A wonderful walk down to exercise class.

SNC13579 This morning we enjoyed a wonderful walk down to exercise class in the warm (yes warm!) October sunshine. The rich and vibrant colours of the Autumn leaves were made far more enjoyable during out trek to the centre by the lovely sight of sunshine shining through them making them look even more beautiful. What a glorious day and so warm that by the time we reached the centre, I was perspiring! If only it would stay like this all winter I would be in seventh heaven! My usual winter bout of SAD could take a vacation and mosey off somewhere else!

It’s difficult to know what to wear on days such as this which tend to feel quite nippy first thing in the morning  and then warm up rapidly once the sun puts in an appearance. Mind you, I always tend to put on more clothing as you can always take something off if you become too warm. Following exercise class we did our usual shopping in Tesco’s, but before returning home on the bus I took the time to take some pictures of the many varied offerings of Halloween treats in our local bakery shops, who are always quick to take advantage of any seasonal happenings to produce cakes, buns and biscuits to tempt and delight everyone. (well apart from me of course who can’t eat any of them owing to my wheat intolerance, bah!)

Scary cats, spider cakes,skeleton biscuits,pumkin buns

Which really does beg the question why I then put myself through untold misery by standing there taking photos of them all looking so delicious in the window. For my blog readers of course, who else?

bloodshot eyes,skeletons,blood jellies,skulls,marshmellow pumkins We also bought our usual assortment of Trick or Treat sweets to dole out to any visiting trick or treaters who are brave enough to ring our doorbell on Halloween. We have placed them all in a soft squashy pumpkin shaped container to await our visitors. K will dress as usual in her terrifying Wolf attire in order to greet them at the door, hoping against hope that by doing so she will discourage them from ever darkening our doorstep again.

 I had been considering buying a full witches outfit complete with hooked nose, but then I had second thoughts seeing as it is only for one night and therefore I haven’t bothered. (I know, miserable so and so aren’t I?) Will leave all that to my lovely daughter who enters into the spirit (pun) of Halloween with as much gusto as if she is still a child herself. ( She will probably growl at them as she opens the door, so I do hope that there is not a small child present because it will be blood curdling and I would feel awful if they screamed and suffered nightmares.) On the other hand, K won’t be in the least bit bothered.

She scares me and I'm her mother! She loves anything like this because of her penchant for acting of course. If we do not receive any ‘trick or treaters’ then we will obviously have to devour the treats ourselves. (which tends to give K more incentive to be even more terrifying.) In addition and in the interests and safely of all children who might venture to our door, we have done a taste test already on their behalf just to check that there were no small ‘bits’ included that could possibly choke a child and that each one tastes alright. ( we are both so careful where children and their safety and taste buds are concerned.) Of course as usual whilst attempting to empty the treats into the pumpkin bag, I had to resort to using the usual scissors in order to cut open the plastic bags that contained them all.)

So. We are ready for Halloween. We are ready for the trick or treaters. We are all prepared for the onslaught. Treats ready. Wolf mask and wolf hands stashed nearby. Woooo!


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