes around our estate and would therefore require just a short walk from the bus stop to our flat.

Whilst trying to make up my mind, I went to sit down at the other end of the station to our usual stand and noticed that we now have some clue as to what the square ‘boxlike’ area in this half of the bus station is finally going to be. A shop. Yes folks, despite the fact that just across from the bus station, not 30 metres or so away is a street full of them, we are getting a shop inside the bus station. Not the much needed toilets for weary passengers to relieve themselves as they patiently wait for their bus to arrive, not some more seats to park their weary posteriors on as they wait, oh no!  A shop.

Notice anything?

We have no public toilets in our small town. In fact, I would warn anyone visiting to go before they arrive if at all possible or run the risk of having to make a dash to one of our supermarkets which unfortunately are both sited at opposite ends of town and are the only shops that contain public toilets. Of course there are also the public houses which could be used in a dire emergency I suppose, but apart from that, then all visitors run the risk of having embarrassing accidents if taken short. You have been warned. This is especially important if arriving by bus.

As I sat there pondering what to do, I noticed some another new additions since I was last in the bus station. On the floor directly outside each bus stands sliding doors there are now huge yellow signs stating the following ‘Priority Waiting Area’ and below this wording two icons, one of a stick person sat on a circle, obviously depicting a wheelchair user, and the other a huge black eye with a stick through it and some lines in the corner.


This sign is placed directly in front of each door and next to the four seats that we all fight each other to sit on.  Are the powers that be insinuating now that we residents of this town would ignore any wheelchair user waiting for a bus and barge onto it in front of them or all stand on that exact spot and not move off it for any reason?  And what’s the stick through the eye all about? I’m presuming it means that blind people have priority to stand on that spot but hang on a minute! If they are blind how on earth will they see the sign and therefore know to stand there?

Honestly!  What sort of people do they think we all are?  Do they think that we are so heartless that we would all barge onto the bus before someone who was in a wheelchair or blind?   Besides, as most of us are having to plonk our backsides on the windowsills whilst waiting for our buses to arrive anyway, so we’re nowhere near the doors!


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11 thoughts on “The trouble with our bus station…..

  1. Glad to see provision for the disabled is provided, however, I have a preference: Although I go by train, the same would apply if I were allowed on a bus, and that is the able passengers actually would get on the vehicle first, so that I didn’t inadvertently bump into them! I also prefer to be the last to get off,for the same reason! ‘Sides, another motto of mine is: "Don’t get up until you absolutely have to!"What’s the ‘M’ for? Metro?

  2. Yes Jen, the M stands for Metro. So, you are saying that as a wheelchair user, you would prefer NOT to get on the bus first? Hmm. looks like someone at Metro who isn’t a wheelchair user hasn’t done their homework and actually bothered to ask wheelchair users what they would prefer! Our buses are equipt with a ‘kneeling’ facility (yes you read that right) in other words they can accomodate a wheelchair passenger because they lower themselves down (at the door end) and also have an inbuilt ramp that can be lowered if necessary, then inside they have a wheelchair area where the wheelchair user can park their wheelchair (although funnily enough they are then facing all the other passengers) and even have a bell next to their parked wheelchair which when pressed sounds like a siren going off! All buses Built now have to be able to accomodate wheelchair users by law. I have seen a wheelchair user actually get on a bus and off it again and it all works quite well.

  3. I do remember this station from last year. I believe that I suggested something like staging a seating uprising. This is a public building, not private property? I believe that the point that could be clearly and forcefully brought home would be simply to use the kiosk as a public toilet. Even the densest of public servants should get that message.Peace, Doc

  4. Yes great idea Doc, I might suggest this by doing what the Metro staff are currently engaged upon and post some flyers up all over the place encouraging my fellow passengers to do just that. Mind you, as it is currently shut and shuttered we may have to bide our time and hold ourselves until such time as it opens its door (and window)

  5. I had envisioned something more like posting one of those sticky, blue, internationally recognized restroom signs on the door as phase one. Phase two requires a Monty Python-like storming of the kiosk with a large log used a battering ram on the door. I leave phase three to your imagination. Phase four, however, is when the kiosk is condemned for any use other than the one suggested by the sign. It is much easier to apologize after the fact than it is to gain permission before it. (Disclaimer: Suggestions written by Doc are not approved by the author and occasionally are not even sane.)Peace, Doc

  6. Hmm, yes some good ideas there Doc. We could all storm it stating desperate need when arrested. However, you are not at the moment aware of the other two doors at the very end of the station which (as far as we passengers can tell as we have actually never seen what is contained behind them) are also contenders for the ‘taken short whilst waiting for my bus’ approach, therefore the offending kiosk is only one contender for being converted into public toilets. I will furnish you with some pics of said doors later. As there are two of them, you can therefore understand why the citizens of this town and users of said bus station jumped to the conclusion that these were destined to be toilets…..

  7. Yes TG a very good read I can’t believe there are no toilets I would have thought that would have been a priority. It looks ok I suppose the shelter no seats either maybe they are putting them in later LOL . I am pleased that all buses have to accomodate wheel chair users TG at least they got that right.

  8. Yes but that’s the bus manufacturers who now have to conform by law to be able to accomodate and give access to disabled travellers. (hasn’t spread to the trains yet though I don’t think, mind you they could hardly lower themselves to the platform I suppose!)

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