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Will it be trick or treat?

Small narrow throat?? K was in a state of shock last night when she received an unexpected phone call from her Dad inviting her to accompany him this morning on a rare outing together. It must be at least two months since he took her out anywhere. She was so shocked and surprised that it set off one of her ‘choking do’s’ as she calls them. (blames these occurrences on having a small narrow throat though I have never quite fathomed out how she has arrived at this diagnosis seeing as she can neither look down her own throat to compare it with others, or measure its width in any meaningful manner, and despite being small and narrow if she is correct, it still manages to allow the passage of vast amounts of food.)

SNC13594 As our pumpkin container for any treats intended for any Halloween revellers was rendered only half full owing to our need to test the safety of all the contents, she has been given the task of buying some more spooky looking sweets to fill it to the brim whilst out in town with her Dad. I instructed her to get more of the same if possible, chocolate, marshmallow type sweets and jellies. What she will actually return with is anyone’s guess. They will no doubt be paying their favourite ‘help yourself to as much as you can eat’ restaurant Jumbo’s a visit for lunch.

He (being my ex husband and of course K’s Dad) has been informed that he needs to lose two stone before his consultant will operate on him, but the likelihood of this operation ever taking place is to be honest very slim indeed owing to the fact that like his daughter, my ex loves his food. Or should I say, he loves any food that is bad for him. (Please don’t enquire of me what exactly this operation is for because as we are no longer together, I only receive snippets of information about it from my various sources, and other than hearing that he has something that his surgeon states that he has never EVER seen before in his entire career, I haven’t a clue what the needed operation is for or what is is intended to correct)

Oooh! Look at the Halloween treats!I finished up toddling down to town myself in the end as in my email inbox this morning was a calendar alert that tomorrow is my sisters birthday. She was here last night. Visiting. I had forgotten all about it. (As a rather lame excuse, I shall blame my lapse on all the excitement of Halloween)

I have a lousy memory. Anyone who knows me will vouch for that fact. And yet, you would think that at my age I would have found some way of compensating for it wouldn’t you? Especially as I am so into all this new technology lark. Get your mobile phone to message you when its someone’s birthday! Get reminders to pop up on your screen on your computer! Stick sticky notes everywhere so that you can’t miss seeing them!

Get some new RAM memory installed into your brain! (I wish!)


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6 thoughts on “Will it be trick or treat?

  1. Oooh! Do tell me where to get new RAM memory installed in my brain!! lol I am totally dependant on my mobile to remind me ab everything! Those goodies look lovely…not so sure about the inside of K’s throat tho! ;))

  2. Yeah, but for you to have all them alerts everywhere. you have to remember to write them in the first place, or get someone to do it for you! Any chance of either? Whoops – s’cuse, I read that you had a lousy memory and took things from there;-)(Runs and hides in case it’s necessary!)

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