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The Wheelie Bin Mystery

Recycling service Some of you might vaguely remember my moans and groans earlier this year regarding our new recycling scheme where all householders in our particular authority were issued with a various assortment of containers intended to be used for sorting out all of your rubbish and recycling it.. Just to refresh your memory HERE is the post in question. In common with other authorities, amongst the numerous containers issued was a wheelie bin per household, and being typical of this rather morose damp dismal part of Yorkshire, a black wheelie bin.  Every resident received one, parked at the edge of each residents path.

Any resident over the age of 60 or who considered themselves incapable for any reason of being able to cope with pushing said wheelie bin could be exempt from having to us it and could instead, following a home visit by a council official to assess if you truly are incapable or too old to deal with said wheelie bin, continue to use their previous bin instead and be issued with five black refuse sacks per fortnights collection. On our particular estate, which contains quite a few elderly persons bungalows, wheelie bins were not issued to those premises as it was taken for granted that any resident of the aforementioned bungalows would be incapable of coping with said wheelie bins.

Now we come to the mystery, and please readers correct me if I have completely misunderstood the whole idea behind the introduction of wheelie bins. You see I presumed that the reason for issuing everyone with a wheelie bin was to cut down on the time taken for the dustbin men to do their rounds. In other words, that residents were supposed to fill the wheelie bin with rubbish, then on collection day WHEEL said wheelie bin to  the kerb edge of the road so that all the dustbin men had to do was place each wheelie bin into the wheelie bin tipping mechanism where it would then empty into the container at the back of the dustbin wagon, and then the dustbin man would then retrieve the wheelie bin and move onto the next ones. This would both cut down the time taken to empty everyone’s bins and also need far fewer men.  And the reality?

Wheelie_Bin Not one resident around here has actually been seen pushing their wheelie bin anywhere. (well I did. Once. Before the visit by a lady from the council to check that I am incapable of moving said wheelie bin, or that I am REALLY over the age of 60.)  Add to that the fact that I am the oldest resident in this block of flats by a long way.  Granted, our estate is laid out in such a way that quite a few of the premises are not directly near the edge of the road. So any wheelie bins belonging to these premises would require a walk to the kerb side by said residents, but not an impossible task by any means, seeing as a 65 year old Granny did do just that one week. (and then had to do the return journey to fetch it back to its resting place.)  However, even some of the residents who’s premises ARE next to the road don’t bother wheeling their bins anywhere either!  Instead they have placed them permanently on the pavement next to the roadside, and I presume that they then bring their bags of rubbish from their respective premises and place them in the wheelie bins as needed.

WheelieBins Now one could be forgiven for thinking that maybe someone had forgotten to place any wheels on the bottom of said wheelie bins thereby rendering them incapable of being pushed by even the strongest of residents, or maybe they are so heavy that its too hard to push them from their parked spot. Or perhaps the residents are unaware of what role they are supposed to play in this wheelie bin saga. Perhaps they are all unaware that they are supposed to wheel them to the kerb side? To save time? What makes me laugh (well not in a literal sense but in a ironic sense) is that in reality its now taking the bin men far longer to empty everyone’s bins than it did before when we all had those old type bins (which we all still have by the way. They were supposed to be collected up but they are still there taking up our bin areas) Why is it now taking the bin men so much longer to do their rounds?  Because now they have to nearly immerse themselves head first into the wheelie bins in order to retrieve everyone’s bags of rubbish from them, and they are still having to go to everyone’s premises in order to do so. Okay, so the actual collection is now once a fortnight instead of once a week, but still, if I were assessing the results of the distribution and usage of said wheelie bins upon refuse collection time and motion, I would consider it to be a complete and utter failure.

Added to that, there is the other thing as well. You all should be pretty familiar by now with how my mind works. The first thing that popped into this Granny’s head the day that all of our wheelie bins were left parked at the end of our paths? You could fit a dead body in one of those. I can just see it now, ‘The Wheelie Bin Murders’ by T.G. Gran.


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13 thoughts on “The Wheelie Bin Mystery

  1. Hi TG, We have a black wheelie bin (bin bags) and a brown one (recycling) plus a kitchen caddy which must be for a lone person to use (mine keeps my metal pan scrubbers) These bins are suppossed to be located by the side of our houses which would be where our own private car park is. Personally my bins are to the right of my front door on the pure principle of ‘i cannot be assed to walk out of my frontdoor, up my path, turn left, walk 5 steps turn left again and walk 10 steps down the side of my house just to scrape a plate of left food into a recycling bin. The bin men come, like you once a fortnight, come into my front garden wheel the bin out, tip it, then wheel it back into my garden for me….the same has they do with all others along my cul-de-sac, the only ones they dont is like the couple straight opposite to me, (who are around 60 if not over) who have steps going to where they leave their bins around the back of their house. the bins for them the bin men tip and leave on their drive.This recycling lark is a complete nightmare, i am just thankful for the winter, no flies and smelly bins of food that have gone bad over the fortnight to have to walk past .I thought the new wheelie bins and tip sysyem was so the binmen didn’t have to keep lifting heavy bins of waste into the dumptruck, or having to clean up the road when a binbag had split on them.

  2. It is! Round here each resident who has a wheelie bin is supposed to wheel it out to the kerb side. This is fine if you happen to live in a house that goes straight out to the pavement and road where the dustbin wagon will be arriving, but out estate resembles a Butlins Holiday camp in layout (chalets) lot’s of properties are nowhere near the road where the dustbin wagon goes. We have a total of 6 containers. the wheelie bin, a black box for tins,bottles and glass jars, a green bag for papers and thin cardboard, a white bag for plastic bottles and containers (no lids please! and washed out) a medium sized ‘slop bucket’ with lockable lid for household cooked food and raw food + biodegradable bags to put said food into, a smaller version for your kitchen which houses said bags. and the afformentioned wheelie bin for everything else. *sigh*

  3. That wheely strange …. people not wheeling their wheely bins to the kerbside! It’s bin day tomorrow, and already the bins are out on the roadside waiting for the man in his big blue truck, that quite often a 6am, has a womans voice shouting out ……. "Reversing…. reversing!" (Why a woman’s voice I wonder??)

  4. Oh, you get the female version, Mandy? It gets right in my ear’ole when we have this very loud bloke’s voice first thing on a winter’s morning shouting that one!We’ve had wheelie bins round here for a few years, now, TG. One minute, you’re told to put just about everything in the green recycling bin, next, all panick about what must and mustn’t go in the black bin. Ask the chap how to get rid of old batteries, he goes "Ah, stick ’em in yer bin!" (That’ll be the black one, Missus!) I ask you. No-one knows how to cope with this recycling lark…

  5. Yup, and somehow so much more annoying!! (I think) The whole of Chafford recently got new recycling wheelies, we all have green (original) brown and blue wheelies, now when I say all, I mean every one on Chafford (5000+ houses) except MY ROAD???

  6. That woman’s voice is an automated voice produced when some wagons reverse. It goes ‘this vehicle is reversing, this vehicle is reversing’ and is suppose to act as a warning to anyone stood behind it. I havent’ heard one in a woman’s voice though. Cripes Mandy your bin men are early! I wish our bins were different colours, boring black around here!

  7. We have blue ones with black lids and black ones with black lids…being where it is these (not our house’s I hasten to add) are periodically get set on fire (consequence of the espec. good Sat nits out you understand!) resulting in a largely very melted distorted wheelie bin still in use cos the council charge a small fortune for a replacement one. Has to be said we don’t wheel ours out but they are at the end of the driveway by the roadside so they don’t seem to mind…the bin men that is…tho no complaints from the bins that I’ve heard either! ;))

  8. TG, at 6 in the morning the only word I recognise is "reversing" and that is only marginally worse than the Beep beep beep beep!! Last year Jen they gave out big green bags for garden waste – I got the nice leaflet through my door telling me how/when/where/what to do with it – only problem was, I never got one!

  9. Innit marvellous. Thought things like that only ever happened to me! Well, g’night, gang. Bye-byes time an’ all that. Be safe, sleep well and see you tomorrow.

  10. Blinking heck Tg what a farce gald to say we don’t have one just black bags and once a week still at the moment. Don’t they tip everything into one bin even though it has been sorted out. maybe they sort it out later mmmm good blog TG.

  11. Well, occasionally (once to be precise) I did see one of them actually have the sense to take all my neighbours bags and place them in one wheelie bin, then trundle to the dustbin wagon with it. Trouble was he chose MY wheelie bin which is stuck firmly in place next to my old bin in my dustbin area. Then he left my wheelie bin 30 to 40 metres away at the kerb side and I had to then plod outside, wheel it back (muttering and cursing said bin man as I did so) then slot it back into the bin area.

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