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All the D’s and other letters. Winter.

rain460Dank, dark, dismal, drab, dripping, drops, drizzling down, soaking the fallen leaves on the ground, feet slipping and sliding, hood pulled over my head, shoes slopping, soaking wet.


Miserable faces pass me by, scurrying to shelter, traffic splashes past, soaking me. Shoes squelch, hands soaked, darkness arrives, dashing, dripping, door key desperate to get inside.

Cold, chilled, cross, cantankerous,cursing winter. Cold creeps through to chilled bones, aching back and creaking knees.

Wailing winds whistling wildly through the trees, bending, bowing,blowing, whipping up the fallen leaves, wailing at my window.

windy leaves 

Hurry Winter and be gone, I won’t miss your passing.


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25 thoughts on “All the D’s and other letters. Winter.

  1. ;)) You paint a truly wonderful picture of the season TG! A very fine expression of your inner most feelings of deep displeasure and disdain for what the conditions are flinging at you 😉 Very well written and something we can all relate to at this time of year, set off by some excellent atmospheric photos. Take heart…all your friends are here with big hugs for you to help thru the winter of discontent :)) x

  2. Yes, winter of discontent! I forgot about that! LOL This post was brought on because we set off shopping when K came home and although cold and windy it wasn’t raining. It was when we exited the supermarket though. Grrr! And by the time we got off the bus it was throwing it down, so a hasty run up to the door and here is the result.

  3. Whooo! Look at those pictures. My, but they’re so full of their own emotion. Wild, wet, windy. And, to have captured that leaf in an otherwise blurry, wet scene is absolutely marvellous, TG. Whatever you’re feeling, it certainly isn’t crowding out your capabilities as a camera artist.Well done. Love this one.

  4. Today was actually a beautiful blue skyed sunny autumn day up till when I left work….then well you know…it did that raining thing…and the dark windy bit….and…!! Yesterday however was a perfect eg of your blog 😉 Torrential rain all day and then the work place roof developed a leak as a result…and we all turned into fish! Problem solved!! ;))

  5. Ah well, then you just used your imagination and picked the right ones for this blog. Stunning, they are. How are you this morning, TG?

  6. Thank you all of you for your comments. I’m not too bad Jen thanks. Had to go out in it yesterday, we have to go out today to exercise class and to the Doc’s to get K’s knee sorted out (blog to follow if I feel up to it) Sunday was the worst day for me, didn’t blog about it cos’ it was so horrid. (bloody supermarkets!) I HATE shopping and at the moment the thought of doing any Xmas shopping is filling me with absolute dread. Why I don’t go and buy Xmas presents during the summer months I don’t know.

  7. I started doing my Xmas shopping online TG, about 4 years ago! I live about 4 mins from Lakeside Shopping Centre (one of the largest in England, or was!) and from November on it’s jammed! I can’t abide it! (and the roads round here are impossible!) Online shopping works so much better, takes less time and you don’t have to go out in the cold!

  8. Yes Mandy I do buy stuff online but K is after some new trainers, I’m buying J a new mobile, my grandchildren and nephews I give money so that’s okay. But then you need Xmas cards and all the extra food.

  9. I do food shopping online to and get it delivered. Do it early enough and you get it delivered on Xmas eve! Way better than trudging to the shops! (costs around a fiver and worth every penny)

  10. Yes, but Sainsburys do the same, (have you got either of them near(ish) probably all the big chains do, Morrisons and Asda too ) …. You can start ordering and save a delivery spot, from around beginning of December. And add to the list as you remember things. If you shop at Tescos and have a clubcard, the online shopping remembers everything you’ve bought – makes shopping even simpler! Specially with my memory! Also I think at the moment they are giving £10 off on your first order. I do a big shop about once a month – all online (I do work at Tescos but it’s Tescos Express a local shop, so can’t get much there)

  11. Oops! You had a rocky Sunday as well? Me too – boo hoo, but all is better now. I keep promising a blog to everyone! Soon. Soon;-)

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