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A Reconnaissance mission to the Swimming Pool site.

Yesterday, K and I set of on a subversive reconnoitre of the as yet unseen new Swimming Pool site on behalf of  Technograns ‘we residents of this town need to know what’s going on’ society. We both toyed with the idea of wearing Halloween masks as a disguise in case we were spotted during our mission, but after careful consideration (and realising that seeing as yesterday was a Saturday, the likelihood of encountering any site workers on the premises as next to zero) we quickly dismissed this idea as being one sure fire way of getting ourselves arrested, seeing as our police station is sited right next door.

We set off in stealth mode, me in front armed with my trusty camera hidden conveniently in the pocket of my flack raincoat, with Dr Watson K  bringing up the rear (as usual.)  We tried to look casual as we made our way stealthily to the only visible open area in the surrounding yellow fence so that I could take a shot of the evidence (or lack of it) of any progress had been made in the last few months. Glancing furtively around, I extracted my trusty Samsung camera and took a quick panoramic shot of the entire site as it lay before our gaze.

The Swimming Pool site  

Hmm. Well, looks like a start of sorts has been made on the foundations I thought to myself. K on the other hand just stood and looked. (I don’t think she actually knew what all this was in aid of or what we were actually doing there or looking for, she tends to just humour me most of the time, and by now my readers will no doubt fully understand why she looks forward to respite care and escaping her strange mother.)

There was a sort of wall made of smaller stones in squares (see picture evidence in front of a bemused K readers) but as I am not up on what constitutes a foundation wall, I wasn’t certain that this was a foundation wall or simply a ‘surrounding the intended Swimming Pool building to be wall’.  Hmm.  To be truthful, I ended up after gazing at this vista as really no wiser to what progress has actually been made, although it did look like some drainage pipes had been laid.  (This is what comes of sticking your nose into things that don’t really concern you I suppose.)  Hmm. Perhaps Technogran, you need to go and do some homework first of all about buildings and their required foundations before setting off on one of  your fact finding missions!

Not to be thwarted and after noticing that one thing had been completed, because some people were actually using them, was the reinstating of the tennis courts which are now placed much further back to the side of where the crazy golf course used to be.  So deciding that this needed further investigation, we continued on trying to look as if we were both just out for an innocent stroll in the park.  We made our way down towards the crown bowling green and thence onto the newly laid tennis courts where some youths were playing tennis.  I took a shot of the new courts but owing to the fact that there wasn’t any cover to hide behind I was immediately spotted by one of the tennis playing youths who began to move towards us so we beat a hasty retreat back along the path into the park.  In conclusion once we had completed our mission,  I began to summarise just what had been achieved by the builders since their arrival some two or three months ago.

1. The erecting of several portakabins stacked on top of each other for the use of all personnel (I suppose.)

2. The clearing of the bottom area and laying of new tennis courts.

3. The erection of a fence around the perimeter to keep nosy Granny’s at bay.

Adjusted and covered up stitch

Pedestrian Gate

4. The erection of a billboard to show all residents just what the eventual Swimming Pool will look like once completed and wet their appetites in anticipation of days of keeping fit and leisurely swims. NOTE. It states on this billboard that our new Swimming Pool is due to be completed in October of next year. Considering the progress achieved in the last three months and that we are now rapidly approaching winter when the weather can be expected to be inclement which added to the fact that no one was taking advantage of a lovely October day by working on a Saturday,  I think that they are being very optimistic in arriving at this date, or is it this cynical Gran being pessimistic? (as usual.)

So that was it, the end of our sleuthing for the day. Was I any wiser? Not really, but the strange yellow ‘pedestrian’ door intrigued me if nothing else!



16 thoughts on “A Reconnaissance mission to the Swimming Pool site.

  1. Building sites are always like that TG, doing the groundworks first takes a lot longer, than erecting a building. Once they get out of the ground, it’ll go up in no time at all, but for a swimming pool and the weight of thousands of gallons of water. and to make it stay, where they want it to stay, will take a lot ground works first! (Oh I think that will just be a retaining wall, not foundation. foundations tend to go down rather than up! ;-D)

  2. Well it just shows what little I know about it Mandy! LOL I look well doing all me spying and I don’t even know what I am looking at! (good job I hadn’t been given the assignment to find out what was going on from our local newspaper, I would be getting the sack!

  3. LOL TG, I lived for 20 years with a man who runs Tipper Lorries, which are heavily involved with the beginnings and the endings of building sites, bringing materials, out and in, in the beginning, and in and out at the end. Also worked as a draughtswoman on a couple of sites myself. Although I wouldn’t add said knowledge to CV! But non the less great bit of sleuthing and entertaining blog!

  4. The yellow door. is another health and safety thing – they get everywhere! Pedestrian workers should leave by the gate, rather than the big gates. so they don’t get run over by the very noisey, you can here them a mile away, lorries!

  5. Ahh! I see! So really Mandy we need you to accompany us and help with explaining just what’s going on! Yes we have spotted the eight wheelers leaving the site heavily loaded with earth (I used to be married to a lorry driver which explaines the knowledge gained of ‘eight wheelers, artics etc etc.)

  6. Yes! I thought you knew! Okay I didn’t find you be conducting a search on here for ex wives of lorry drivers but now you know. K’s Dad was a lorry driver.

  7. Yes BP we dont’ use the word ‘truck’ over here. We call them lorries or wagons but lorries mostly. This is the collective term for any vehicle used for transporting goods (apart from of course Van’s i.e Transits and the like)

  8. Yes good point Rosemary! Perhaps I was just doing some wishful thinking as we have waited a age for this new swimming pool.

  9. This is good TG well done good shots and what a mess it looks. You think they would make the most of the lovely October but hey spose they know what they are doing LOL have a great weekend xx

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